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    slavikov4 reacted to Soldat Du Christ in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Within the context of Dust 2, I can see your point. The map is room based and heavely segmented, even between both bomb sites. So CTs don't really know which bomb site they will have to defend. This is why you guys need to start thinking outside the box. Most of the time in CS maps: where you can MOVE is synonymous with where you can SEE and where you can SHOOT. An exception to this i've seen very rarely is your standard window that you can SEE and SHOOT through but you can't MOVE through it.
    You can do a lot of cool stuff by segmenting these fundamentals. Like opening up the lines of sight while still having linear pathing to empower players who want to gather intel by taking up certain advantageous positions.
    Alright this is for real my last off topic post in waywo, but i just want you guys to open your minds and think backwards for a change, and not forwards off of what little you've been provided with. You don't know what you don't know right? In order to have new ideas you need to look outside of the map design you are familiar with and re think the fundamentals   
    Or just keep remaking Dust 2, its up to you!
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    slavikov4 reacted to OrcMardok in [WIP] Theme Park ____ Level Design. Blockout. Battle Royal map.   
    Central combat area in progress

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    slavikov4 reacted to Pancakesandsyrup123 in [Portal 2] The Long Leap   
    Map download link (steam): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1403454857
    Please read the description =)

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    slavikov4 reacted to The Horse Strangler in [CSGO] Content release: de_grind   
    Sorry it took so long but here's the full release of all the grind assets! We've just recently updated the workshop submission, so this content release should contain all the new edits we've made so far.
    This release contains the max scene files as well, which were made using 3ds max 2015. You will need to load them up in versions 2015 and beyond for them to work. Sadly I did not pack all of the bakes or highpoly source models since they are huge filesize wise (like multiple gb's per hp mesh). The texture source is once again quixel suite, which is mostly old and deprecated now.
    DISCLAIMER: This content is provided as is and was designed with pbr type reflectivity and values in mind. If you decided to use the content in your map, please credit the usage and drop me a note on steam or discord -Thanks!

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    slavikov4 reacted to m8nkey in Project Mortdale - CSGO   
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    slavikov4 reacted to Vaya in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    Please add this guy to the map for realism.
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    slavikov4 reacted to BurdBurd in [CS:GO] Depot   
    A clean logistics centre with a dirty secret.
    Built for standard 5v5 competitive
    The map is mostly finished for layout, timings, etc in my own view, but the map has yet to be tested by more then my handful of friends and bots.
    I've also added some optimisation with area portals and a handful of hints to improve performance where possible (Heavy use of models on both bombsites)
    Clipping is definitely unfinished, with the forklifts noticeably causing the most issues. Nav meshing is "complete" so that the map is playable without the bots standing in a corner.

    This is my first public map release, so criticism is highly appreciated.
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    slavikov4 reacted to melc311 in [CS:GO] Limestone   
    While waiting to do the playtest, I've been working on the art style guide  to get a better feel of the theme and to see how many default assets I could get away with. I will certainly have to do model the balconies and a bunch of other specific props.

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    slavikov4 reacted to RedSkittleFox in [CSGO] Dojo (defuse map)   
    Update 8
    Redesigned A Site Redesigned B Site Redesigned Mid -> A Site connector Redesigned CT Graybox details  

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    slavikov4 reacted to RedSkittleFox in [CSGO] Dojo (defuse map)   
    Current Objective:
    Layout development Disclaimers and notes:
    Map includes sliding door on A site. I'm gonna only put latest map here. All other screenshots are in the later posts. Edits:
    Update 1 Major change on enterance to A site. Added backlane on B site. Update 2 Remade dojo. Remade A site scheme. Update 3 Remade long and B site. Remove alley next to A site. Update 4 Redesigned CT area. Update 5 Redesigned A site and connections. Redesigned middle. Update 6 Swapped sites (A is now B, B is now A) Redesigned middle and A (dojo) site. Redesigned T-spawn. Update 7 Redesigned A site. Redesigned paths to B. Update 8
    Redesigned A Site Redesigned B Site Redesigned Mid -> A Site connector Redesigned CT Graybox details Update 9 Remade A Site Remade B Site Remade Routes to B Remade CT Spawn Map has been shrunken Update 9.1
    Remade route from T to B Fixed timings for CTs  Fixed strange angle on B Site The map is available in the workshop.


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    slavikov4 reacted to FMPONE in What I'm Working On   
    Here's my new Unreal Engine 5 hostage rescue map

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    slavikov4 reacted to poLemin in Guard [Wingman]   
    Hey guys!
    Just wanted to drop by and present the first iteration of my new Wingman map Guard. The map is loosely based on the waterfront along Charles bridge in Prague. Since I mostly used stock models for my last map Feast, I am planning on doing some more modeling again and create a nice set of custom models for this map.
    For now, I don't have much more to say, and just leave you with a bunch of screenshots and a workshop link:

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    slavikov4 reacted to Kokopelli in [CS:GO] Cusco   
    I've been working slowly but surely to get Cusco in a good place for playtesting. It has been case after case of "oh, let me just fix this first," but now I think I'm happy enough to get this rolling! I've added a lot more architecture and placeholder detail throughout the map, partly to give the greybox some more character, but more importantly to start bringing the vision together. I've made many greyboxes in the past that had interesting ideas, but where so abstract in their conception I could not figure out how to bring it all together. With Cusco, it's been a very delicate dance between function and form all throughout development. There are still some things to work out, but for the most part, I think I was able to give each area of the map a coherent and distinct identity.

    CT SPAWN - Based on the Plaza de Armas, one of the most popular areas in the historic district in Cusco. It's a very open area with lots of pretty looking buildings. Seemed like the perfect eye candy for a spawn area. I've only worked on the playable area, but looking in the opposite direction will reveal an open view of the plaza.

    The added arches allowed me to add a thick pillar for much needed cover during rotations through CT spawn.

    A SITE - A Site is based around a hotel, which terrorists will attempt to destroy by blowing up a propane truck outside. I widened the windows above the doors for more grenade options during takes and retakes. Also added some vendor carts around the site for some addition cover.

    I added a little nook in the middle of the plant zone for a safer plant position.

    Moved some things around inside of the hotel lobby for readability. Also added a piano for partial cover.

    T Spawn - T spawn is based on the Santa Ana Arch.

    The route to B takes players through a cathedral based on the Basilica Catedral del Cusco.

    The route to A leads up a residential road based on architecture around the Santa Ana Arch.

    I spent a long time on google maps looking at various types of building designs that would work with the map's geometry. I focused on making things cohesive but also distinctive so players always know what part of the map they are in.

    Y - I opened up the lower part of the Y-juncture for a few reasons. It allows Ts to move more freely and clear angles more methodically on the approach. It also gives CTs an opportunity to push out and hold a new angle towards the upper area for more aggressive plays. The building the CTs play inside of is shaping up to be an apartment complex under construction.

    A MAIN - This staging area has turned into a warehouse. There are lots of construction material warehouses throughout the real city of Cusco. This area seemed like the right fit. Players can use the large windows above to throw grenades into the site.

    I reduced the height of the stairs leading from the warehouse by half and added sloped terrain behind it to make the incline more gradual. I also pushed it farther back to enable more medium to long range gun play along this route.

    B SITE - This site takes place outside the cathedral. Terrorists are trying to blow up a crypt that was built on the site of an Incan temple that was destroyed by the Spanish long ago.

    I redesigned the main CT entrance to nerf some sniper positions towards balcony that I felt were too deep and hard to predict. Added a crate against the wall so CTs pushing through smoke are rewarded with a more advantageous position. 

    The view from balcony towards the CT main entrance is simpler and easier to read. The crate I added was placed so that it cannot give snipers cover from players on the balcony.

    MID - Layout for mid has remained mostly the same, just with some added architecture. Windows high up on the cathedral allow for lots of grenade play between mid and the staging area inside the cathedral for B site. One of my favorite features of the map.

    There are also windows overlooking the CT side of Mid as well as B site proper.

    Check out the latest version on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2098558153
    I'll be scheduling a playtest shortly.
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    slavikov4 reacted to Minos in County   
    It looks pretty cool Lizard! Just make whatever you are happy with, it's your own world and your own imagination  
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    slavikov4 reacted to Lizard in County   
    Hello everyone !
    I think it is a good time to post some screenshots from my newest csgo project that I'm working on with @jakuza. He already made some models and materials that I used in the listed locations. More to come in next passes,
    County is a map that features everything that comes to mind when typical european thinks about rural part of the USA. It is a danger zone map that features variety of locations you would normally see in rural cities. What I tried to do was to tie these location with some story as well as their placement on the map. I really wanted to avoid 'random structures scattered across the map' feeling some of the community made maps have.
    First art pass is mostly done in most of the locations. In upcoming weeks I will focus on Motel and Quarry locations which are not shown here in this post.
    List of locations with a lot of creenshots (a lot of screenshots actually😁)

    Police station:





    Haunted house:


    More to come!
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    slavikov4 reacted to DutchCrazyGamer in [CS GO Wingman] Vaccine (WIP)   
    Welcome to my entry to the Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest. Below here you can find some of my references and pictures of the greybox. For now the map looks really dark but this will change over time. It is this dark because the light setting for the theme is around the fall of the night.
    Link to the map: (currently not the new version): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2099918669
    The map is situated in a secret laboratory where the Vaccine for the Corona Virus is being developed. 
    Here are some of my references:
    Some WIP pictures of the map and the radar:
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    slavikov4 reacted to TheOnionChef in de_calamari WIP   
    This map is constantly changing. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    This is a WIP area, with newer changes. Not fully detailed yet.

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    slavikov4 reacted to wazeecha in [CS:GO Wingman] de_dozen   
    Completely ignoring what I said two days ago about not posting more updates until the final version is ready---
    Kind of a major change here. Blocked off the top of machine and mostly hid the refrigeration unit. When testing this myself, I always felt that it was a super awkward location. I'm hoping that fencing it off will steer gameplay towards the big jump coming from long, or more rotations through the loading dock double doors. 

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    slavikov4 reacted to synkope in Darina (Wingman)   
    Hello! Some time ago I made a Victoria map for a competition of exotic maps, and to be honest, it is far from ideal and I received some useful criticism. I was dissatisfied with my map and was sure that I could make it better. The original idea was to completely rethink the Victoria map, but during the development I realized that now I don’t have enough power to start doing something as big, but better. I decided to change the scenery of the map a bit and move it from Africa to Canada, and I decided to develop a map for Wingman mode. In the end, I did the job in about two months. And now you can see what I did.
    History (about the same as the Victoria map)
    Terrorists are trying to destroy containers with harmful chemicals in order to cause great harm to the environmental situation in the area of the waterfall and make these places less attractive for tourists, which will lead to a huge environmental and economic disaster.
    Map structure
    The map has three main approaches to the plant, this is through the park, the interior of the complex and scaffolding (the fun fact is that they were added at the very last moment).
    Comparison of Darina map with Victoria map
    Of course, you can call it self-repetition, but you need to take into account that at first I did a remake of Victoria, and only then I changed the operating time a little under the new map. BUT yes, in some places I really brazenly copied Victoria.
    Here I will show you a couple of interesting screenshots.
    Niagara Falls and map references
    The map was inspired by Niagara Falls and its surroundings, but this time I decided to call the map not the original name, but my own, which is of particular importance to me, since this is the name of a person who means a lot to me.
    Here are a couple of screenshots and photos of similar places.
    Map screenshots and mini-map
    Workshop Link
    Thanks for reading!
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    slavikov4 reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_pithead WIP   
    I decided to make a new topic since i am making the map alone now, thx to @DutchCrazyGamer for some of the ideas for this map! i wish him best of luck on his map :D
    here some wip shots
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    slavikov4 reacted to Soldat Du Christ in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    wow guys really? no likes for my post? 
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    slavikov4 reacted to NikiOo in The random model thread!   
    I recently started learning how to model faces in Zbrush. I've always been afraid of organic modeling but it turns out it's not that hard. P.S. looks better when you squint.
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    slavikov4 reacted to The_Virus in The random model thread!   
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    slavikov4 reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    New concept design, the 9mm NEWELL

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    slavikov4 reacted to ItzOmega in The random model thread!   
    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9mwWOO ☺️☺️

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