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    slavikov4 reacted to will2k in Corona Virus   
    For parents working from home, this could help 

    Gamers are also ahead of times 

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    slavikov4 reacted to mr.P in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Some more wips from my Insurgency: Sandstorm level

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    slavikov4 reacted to untor in Swamp   
    We will soon released a hotfix. Probably it makes no sense to write about the latest changes on the map. I will say one thing, they carried a polishing character.
    I was lucky to work with Michael, because he understood of idea for a water and was able to help realize it, and in the future, protect our interests by explaining the idea to community. We had a great time these half a year, it was fun sleepless nights. Thanks to the organizers. Thanks to the community. Thanks Michael @BubkeZ Hull.

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    slavikov4 reacted to Serialmapper in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    playing with CRY engine 5.6

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    slavikov4 reacted to MegaKosan in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Hey guys, I've been working on a modular VR Sci-Fi Environment in Unity, here's some screenshots of it.

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    slavikov4 reacted to untor in Swamp   
    Welcome to the outskirts of Louisiana!
    A bomb defusal map set in a swamp where the wood industry once glowed with enthusiasm and joy but then was forgotten by man. The sound of machines and humans silenced just as quickly as the water rose, the greenery grew and the animals took over.
    However, passing boats have recently heard the sound of man again and large shipments of goods appear to be coming to the old sawmill.
    Housing near the swamp has been in contact with the police... what looked like a routine mission became a struggle to survive, they were not equipped and ready for a fight against terrorists and the forces of nature.


    Screens under spoiler
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    slavikov4 reacted to untor in Swamp   
    10 days have passed, we had feedback, thank you all. What will be in the next update?
    - Many fixes for overlaps, gapes, and more.
    - Update timing for CT Side, and changes spawn position.
    - Add some new details for navigation voice tag.
    - Replace old displacement waterplant blending to prop overlay
    - New boat for T side and A bombsite (yes, re-model from canals boat) 

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    slavikov4 reacted to Yanzl in Basalt   
    A bomb defusal map set in an undisclosed location in Iceland. Unsettling evidence discovered by researchers will foil the terrorists plan for world domination. Unless they can blow it all up...
    The level is designed in a way that it is easy to learn but hard to master. It is compact but offers a lot of depth with clever use of effective elevation changes, boost spots, lines of sight and rigorously tested timings -- ultimately allowing players from both teams to look for encounters that suit their playstyle in a balanced and uniquely beautiful environment.
    By @Yanzl, @'RZL and @Oliver aka The Basalty Boys
    DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984383383 

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    slavikov4 reacted to grapen in Mustang (formerly Everest)   
    Thank you everyone who has been giving us feedback so far 👏 We're currently acting on it. In the meantime I'm expanding on- and polishing the art.

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    slavikov4 reacted to DutchCrazyGamer in [CS GO] Pithead (WIP)   
    Welcome to Pithead. A wingman map set place at a small town around a goldmine in the mountains of Alaska. This is a collaboration with @Sick_TwinN. Below here you can find our moodboard and layout overview (the layout will change in the iterations). There is no workshop link yet.

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    slavikov4 reacted to Soldat Du Christ in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    slavikov4 reacted to That50'sGuy in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Does anyone else love to play around with projected textures? I used to have hours of fun just playing with them back when I used to make P2 maps. So I decided to have some fun with them.
    Only thing is, I have no clue why this one isn't casting a shadow of the chain-link decoration when the wallpaper box has one... The world may never know.
    Either way, they're lot's of fun!

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    slavikov4 reacted to Bevster in Mocha   
    Art by @Bevster, layout by @tr0nic. The map is inspired by South American colonial era architecture and regional coffee production. Workshop link.
    Although I didn't have enough time to polish the art and gameplay to my desired level, I'm sure the remaining things won't take too long. Current version still has some minor lighting/shading errors on existing content, there's no 3D Skybox yet and the clipping, optimization passes also a bit rudimentary. Hopefully it's nothing gamebreaking. I'm going to update the entry as soon as possible. 
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    slavikov4 reacted to will2k in ASSAULT ON WAREHOUSE 72: A tribute to the iconic cs_assault [Dying Light WIP]   
    While working on my new main project (pics posted earlier in WIP in WIP thread), I decided to have a small side project in parallel. Unlike my previous project (A New Hope) which was massive in size and scope, more like an open world game/DLC with 4-6 hours of main quests and side quests gameplay, this side project is more linear, much smaller in scope, and the story/action is contained in one smaller region.
    This will be more or less a total conversion of Dying Light: no connection to the story or gameworld, no virus, no zombies, no infected, no derelict city. The player, a special police unit member, will have a rifle, a sidearm and a knife, and will be dispatched to the industrial zone in the city where cartel thugs have entrenched themselves in a warehouse with their drug stash and possible hostages.
    This is basically single player Counter-Strike (and potential COOP play): the player will raid the warehouse, eliminate the heavily-armed cartel members, secure the stash and free the hostages. I'm aiming to have a short but sweet campaign that could be done in 10-30 min playtime without being taxing on players' time.
    I wanted a small side project to work on and release soon in case the main project grew in size like the previous one; and since I haven't played CS or worked on CS projects in over 3 years, recreating one of the pillars and most iconic maps of CS was the perfect fit. The "warehouse 72" in the title is a nod the GoldSrc version of assault.
    The screenshots are early WIP and the result of roughly 7 hours of work (main screen from the CSGO version is included for comparison purpose):
    CSGO screenshot

    WIP screenshots

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    slavikov4 reacted to will2k in ASSAULT ON WAREHOUSE 72: A tribute to the iconic cs_assault [Dying Light WIP]   
    Sharing a little update as things are starting to shape up
    I also added an assortment of grenades to the player's arsenal (smoke, explosive/shrapnel, and custom flashbang) to be as close as possible to Counter-Strike.

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    slavikov4 reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Played around a bit more with the proportions. Does it feel better now ? 

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    slavikov4 reacted to Squidski in de_gongji assets   
    Hey all, since we didn't get top 10 in the contest, probably gonna call it quits for this map for now. So we're gonna release all the assets.
    I've included a txt file with this stuff, however in short:
    1. Use these assets at your own risk (some are bad and were made early on when I/we were still learning)
    2. When using, give credit to the de_gongji team
    3. Please don't use this stuff for commercial purposes. If you would like to, then contact me directly.
    I hope you guys can make some cool stuff!

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    slavikov4 reacted to Thewhaleman in Chlorine   
    Early concepts for Chlorine for those who are interested.

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    slavikov4 reacted to OrnateBaboon in [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark   
    I have resumed working on this. No new art has went in yet, just been fixing and improving things. for now I have only got the essential stuff in since the eventual 3d sky will be doing a lot of the work, so it might get a bit messy in here.

    The 3d sky will be closer to the main map - more like rocks and trees as seen in Life Is Strange. I used untors de_waterfall 3d sky that he released a while back, and scaled it up. Is not precisely what we want, but is a good  example of the kind of thing  we will be going for. 

    Could not fit all the stuff in one post - exceeded the limit. Tried to add more images. For those who played the map before, this is what has been updated.
    Reduced the footprint of the map overall, which previously made the map feel "too big".
    The sites were flipped on the radar. They are now represented correctly.
    A full clipping pass has been added to improve player movement, and stop any exploits.
    Trimmed a lot of the roof detail.

    The playable area has been better defined. Previously, new players felt overwhealmed by not knowing what parts of the map were accessible. This is now better communicated by the addition of solid fences to make this clearer.
    All interiors are now visually simpler. This has been achieved by blocking off eye candy windows with glass, and closing any doors that were previously ajar.
    All interiors have had a layout rework to improve movement.
    A redundant path has been removed (the yellow double trailers with two windows overlooking the site).
    Illuminated lamps on the outside of trailers have been removed - some players thought they suggested that doors could be entered.
    Middle Area

    The gate entrance to the compound has been closed to better "section" the map, and to make the middle area a more attractive option for both teams.
    The CT entrance to mid has been reworked.
    The porches on the trailers have been simplified in main combat area for better player readability/pathing - they are now solid "walls".
    The warehouse has been extended for better player navigation, and cleaner angles.
    Walls have been added around the water tower to make sightlines cleaner.
    Better cover for the approach to the B site.
    A Site

    Fully opened the blue door near the vent to make access to the site easier.
    Widened and simplified the path in the blue trailer to the site.
    Altered sitelines from the vent to the site (can no longer cover the site from the vent)
    Closed the small room at the back of the site - it was deemed too powerful a post-plant spot.
    Blocked-off the underside of the trailer leading to heaven, and removed the ladder.
    Blocked-off the small hut on the pink trailer.
    Raised the roof on "heaven" so that players no longer bang their heads on the ceiling when jumping off the platform.
    Reduced site radius to make defusing the bomb more likely.
    Reworked cover.
    B site

    Cover is cleaner, and there is now a safe plant spot.
    Site radius reduced and made simpler.
    Both T entrances from mid to the site have been reworked.

    Replaced windmill with a trailer.
    Adjusted the placement of the RV near the swimming pool for better cover.
    Removed wooden roofover near pool, and replaced it with two trailers.
    Reworked the path into the vent and breakable window area.
    General visual improvements.
    Added a van for improved cover.

    It is now easier to jump from the bin, into the vent.
    Lengthened the room before the vent.
    Made vent "tunnel" narrower, so it is quicker to enter and exit.
    Reworked the interior of the trailer path to the vent.
    Storm drain/sewers

    Changed textures, and basic clean up.
    Widened entrance from T spawn to make the path feel more like a "main" route.
    Made the eit to the site a banana shape for better timing.
    Terrorist Spawn

    Added geometry behind and to the side of the spawn points to improve the visuals and readability.
    Replaced the compound walls with wooden fences.
    Made the immediate entrance to "middle" wider, and visually more appropriate.

    Improved rock placement in eye candy area.
    Cliff Edge

    Reworked the entrance to the sewer so that it is more of a "banana" shape
    Window Area

    Clean up of geometry so it is less busy generally.
    Warehouse platform

    Added trailers behind plyer for improved visibility and cleaner detail.

    Fixed broken spawns.
    New spawns added to areas devoid of them.
    Removed a lot of the drains on the floor
    Fixed lots of shadow bugs.
    Improvements in the eye candy interiors.
    Lighting improvements.
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    slavikov4 reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Working on a new environment 

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    slavikov4 reacted to Quotingmc in cs_ivory   
    I am happy to announce Ivory now has a publicly available release candidate which can be downloaded from the workshop:
    We will continue to make final adjustments in the coming days; good luck to everyone submitting an entry to the contest!
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