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  1. Hi esspho, yes here a little breakdown. http://www.pixelencode.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/debunk-copia.jpg
  2. Hi! Here some texture i made, a marble tile, feedback is welcome, thanks!
  3. great, your level remember rme some missions of the first splinter cell. when sam infiltrate some buildings. i look see more of your map. regards.
  4. looks good, what is your workflow? blender, may, 3dmax? how you texture it? i really like your concept, also rememberme some missions of splinter cell. nice.
  5. Benmx

    My 3d work for share :)

    thanks @Sigma in this moment unity5 still dont support some new nodes from substance designer5, that's why i dont show this on the inspector tab, here the link: https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=4256.0 that's why i attach the source file .sbs, if you have substance designer5 you can modify as you wish. thanks by your feedback!
  6. Benmx

    My 3d work for share :)

    thanks @Muffin i glad you like it.
  7. make one from raw data, is a good start, i think.
  8. follow the recomendation of @TheGuma i create this topic to share my stuff free to download (3d models, textures, etc..) so i hope like to the comunnity and please feel free to comment. thanks! -------- Here i want share this texture i made in substance designer, textures are 1024x1024 and included basecolor map normal map roughness map metallic map ambient occlusion map and the source substance file for edit as you like here is the link to download free http://www.pixelencode.com/floor-damage-texture-tileable-maps-and-substance/ here some screen caps, the render are in substance designer and the unity 5 game engine Enjoy!
  9. hey thanks! @TheGuma, yes i will make a separate thread, appreciate the feedback, regards.
  10. no more comment on this wonderful analysis, because there is a lot of ego floating around in this forum. great analysis, and keep the good stuff thanks by sharing
  11. hey thank you by the feedback, i will work more on those details, thanks again.
  12. hi! here i share some screenshots from a texture i made, also i share the source files 20148x2048 for free, colo map, normal map, metallic map,roughtness map included, for anybody who want use it, any feedback is welcome. enjoy! download link: Download link : http://www.pixelencode.com/?p=88
  13. hi everybody i share some screenshots of this box i made, is low poly and redy to use in game engine, download free any feedback is welcome, enjoy! download link: http://www.pixelencode.com/?p=1
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