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  1. I've been putting some time into the yacht again. (Ep2 engine, not CG:SO)
  2. I have some flowers set up here and there, but they're not doing enough to break up the beige. I think I'll make a few bonsai tree models, brown is complimentary with my colors and the green should add to the scene like you suggested.
  3. Here's another saloon for my yacht map (upper saloon), the design deviated a fair bit from the real-life reference for this room. I was never satisfied with this room when I followed the reference more closely.
  4. They do use wheels, maybe they have some sort locking system to prevent the wheels from moving. Here's a bedroom from one of the many yacht's that have been used as inspiration.
  5. One of four identical guest bedrooms for my yacht map. I keep forgetting to tone down the normal for the wood
  6. Ahoy

    de_launch (csgo map)

    The art-style of the clutter here really conflicts with everything else, I think you'd be better off using something else that matches the brighter, cartoon-like style you have.
  7. Ahoy

    [GMOD] TTT_Yacht

    Changed up the theme again, do you guys think I should make a new texture for the wooden floor grate in the second picture or should I make a 3D model of it? Anyways I much prefer the lighting now, it'll probably look even better once I port the map for CS:GO
  8. What do you guys think I can do to spice up my gym area? I'm okay with how it looks like in the 1st picture, but it looks like complete crap when viewed from the opposite direction. I have no idea what to do with this room
  9. Ahoy

    [GMOD] TTT_Yacht

    Very recent shots of the interior, I think I'm going to settle with this theme. The ceiling detail will be modeled out in the future, it looks a little primitive being in brush form. I'm going to be using lots of black, light beige, brushed chrome, and other darker colors.
  10. thanks for pointing those out, does that mean you like the the one with the big circular light more? I do need more going on behind the bar, besides different/more geometry I might put a tap back there or something.
  11. Which of these do you guys thinks looks better? "A" (first 2) is the huge portal-style light, "B" (second 2) is the newer design that is not completely polished, I'll model out the lights so they're not cylindrical brushes anymore.
  12. Ahoy

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    I know the challenge of not being change things much because of how interconnected things are when your map is multiple stories, the yacht map I'm making has the same constrictions. I think a railing or something in the middle of that staircase might work out nicely, at the moment the staircase seems unbelievably wide to me.
  13. gmod has worse lighting than CS:GO because its on an older version of the source engine.
  14. I received permission from yanzl to use some of his props, so I've reworked how the saloon in my yacht looks like. I'm still not completely happy with the way it looks, it still feels off to me despite me reworking the saloon area dozens of times. This is in GMOD not CSGO, so the lighting won't look as nice regardless.
  15. Ahoy

    [GMOD] TTT_Yacht

    I haven't made them myself and the wheelhouse chairs were actually a commission. I'd love there to be a yacht map for CSGO, but the map is just too linear and cramped as it is now. I would like try to create a yacht map for CS:GO after this though!
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