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  1. Spite

    Japanese Themed Map [CS:GO]

    12:30 seems pretty late, but I'd be very interested in feeling the layout and theme of this map.
  2. Spite

    [CS:GO][WIP] de_arizona (Motel) - Source files available

    I have lived in Arizona and I can confirm that what you have now immediately reminded me of it. The layout is very reminiscent of some buildings I've seen or visited there. Keep up the great work. Nice references.
  3. Spite

    [CS:GO] de_cinema Conceptualization

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Spite

    [CS:GO] de_cinema Conceptualization

    This will probably be moved to a separate thread.
  5. Spite

    [CS:GO] de_cinema Conceptualization

    Hello members of the Mapcore community. My name is Spite, and I would be considered a novice in comparison to the majority of members already active on this site. I've recently made a choice to further develop my interest in level design under the impression that it would provide a good learning experience that I will be able to apply later into the future. As of now I have an ideal outlook for the map I'd like to create, drawing heavy inspiration from both de_vertigo and de_agency. I felt as though creating a map confined to a building (with the exception of a small outside spawn area) would be an easy route to take considering my very little experience with map creation. While I'm deciding upon the aesthetics and layout of the map (which will preferably center around bomb sites and planting), I wanted to know if there was any helpful advice or additional ideas any of my fellow members could provide. (ex. Software suggestions, image references, general design) Again, I'm completely new to this this subject matter, so if this post is unorthodox I apologize in advance. You could also contact me for my Steam information if you're willing to become a helpful reference for me or even a helping hand. All comments are appreciated. Hopefully my next update will contain the layout and more information about my idea. (And hopefully a better name @[email protected]) EDIT: I've decided to take a cinema-based approach to this map to provide a sufficient amount of originality.
  6. Spite

    [CS:GO] de_stupa

    I'm very excited to see the outcome of this map. If you ever need a another tester I'll be open to be so. Good luck and good progress.