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  1. I really dont like how it copies swat4 in everything i have seen to this day. UI - commands - utilities - even some of the mechanics. I get that the whole idea was to create successor but having 2005 UX ideas in 2021 game is kinda meh...
  2. Got a small heart attack when I saw your post lol
  3. Super happy to be included along so many mapcorians
  4. It does you just need to trigger the check. It didn't scrap the database to give them right away i think.
  5. Better lighting is the only thing that can up the quality here. Really shows you how strong art style of tf2 is. I don't agree that the materials looks dated. Thats the art direction of tf2 and there is nothing you can do to make them "current gen" without loosing their soul.
  6. Lizard


    Hello everyone! Hope you like honey! Because our new wingman map, Hive, has just gone live on the workshop. Set in a fictional research facility, the map pits teams in a fight over a new kind of bees that are said to produce the sweetest honey in the world. This has been a month long collaboration between me, @celery and @jakuza. We are happy with current quality of the map but there are still few things that we are trying to improve on. Some of the areas still need some smaller details, alpha sorting issues with glass brushes, lighting in some of the areas could be brighter. We are confident that those issues should be fixed in 2 weeks. Here are few screenshots from the map and I'm sure celery and jakuza will post some of their work from this project. Hope you guys like it! Workshop link Overview Bombsite T Spawn A Long Atrium Offices
  7. Will let you know if thats indeed the case
  8. This looks awesome! Reminds me of source2 tile editor
  9. What does the "ERPing" mean ?
  10. ARK, Conan exiles, Insurgency, Squad and few others I bet
  11. I bet there is something more coming really soon
  12. So like... Original in csgo universe? Also That is not something to be proud of imho.
  13. Lizard


    Motel is my plan to induce small nostalgia trip for some players. I talked with Soctom if he was ok with us using his old map as a base for our location and he said 'sure'. The challenge here was to take a map that was made in 2013 and somehow recreate entire thing with present quality standards while also maintaining detail level of a DZ map. I knew there needs to be some trade offs when it comes to quality as well as geometry itself. I didn't want to take the original and put it in our map so I had to pick only few of the key elements and make them do the heavy lifting. Thanks!
  14. Lizard


    Thank you guys! I'm really happy that people like our map at least from the screenshots
  15. Lizard


    Thanks Shawn! You are right with the skybox. I guess it went under our radars. Its been blank for a very long time now and it didn't cross my mind to actually do anything with it Will definitly look into this. Thanks once again.
  16. Lizard


    RELEASE Happy to announce that we just released County! This took us a while but we are super happy with the final results. Map is now ready to be played and enjoyed by others players. If you have any feedback, hit us here or in our DM's. Thanks to everyone who helped us trying to workout danger zone game mode and to everyone who provided us with their feedback! Workshop link Thanks!
  17. Why does this guy has his eyes somewhere around his nipples?
  18. Maybe the original resolution of the texture is small? Or the brush has the texture scaled up. Could be few things to be honest. I would start with brush texture scale since the other textures looks ok.
  19. Yeah I think there is some audio voodoo in his video. He talked about this track that plays when you are on the bridge on your way to nova prospect and how the low bit rate or some shit is adding to the eerie feeling of the environment. I bet someone at valve selected wrong preset when exporting audio I talked with @Radu about this video today and I had the same feeling. Some parts seems a bit stretched for sure but... I think its the same way for all the level design gurus on twitter where they draw some lines on the screenshots screaming " LEADING LINES". Maybe the original creator didn't put this there intentionally but if you feel like this red cable pushed you into right direction then thats cool. I think its the same way with audio and music. Sure some parts are crafted exactly to invoke some emotions but sometimes it is just a happy accident.
  20. Totally agree with you. I dont think anyone who knows how much work and effort went into this game will call out devs for the undercooked product we got. But people who dont know or just dont care about the devs on the other hand will say some stupid and hurtful shit. Thats why I think its in the company interest to explain why the game runs like this to kinda educate those who have zero idea. Typical customer that will buy the game have zero idea how much money, effort, time and love goes into this he just want a working product especially when it was advertised as one. Bad call from the higher ups for sure...
  21. Lol why would I? I'm just trying to say that you got winded up by really reasonable comment in all that shitstorm. Do you believe that a "Game runs suprisingly well on old generation consoles" comment was made by someone actively developing the game and not some marketing guy/ c- level person? If a company advertised the game for older consoles the consumer have a full right to point out the game runs horribly on old generation consoles, am I wrong here?
  22. I will reiterate if you have problems understanding what I wrote. - You called the guy entitled whiner - Your explanation was that it was not devs devision to put the game on ps4 but higher ups and they should be blamed for it not devs - The problem is that the original comment wasn't directed to devs directly. That was your (imho wrong) assumption Dunno man. Company as a whole? Marketing team?
  23. Well you said that it was probably suits that called for it to be on ps4 and you got irritated buy this guys comment on how they did not address how horribly the game runs on ps4 because he sounds entitled. How? He didn't say this directly to the devs.
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