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  1. Lynxx

    What I'm Working On

    That forklift could have doors, like this one? those are some clean windows then, because I can't see them
  2. I love it when work likes this gets bumped, I hope Spherix hasn't stopped working on this because it would be a waste to see this all getting thrown away
  3. that could be it aswell, like I said I have no experience but blocking the bomb would make sense and these places look like spots you could get the bomb stuck on
  4. Lynxx

    CS:GO Stickers

    I am working on a few sketches, might post a few soon
  5. Lynxx

    What I'm Working On

    The thing is, would this make it less CT sided, or completely T sided. Because when it comes to Cache, it should stay a CT sided map, in my opinion. Although I'm not so sure how this will change it too much, unless it makes this cite able for Ts to walk onto. There are other maps that are already closer to 50/50 and should be adjusted if the community really wants a T sided map. I personally am fine with the maps being CT sided. However, I would like to see a brand new T sided map made. All the changes I'd like to see on Cache is a bigger entrance to B from the T side, as people in heaven have quite a big advantage, it's kind of like mini in Nuke but less powerful
  6. I have no experience with Hammer or whatsoever, but the only reason I could think about is for smokes/grenades/flashes. I could be completely wrong though
  7. Still far from done, but making progress. Also made a mistake with rendering, the transparent/white gap with the orange spheres in it is meant to be black
  8. Lynxx


    I actually really enjoy the progress so far, keep it coming
  9. This might fit better as a hostage mission as there are probably many people at this event, hostages could be held in a server room or something. It looks like a good idea, but could be CT Sided
  10. Lynxx

    [CSGO] de_innsbrook

    I feel like the routes make this map very CT-Sided, which is probably what should be changed, make it more open to the T's instead of having to push into the CT side of the map
  11. Lynxx

    De_Oasis (WIP name)

    this looks pretty sick so far, I hope to see a lot more from this map soon
  12. A big work in progress, and not really a 'map' but I am trying to get into 3D design so I am making a isometric portal level in Cinema4D - I am new to 3D so I'd love to have feedback and eventual tips/tutorials I could use. edit: Worked on the boxes, they look a bit better now
  13. Awesome! Congrats, it looks like something very interesting. Definitely going to try it out
  14. Sounds like a rare experience, I have a complete razer setup and haven't broke anything yet (1,5 year)
  15. That looks sick, I usually play on simple bhop maps but I'd definitely play this one
  16. Even though I learned a little bit from videos/pictures from this program, what is brushing? Can someone explain?
  17. Lynxx

    What I'm Working On

    I am almost sure a very light yellow tone would do the trick at these walls, impressive like always!
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