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  1. Well that's strange. Is there a certain argument i have to call when compiling the map? And about the "right folder" they are all in the same folder ".../csgo/materials/custom/de_samba" could that be a problem? BTW thanks for testing
  2. Here you go. Google Drive Link (VMT and the two VTF files) Thanks for having a look.
  3. This looks awesome, gonna try this out.
  4. So if the name doesn't matter and the VMT seems correct to me, what's the problem those maps don't show up ingame? Does it need to be in a certain format? I noticed that Valve mentioned something about BGR8888 format but DXT1 should be okay to in the newer versions (under Conversion > vtfEdit)
  5. Does the name really matter? The file is a normal map (created with CrazyBump) and i saw many tutorials where everyone used a different _name at the end. But I will try and let you know.
  6. Nothing strange in the console, just some normal errors of things about bots and GUI elements of the main menu and something about the chickens. and then this: No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0 PutClientInServer: no info_player_start on level ๖ۜ[email protected] | ße | connected. Ethan connected. Orin connected. Adam connected. Greg connected. Nate connected. Colin connected. Wyatt connected. Josh connected. Martin connected. ] sv_cheats 1 ] noclip noclip ON ] noclip noclip OFF ] mat_normalmaps 1 Which looks all normal whenever I start the map Edit: I didn't thought building cubemaps was necessary for bumpmaps. NEver saw that in one of the tutorials. Or is it changed for GO?
  7. Maybe I should create a new thread, but this one should actually fit. I'm having some trouble seeing bumpmaps in csgo. I've followed tutorials on the net (like TophatWaffle's one) and carefully traced the different steps. -Create vtf of base texture -Create normalmap and make vtf aswell (checking the flag "normal map") -Creating a .vmt with the following: "LightmappedGeneric" { "$basetexture" "custom/de_samba/broken_brick_plaster_bottom" "$bumpmap" "custom/de_samba/broken_brick_plaster_bottom_bump" "$surfaceprop" "Brick" "$surfaceprop2" "Default" } Then I applied the texture to a brush in Hammer and compiled the whole map (is a full compile necessary?) When I go in the game and look at the texture, I see no difference at all. When I check with " mat_normalmaps 1", I see no blue textures or whatever. Can someone help me with my problem? Thanks in advance.
  8. Tomato


    Well some extra highlights or some textures that break up the pattern would be cool. But on the other side I like clean buildings and estethics we can mess up with blood spatter all over it.
  9. Tomato

    [CS:GO] de_stars

    Definitely gonna try the new version out.
  10. So the wall sockets are really models then on newke? One of the things that i noticed immediatly ( woow 3d wamll sockets )
  11. I hope new map like overpass Or maybe one of the community maps to official map ( i rly like santorini ) Besides that, I think they'll first need to overview the changes in Nuke cause i feel like CT's are lost for the moment and every play ends up easy win for the T's (my tactic for now: striaght on vent dive and sneaky peaky backstabbing, works 99% of the time)
  12. As in most of my competitive matches on old nuke, we only spotted on outside, never trying that hard to hold it. Me and my teammates mostly fighted around A site and B site with the given knowledge if T's were pushing through secret or just going A mini. Still I think a good CT smoke could stop a T rush on yard. The only thing now is that the CT covering yard still has to cover Silo much more now. But the most important thing I hope for, is that , in casual play, T's stop camping on the lobby roof, cause that was boring as hell. Then i also feel the new Secret stairs are a bit too narrow. And last but not least the open and closing of the vents is a nice gimmick and could lead to interesting gameplay i guess.
  13. You now have "de_nuke_radar" and "de_nuke_lower_radar" http://imgur.com/a/yJf9n (still i don't know why they have the CT and T-sign on the radar, I thought that popped up during the loading screen if you set your loading screen icon coordinates right)
  14. I do like the new changes for SDK: -[vbsp.exe] increased MAX_MAP_ENTITIES to 20480 from 16384 to compile bigger maps. – Maps can have multiple radar images based on player height. And seems like they did some fixes for squaky on newke – Fixed an assert in prop_door_rotating where it tried to play a “locked” activity regardless of it had it when the player used it when locked.
  15. Tomato

    [GSGO] de_studio [WIP]

    Checked yours aswell, but you have the models May I PM you about your project?
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