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  1. As I said in my previous post. You can run around like you normally would in HEV suit using WSAD or noclip throu level
  2. You can fire up the editor in non-vr mode. This allows you to walk around the map with WSAD.
  3. - Would be great for hammer to loose focus on a textbox after you wrote entity name so we don't accidentally press 'T' for transform and seeing obsolete icon. - Omni light should have its own 3d model. Right now it looks like a light_spot - And as for light_spot 3d model. The arrow pointing in the direction of light_spot is cool and all but everytime i mistake it for being a transform gizmo arrow
  4. Features I would like to see: - Copy transform matrix shortcut - Replace feature. You press ctrl+r and asset browser pops up and you can replace current selection with something from asset browser. - Different 3d mesh for omni light
  5. Yeah I'm aware there was no loose gorrila somewhere and I wasn't simply paying much attention What I tried to say is that I think I missed everything that hinted on next "big boss battle" Shawn wrote his post about.
  6. Didn't pay much attention to the zoo itself I think because I dont remember gorilla on the loose. If that's true then that is indeed sad that they killed a cool story momentum there with such a puzzle.
  7. I wont agree on this one. For me the puzzle was constructed in a way that guided you directly to "last step". You go in and you use your tool to switch cables inside the wall and this lamp turns on near green cable. For me a breadcrumb like this was enough to follow green cable that was on the ceiling. The whole corner was dark so that the lights from the xen thingy highlighted your goal. Also I don't see why would you call this room a failure. The mix of environments there kinda makes a lot of sense.
  8. You guys talking about the greyish / blueish environment full with antlions?
  9. Will add that Magnar checks the maps before merging One time he didn't and they uploaded wrong version of Abbey funny times.
  10. Do you see where you have pivot?
  11. Maybe because you always put pivot point off grid. I never had any issues with connecting geo from instance.
  12. They are collapsed on compile so they basicly acts like a normal geo
  13. I never seen a community map with >4 minute queue time. Either you got in game after server outage or you got connected to some weird server cluster.
  14. You want to disable mat_fullbright there. You either have no lighting on the map or you have a leak. This will help with the shapes of the walls.
  15. Read is as "You really want to make a good quality map that plays well" Case closed.
  16. Of course I can. - Biome and Sub-zero added on 9.10.2018 - Season and Abbey added on 24.01.2019 - Workout and Ruby added on 25.04.2019 - Seaside and Breach added on 31.07.2019 - Jungle and Studio added on 18.11.2019 - Anubis and Chlorine added on 1.04.2020 Majority maps added by valve were not a part of mapcore contest. And even if they were. Its obvious they have the highest quality out there so it is a good decision to add them.
  17. Hi guys I have pushed an update today. - Boosted up ambient lighting to make map brighter - Toned down red color on environment light - Added wooden plank on CT mid main to make players more visible - Added light source on route to A from CT spawn to make this area brighter - Updated radar image with new colors
  18. Oh... I used the laugh emoticon because of this sentence "And where is the pro players who actually knows a thing or two about how a map should be built?" just found it funny and I'm sorry if it hurt your feeling. Also if you would be that kind to use your GREAT experience as a 1.3 player and point out some problems on my map? I always strive to make my maps better.
  19. Try using instances
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