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    Awhile back I messed around making an arms race map based around the central staircase of a cruise ship. Couldn't get to the topside though.. just looking out the windows. I stopped working on it and abandoned it, after wasting time modeling columns, balcony rails, and a grand piano, though >< The ship I was basing it off of was multi-leveled as well but I blocked off one of the levels so players only had access to two. Three levels could be a bit much But anyway, just your brushwork alone is making it already look pretty nice. Can't wait until it's fine-tuned and the models and textures get applied!
  2. Pushed out another update the other day that has removed the fog and has a bit more details added. Awaiting feedback on the new layout and aesthetic before detailing further. I have the map running on a 128tic server in Atlanta here: The map will be running on the server for a few days to a week. Might have some other things running on it when we're there sometimes but can join and say you were interested in testing the map out and we'll change it. Also have a steam group up to plan some 5v5 comp testing here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/demaptesters
  3. After a lot of feedback from various sources, I've redone the layout of the map and it is looking much better. I just updated the workshop page with the new version. I would appreciate feedback on the new layout so, after any more adjustments, I can start detailing the map to make it look much better. Note: The fog is probably going away!
  4. I've had it mentioned a few times to have the name as that but I just never liked it. The map is named "Decommission" and the de_ before it is just a prefix to denote the map as a "defusal" map. If it's listed as "de_commission" then it would be "defusal commission". That's why I settled on the way I have it now. I may eventually cave and change it though Anyway, the fog isn't on the ground really. I do have the normal distance fog set but it doesn't really come into play anywhere. You can see fine almost everywhere. The only place I know offhand where it will affect visibility is looking from the cliff edge towards CT spawn. And with the layout of the map I suspect it wouldn't matter too much. The only time people would probably be down there after map start is when they're saving. I may up the fog distance if it becomes an issue though.
  5. Someone told me about this site to get feedback on my maps so figured I should check it out. It is pretty intimidating since there is so many great works here but I figured if I want to get better to just post! This map is my second 'real' map I made for CS:GO and it was to learn about displacements and soundscapes in Source, so I would really like feedback on those two aspects of the map. Of course feedback on everything else as well would be nice! I am also wondering if there's a better way about doing the fog. I really wanted the low-hanging fog like it is in the map currently, but the way I have it now doesn't look very good. It's decent-enough when just playing fast-paced but in screenshots and when you're stopped looking around, it doesn't look great. Right now I just have it as a few func_dustclouds with rather large settings with slow movement. Anyway to the map: It is set in an old mountain base that is in the progress of being decommissioned. The workshop page. And a couple quick screenshots if you don't want to check the workshop page: And while I'm here making a post I might as well ask for a bit of feedback for my other map I did first to learn Source mapping: de_chemical.
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