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  1. Well, I am currently stuck on a mac computer. SDK doesn't install on mac. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hey Mapcore, I'm working on a new automated program for map optimization/preparation based upon editing/writing VMF files. To do this, I need a better understanding of the format and structure of VMF files. So, mapcore, I need you to send me some download links to the following types of files: An empty VMF file; no brushes, entities, etc. Just completely, fresh hammer file.A VMF file with 2 brushes in it, located anywhere in the map, exactly 128x128x128 units. For one, use texture dev_reflectivity_30, and for the other, dev_reflectivity_70.To be continued as more files are needed.Thanks in advance mapcore, -David S.
  3. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you so much!
  4. Hey mapcore, As I've been practicing on 1v1 maps more recently, I've wondered about making them myself. Of course, each 1v1 map consists of at least 9 arenas; essentially 9 copies of the same small map. I'd like to get some advice on the formatting of these maps. For example, do you use special hint brushes between arenas to improve performance? Is there anything special I need to do with the spawns to correspond to the 1v1 mod? What is the most common size of 1v1 map in hammer units? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, -David S.
  5. dsillman2000

    [CS:GO] de_dune

    When I walk through this map, I can't help but be bothered by how open such crucial parts of the map are. Important aspects are connected by the super open mid market-like area. This open form of gameplay is very head-to-head, quick-death, and dare I say, CoD-esque type gameplay. I would recommend separating the sides of the map a bit more clearly and cleanly by making edits to the mid area and such. Thanks, D.S.
  6. dsillman2000

    [CSGO] de_cargo

    I think it would be helpful for Lizard that someone who did not make the map report what they believe the answer to each of these questions is to make an example of what vibe the map currently gives them so he can enhance/edit accordingly to make his intended vibe more clear. 1. Probably some sort of Russian/European shipping station or something...? 2. Something pretty dirty like Cache. Something run-down. 3. Theres a strong bleak vibe like the place was abandoned decades ago. You can sort of feel the weight of the dead memories in the area. 4. They appear to be trying to blow up this useless abandoned shipping station...what is the purpose? They don't have much of a reason to blow it up except to make a point or something... 5. Cache sort of. Also some of those sites that show abandoned places/factories remind me of this map. Overall, you definitely want a little more reasoning behind each of the sites and why the place is worth blowing up. In addition, because it is so easily attributed to cache is sort of a bad sign. You need something special about your map to add character. Maybe, again, color? Or perhaps an/multiple interesting landmarks in the 3d skybox or around the map? Something that will set this map apart, allowing players to marvel at it. Thanks for reading, -D.S.
  7. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but according to your overview, the super long and straight connection between T spawn and B site is so open. An awp on CT side will instantly end all of the T's! Are there well placed doors/walls that I can't see from the overview, or is this the most obvious flaw that no one has questioned? Pics pls!
  8. dsillman2000

    [CSGO] de_cargo

    Yes, I agree. color could help. But remember, color isn't only aesthetic. It often plays a big part in the gameplay. Use bright colors/lights to direct the player which ways are actually paths and darken/dullify areas that are just dead ends.
  9. I see. Thanks for the tips guys, I will take these ideas into account when continuing my map. I'll keep you guys posted on the map as soon as I get a basic whitebox version out. Thanks again, -D.S.
  10. Sorry if this is a noob question, but what does the cordon tool do/mean? yes, that's part of my design for my upcoming de_fortified map. I'll post about it when I have enough done to actually make a post. Thanks, -D.S.
  11. Sorry if this makes me look like an idiot or anything, but when I make maps, things turn out rather messy and difficult to control and view cleanly. Things often get congested as they become more complex. The way I form brushes will occasionally change and where I use textures vs where I use dev_measure's are always varying. I would like to ask the better equipped of the mappers on Mapcore: what measures do you take to keep your maps looking clean and easy to work with? I find managing these types of things especially difficult on maps that have massive structures like a brush-made castle or something. I'm not necessarily looking for help, but rather advice on how you guys can keep your editor looking clean and usable. Thanks for reading, -D.S. EDIT: what I mean by "congested" is when my views begin to get so filled that they look like this: http://imgur.com/4sOvnii
  12. There's not any chance you are going to post a radar for this, is there? I think I fit into the small crowd that hasn't memorized the layout perfectly, so I think it would be helpful to a critic if they could see the overview. I predict this won't be easy with such an elevation-varying map(or maybe that's just me being bad at making radars), so plan your radar so that it will reveal as much about the map as possible.
  13. Awesome! Thanks guys, been looking all over for something like this.
  14. I think it looks really good, but I think most of the interiors look great. The outdoor areas are very messy so I would recommend cleaning up those areas. In addition, I can see people getting lost in the map because of its size, so try adding elements that will help lead players to the right locations/bombsites. Bright/large indicators are a real help! Overall, it looks really good, but to be playable, needs some adjustments. Thanks, -D.S.
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