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  1. Is this a game that you would want to have played the others to get into?? I have the first one on steam but i tried it out and wasnt really into the combat style.. In fairness i didnt give it too much of a go should probably revisit it. Does look like a gorgeous game though..(must fight the urge to impulse buy!!!)
  2. Yeah i read the same thing about how long they take to fully break in, Good job i keep falling asleep with my music on - Extra break in time I think i'm gonna stick with AKG and proper studio headphones from now on and try stay away from gaming headsets, the value for money for sound quality with those headphones is immense, i tested loads of different ones including some £250-300 Beats headphones (which sounded like a set of £50 cans, talk about paying for the name) and the AKG's just blew them all out of the water. You got a link to that amp you posted too? Looks pretty cool never seen one like that before.
  3. Cool, i'll get you added. No i wasn't aware of a companion App to be honest i'll give that a look if its gonna give me more loot! Got the GF round tonight but i will be getting some Dying Light in before the night is over, looking forward to see the game turn to night and see the difference in gameplay. I quite like the survival instinct feature to help you look for items but as i'm now spamming it on a 24/7 basis the noise is getting pretty damn annoying haha
  4. Looks like the headphones i've got, AKG K550 right? How are you liking them? Great pair or cans for the money, only thing i find myself doing is pumping the bass up a little with an equaliser. I understand they're flat studio headphones but they need a bit more bass and they just come to life
  5. Agreed JAL, I had much more of an interest in the characters in BoB but i am personally a bit more interested in that part of the war compared to the pacific campaign. Mighty Eighth - Teaser (Proof of concept i think) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhmFFtjB2qY
  6. I only got through half the audio book so far which is amazing love the atmosphere throughout it. Thats the thing though with movies its a lot of content to try put into a film which is fair enough things have to be missed but they will never be forgiven for that ending, total crap! They missed out some really tense moments from the book which could have been portrayed very will in the film ahh well.. I'm currently going through this at the moment, quite a fun read actually!
  7. I started going through it again recently, it just never ever dissapoints no matter how many times i watch it I need to rewatch The Pacific, only watched that series once when it was being shown on TV was pretty good but its hard to beat BoB. Mighty Eigth, their next series will be out at somepoint hopefully soon as well! Looking forward to that will be nice to see things from an airforce perspective.
  8. I have no idea about mortgage costs but that seems like a steal! 65 miles to work, i hope thats total of there and back In other life news i'm going to Austria snowboarding tomorrow, cant wait!
  9. I've been a Razer Deathadder fan for years now, I just upgraded to the Chroma version because my old Deathadder had worn down the mousescroll (which is fixable with scotch tape but then i wouldnt have a nice shiny new mouse with millions of colours to choose from for the lighting ) I personally love the Deathadder fits my hand perfect and it takes some beating, i broke the mouse scroll on my first one after a good year of raging with it so i'd call that pretty durable
  10. Sounds like an extremeley ambitious game, Looks very nice though i will keep an eye out but i agree with the above comment.
  11. Haha, The 4k is very nice G-SYNC really does make up for the FPS hit for the jump to 4k. Yeah i turned off everything and it didnt seem like it was actually changing anything, im not sure the options menu was correctly applying the settings i chose to be honest, i didnt have too much time so i will fiddle about with it some more tonight. DDR, requirements are 16GB i think... and for some reason im drawing a blank i either have 8 or 16 i really cant remember But i will be upgrading at somepoint anyway. I'll try the fixes and tweaks tonight and drop the res down to 2.5k if needs be. Could do some co-op one night if your up for that jackophant? - And anyone else if you want to co-op drop your steam name here
  12. I started it up last night and wow this game requires a bit of a beast of a PC - I am running in 4k with a G-SYNC monitor but i've hit numerous technical bugs such as FPS drops, major stuttering and the game client crashing to desktop. I need more RAM for this game its actually totally maxing me out lol but everything apart from my GFX card is about 5 years old so its due a replacement. i7 930 MSI GTX 980 4k Acer G Sync Monitor I've read there already are a few fixes about for some of these issues so i'll try that tonight. Onto gameplay im literally only like 1-2 hours in but i am enjoying the story so far and it does look extremely purrrty, Once the technical bugs are cleaned up it'll be a tidy game. There is a great atmosphere around this game, walking around the lower levels of the apartment block (the starting area) with the chilling eerie music and long insane asylum looking corridors it really does make you expect somethings gonna jump out at you any moment, which is exactly what you want from a game like this. Combat feels good but its really hard to tell how smooth it is with the FPS hits im getting, Going to tweak things tonight to hopefully get it to play smooth.
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