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  1. Took a quick break from the props and textures to go back to the map and flesh it out a bit more. Would like to thank those from mapcore and some close friends who gave me feedback. Alpha 3 is now ready for test, layout and difference below. Alpha 3 Layout Alpha 2 to Alpha 3 Layout Alpha 3 Changelog
  2. Little Update: Started to learn 3D software and slowly progressing, big thank you to everyone I pester with questions. This Torii gate was my first model without following a guide. A lot to learn but pretty excited to see I'm capable of these things. New playtest hopefully for the 13th to test the smaller map and rework of sites.
  3. - Learn 3D Software/Texturing to an Intermediate Level - Complete a project to the best of my ability - Begin forming a portfolio
  4. I don't believe so as it's already had an art-pass. If you were to do a new layout then it isnt the same map, you are just copying the theme. Which in of itself is your choice. I would encourage you to try a new theme to challenge yourself.
  5. Workshop and Thread updated. Alpha 2 released after input from Mapcore play-test. Screens been removed for a layout photo, refer to change-log for any technical changes.
  6. Love the look so far, personally preferred the day time version as there was more visibility on details etc. Some of the hulls textures on the ship would have a bit of gloss to them as well (i think). Keep up the great work!
  7. Map changes/updates are now live. New screenshots and change-log added to main post.
  8. Some early 'gameplay' footage
  9. By the time the maps completed, it wont be able to run on the source engine anymore it looks really good
  10. Main post updated with layout, workshop and references. Looking for feedback so I can destroy the whole thing and start again ;P
  11. Some amazing work, Thank you!
  12. Throwing my hat into the ring once again. After recently travelling to Japan I wanted to try to capture a location that I enjoyed whilst also diversifying the current environments within Counter Strike. The level will take its theme and insipiration from 'Fushimi Inari Shrine' in Kyoto. Shrine is a 5v5 Competitive Bomb Defusal Map with its theme and inspiration taken from 'Fushimi Inari Shrine' in Kyoto. This is the initial release for timings and layout. I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Layout + Screenshots Main References Changelog 12/06/2017 Changelog 26/06/2017 Changelog 13/07/2017 Please post any feedback below or message me on discord. Will try to get a play-test soon. Workshop here Keep is totally not dead.... Thanks, Guni
  13. Exciting news!, Goodluck to all entrants.
  14. Im really stoked about this, having played SC1 all through my younger years and playing sc2 on an off at a mid-high level. I love the fact that they're not trying to redo it, its just a perfect 1:1 with all its crazy gameplay and mechanics .