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  1. Congratulations to all those elected to this operation, a very special "hug goal" for my friends Gus Squad and Catfood two bigger artists and two good guys
  2. Max (von A)

    [CS:GO] DE_Resort

    Is a great map, congratulation Rzl!
  3. Max (von A)


    Each side has 16 spawns Genial! then tomorrow I go up to my server, if you want to go out there, put it and tried it with full server. A player yesterday asked me to add your map to the server This is the ip http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ComunidadUpC ( UpC eLite #1 [Público] )
  4. Max (von A)


    I'm going up to my server, I hope you have more than 25 slots
  5. Max (von A)


    Like this being very cute. All you had to say with the first picture was not ubiques the bombsite so close to each other, because it assumes that when terrorists planted in A and CT are covering all B, should take them time to get to A. When a bombsite this side by side, the ct takes 5 seconds to reach tue other bombsite... and fun ends Good work friend, you follow inspired! Now I want to play through the streets of Lithuania
  6. Max (von A)

    [CS:GO] Shipped

    Hi Catfood ! As I told you before, like this being very nice , I'm susctipto the map to receive all updates. Reminds them of many slots to upload it to my public server. Best regards
  7. A big disappointment what happened with the professional gamers with the using Cheats case, and repeatedly preliminary agreement on sport betting . It is not a disappointment to me because never really interested me the proffesional gaming world, but for guys who have their idols on different computers, if it is.
  8. My last was a Razer mouse DeathAddler 2013 and soon (about 2 months) began to have those judgments, of a time issue stop signal. The solution was simple, call the store that sold it to me and they referred me Razer representative because the product had 2 year warranty. I changed it equally gold works smoothly so far. Me too I refused to accept that Razer could make a product failed, but it seems that it was. Try a USB 3.0 port Best regards
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