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    Another mapcorian is currently trying to make an "aztec" map without obvious references. As with all of those linked pictures, they are all crumbled buildings that were once taller with large amounts of grass around them. I really don't think the theme lends itself to counter strike gameplay at all. Small mediterranean towns and business/industry areas are so popular because they naturally lend themselves to what is required. People can get creative ofc, but naturally built up / inhabited areas are just easier to work with. I don't think the guy is working on de_meso anymore (Am I mistaken, is there another guy?) but anyways. I was thinking of making something similar to ruins, with aztec textures but a nice jungle theme. Edit: Another thing is the Italy/inferno/overall populated houses with European area architecture is getting pretty overused. Most maps turn out either with the generic cache like warehouse, or Italy like houses... Besides, I want to do something "new" Yes it's true I've stopped working on DE_Meso, because I just got a full time job as an art teacher, and so far my weekends have been quite busy preparing an entire curriculum for the rest of this semester, so I won't have time to focus on mapping for a long time at least, which is sad but even more than level design I love traditional art, so I'm really happy about that. I can give you my .vmf if you want to have a look, not that I think you'll need it, but I find that it's always interesting to see how other mappers go about making their maps.
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    Define expand? Wanted to enlarge the map to make the rush distances and rotation times longer without breaking the design because I actually like how the map is put together but I realized that its just too small. I think you need to compress the height of the map. Your ramps look very steep and make for "shooting each others toes" gameplay which is annoying and ineffective. Generally you want something along the lines of a 2:1 height increase for stairs/ramps; 16 units along and 8 units up is a good place to start for steps. There might be too much elevation although it was one of the things I wanted to incorporate, I probably overdid it a little for that reason. that said, every ramp and every single staircase on this map is 2:1 increase like you described. (did you have a look around the map or did you just look at pictures?) Bombsite A is far too open and large, with barely any cover. I would halve the plantable area, and look about removing that staircase area at the back. As I mentioned in the OP, I'm having trouble figuring out where to put cover. Also only half of the plateau is plantable, i will make sure to indicate this in the final version of this, and I can't see how I would connect CT to A if i removed the entire area behind the staircases? help? :S I think you've jumped the gun a bit of detailing your map seeing as no prior iterations were offered asking for feedback. You've made a much harder job for yourself to change anything. Oh I know I've done goofed, but honestly this is still less detailed than most greyboxes, it's just the texturing that makes it seem otherwise I think. I know it seems like I'm just shooting down all the feedback I just asked for, but I promise I'm still taking all of this into consideration, and I will definitely look to compress the elevation. So thank you so much for taking the time to give me some feedback, I thought all hope was lost.
  3. flexsta


    OK I will try with a more specific question, to get some feedback. As of now the timings on this map looks like this: CT → A: 10sec. CT → B: 11sec. T → A: 10sec. T → B: 13sec. CT → T: 18sec. A → B: 12sec. So that's quite horrible, does someone have some ideas on how I could expand the map without breaking the design and flow of the map? sorry, not sorry for bumping
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    Really sick! can't wait to play this! not sure my memory serves me correct, but wasn't there a ramp leading down to sewers in the old version? that could be a pretty breaking change considering how easy it is for a camping T to kill any CT's coming up a ladder to bring the hostage to rescue area.
  5. flexsta

    [CS:GO] de_reato

    Looks pretty nice, although i seems like you've used the jungle skybox, which might be a little odd considering there are no jungles in Italy and the mountains around the French/Italian border are the Alps which have snow covered peaks.
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    DE_MESO by flexsta Preface Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=418379894 Info: The map is still quite early in the development process, and I originally I just wanted to start out making a greybox again, but one thing led to another and now the map is textured and a few details have been added, that said, pretty much everything is still eligible to be changed and some parts of the map are still very much untouched when it comes to detailing. (like the area around T spawn) and many of the props are placeholders, there are quite a few crates around the map at the moment, and I'd like to change that in the final art pass. Even though I'm clearly more experienced than I was when I made de_dropout, (see preface for more info) I'm still quite the rookie, especially when it comes to lay-outs, I'm also having some trouble finding out where to put cover and I'm not very good at detecting any OP spots on the map or broken stuff in general. So I'd like to get some feedback before I start to finalize the map.
  7. Wow... I'm so far behind!
  8. Thought it would be fun to see how many hours people have in the CS:GO SDK. Also comparing it to how many hours people have in actual CS:GO? For me: 360 hrs in the SDK 492 hrs in the game I have no idea if that's a lot or nothing compared to others, but I'm pretty sure a lot of the talented people on this forum have more hours than me.
  9. I think you guys need to be careful, I mean this seems like a really generic concept, can't even explain how many times I've seen these types of maps. Maybe you guys should try something different, like, a three lane map with a lot of connectors? - It just seems like a waste of talent to make this kind of map when you could try an make something new!
  10. A little something I'm working on, it's pretty much only world brushed and some props at the moment, but I thought I'd show it anyways, maybe you guys have some cool suggestions I could implement before the map gets too detailed. Also note that the textures are not final at all, they are mostly placeholders that I've used to figure out the theme of the map.
  11. flexsta

    [CSGO] surf_edge (help)

    Looks super slick! - have I seen some of those textures in de_season?
  12. Haha, why xD? Well since I'm at work I'll have to rely on my awesome MS paint skills to explain this:
  13. funny thing you asked, I have some old concept art sort-a-stuff i did some years ago, its pretty bad looking at it now but you never know what'll spark other peoples imagination and I will therefor embarrass my self to show you this. I would honestly say go ahead and try to make a photo mashup yourself its not too hard to get half decent results. And you probably also have a better understanding of the topic youre searching for
  14. I shall name this the Pokéball layout!
  15. While I do like the overall structure of the map, I think it needs quite a bit of tweaking since as it stand it seems incredibly CT sided to me. Also, while looking at you workshop overview it seems that you have created the entire map on a single plane, which is not at all the right way to go about creating the map, also from the workshop overview it seems that the entire map is just too small, like I wouldn't worry so much about making more corridors and what not, I would worry more about making the existing corridors and areas bigger. When you reach the point you're at now it's a good time to test out simple rush timings, that means load up the map, try to spawn on both sides and note how long it takes for each team to get to the bombsites, you can compare this to the current map pool, I'd say a good starting point is 10-15 seconds for the T's and little less for the CT's but it can vary and the most important thing is how the timings of each side plays together. That'll also show you where the conflict points are (i.e. where on the map the teams will clash). When that has been established it's a lot easier to make tweaks to the design that'll benefit the playability of the map.
  16. You actually seem to have some flair for lighting, as blackdog mentioned though, you should focus on perspective and composition. also custom brushes are a big nono for beginners, you really don't want to get into the mindset that brushes do your work for you, a good way of looking at this is; Never use custom brushes for something you couldn't do without them. The only reason to really use them is to save time. I will update this reply with some visual examples when I'm off work. until then, don't be discouraged!
  17. flexsta

    De_Oasis (WIP name)

    This is starting to shape up quite nicely, is there any specific reason that you haven't released any overview pics yet?
  18. As text_fish wrote earlier, I suggest making a smaller map like an ar(arms race) or aim map. Polish it up and make it super good looking. Then as you get better and more used to working in Hammer, you'll no doubt pick up more experience and soon enough you'll have the knowledge to go ahead and create your very own, made from scratch, defuse map.
  19. just my 2 cents; I think the rotation times are very relative to the rest of the map proportions, I mean how would you define rotation times for de_nuke, for example? That said I think on a more generic layout I'd say the the 10-15 seconds are a fairly good starting point.
  20. Overall the design doesn't look too interesting, slightly CT favored, although that doesn't have to be entirely negative. But I'm guess you're somewhat new to CS:GO map making, in which case it's good to keep it simple. I've made a little map with some pointers. Red: What purpose does this area serve? kind of hard to see purely from the overview at least. Blue: I feel like no sane terrorist would ever take this path, it's like asking to get sniped from one of the mulitple hiding spots CT have around the bombsite. Pink: This area (Mid) seems sort of obsolete and if anything only a way for CT to pressure T's even more. Rotations from one bombsite to another also would take quite long considering the maps size, as a result of there being no connectors.
  21. flexsta

    [cs:go] de_dropout

    So I decided on a theme and I think I'm just going to finish the map regardless of the layout for the sake of practice and getting to know Hammer better. Here's CT spawn, will post more screens as I go through the map. The name is really not fitting now though. Any suggestions for a Aztec/Monastery mashup themed map?
  22. flexsta

    [cs:go] de_dropout

    All right, that makes sense. - It will be sorted, and thanks for the feedback.
  23. flexsta

    [cs:go] de_dropout

    Can you expand on this? - For what reasons?
  24. flexsta

    [cs:go] de_dropout

    Well, this map is not optimized in any fashion for playing really, I'm mean it is playable, but I haven't even func_detail'ed anything. I was mainly looking for feedback on the layout and I realize now that I probably should have atleast optimized it a little bit, as it stands, it also just has a completely rookie "boxed" skybox + there's not a single nodraw texture to be seen on this map. So I'd really like to make an optimized version before going into playtests, but before I do that I just wanted to know if there were any glaring mistakes that should be fixed with the layout prior to making the actual version.
  25. flexsta

    [cs:go] de_dropout

    de_dropout alpha stage, greybox. Description: I realize that this is a pretty awful attempt at a map by the standard that has been set on this forum, nonetheless I figured I'd never get better without any criticism. Since this is my first serious attempt at creating a source map, I stuck with a really simple layout. The map turned out to be really small, so I tried to counteract that by making a good amount of angles, hopefully so that one cannot rush carelessly through the map. I haven't really settled for a theme, because I really think that simply making a layout that somewhat works is my only priority at the moment. I haven't made a Workshop page for this since I figured this would never see the light of a playtest. Lastly, the name was just some random cool sounding word I could think of. (almost went with "de_perspective"). Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/esuUp/all Any and all criticism is welcome. - Nestakyo
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