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  1. Sup. After mapcore public playtest I managed to perform competitive one with friends and boy T side was awful. Basically Ts have only 3 points of attack, two of which are tight chokes (B especially) covered with double smokes, cause there is only one T main entrance on each bombsite. CT had total middle control because of this - you can play only one CT per site, so Ts had to peek in 3 CTs in middle. Even Ts rushes with entry frags and plant was useless, because of CTs middle control and fast rotation through it. A -> Mid connector was overpowered for CTs awp - hold middle turn left and catch Ts running through main to site and vice versa. Absence of close ranges caused CTs awp/autosniper hell. Add here absence of safe plant on A and you get 3 won rounds for attack, feels worse than old nuke attack So, big changes I made, based on mapcore and 5v5 playtests: New overview: Available on workshop Big thanks to @Andre Valera for bunch of feedback.
  2. Sup. Layout update, available on workshop
  3. Sup. Necroposting update! Layout changes, most import - new T A - B connector for faster rotations: A site: Workshop link
  4. Way too simple layout, huge sightlines at T and CT spawns
  5. swst.turn

    [CS:GO] de_Transit

    For me looks like you overdone with ground levels. Also CTs at A site have no safe positions from T balcony. Some feedback.
  6. Finally got rid of strange workshop error (error 2), so now new version of map available on workshop.
  7. Sup. New update is here! After series of 1v1 playtests I came to decision what defense of A site is boring. So I was thinking about improving it, dunno why, but I was inspired by @Andre Valera de_empire, on a edge of my dream I saw the show match on that map, and new shape was born in my mind (wtf I'm writing?) Long story short, I made a lot of changes on A site, but saved its original shape based on two crates. Ts aps was reshaped again and turned into a basement. Also set of textures for this map was made. So, let pictures talk (warning: early wip) Overview: A site views: Basement views: A main from Ts perceptive: Textures test: P.S: main thing that stops me from doing full art pass is absence of 5v5 playtest, if you can help me with this question, please write me a pm! P.P.S: write your ideas. opinions, thoughts, its all help me to make map better!
  8. swst.turn


    I ran along map, here some thoughts: First of all squeaky is way to slow and narrow, Ts will be exterminated there through spammable windows, also squeaky fence isn't clipped, btw CTs can spooky hide behind the door In my opinion A for CT is very hard to hold, there is heavy lack of covers. If T will have middle and push A from 3 directions (mid, main, squeaky) CTs have no chance to defend site, add here rotation time of CTs about 15 seconds (roughly measured) and you will get easy rounds for Ts. Also Ts can boost and pick CTs behind wood stack through middle to A connector windows. I think it's possible to increase awesomeness of saw blade on B by turning it into a cover, if remove second(central) way for Ts, cause I think it's give a advantage for Ts (imagine to hold 5 men rush from 2 ways with almost same timings) and creates too easy flanks for CTs. Also CTs can easily pick Ts going from Mid to B, very confusing sightline for Ts, please fix: Some other issues: not all stairs clipped to ramps, incorrectly attached radar, also black textures of glass:
  9. swst.turn


    Ts haven't safe path to northern bombsite, they can be spotted through double doors on mid. I think it's disabling spooky shift plays towards that bombsite, on the other hand it could be a map feature, dunno just thoughts
  10. Seems to be legit Rules is rules, waiting for 2 weeks.
  11. Things, which i noticed: Ts timings is bad everywhere, except middle;Ct window on mid should be more narrow to allow smoke it by one smoke;Ts entrance on A is awp shooting gallery for CT, also clipped backside of A looking accessible, its confusing;Mid is looking interesting for me, but still need to some tune.
  12. "Please take more time working on your map. You can choose a date that is further away (more than two weeks) or cancel your submission." I didn't know about this rule, I think it should be described in first post.
  13. swst.turn


    I'd like to, but I afraid of my Яussia ping
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