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  1. 5 hours ago, text_fish said:

    Thanks T-Rexer.

    For those who had the first same question as me: 20608 x 20608

    It appears optimisation mostly comes down to a shit load of horizontal hint brushes?

    Unsurprisingly, in game the environment is a lot less detailed (at least on the small scale) than other recent maps such as Dust2 and Nuke. A lot of the interiors are CS:S quality.

    battleroyale quality 

  2. 14 hours ago, spa said:

    Yeah I didnt patch the level with player clips for this stage, I assumed ppl would stay on the player area. Lesson learned :v

    Oh and if anyone knows how to make a proper water plane that goes into the horizon i definitely could use some help.

    about scale of the buildings, those buildings must be in 3d skybox

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