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  1. Right off the top of my head I will say that it appears to be no logical reason why Ts would push past B to go to A.
  2. Latest version of Gambit is on the workshop - looking for some feedback on the changes to mid!


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    ​Don't forget Developer 0 !
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    removed post
  5. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    Well, I had a super productive day today - wanted to get some great feedback changes. Basically, middle has been re-worked substantially - it's quite a lot better now, as the pathing is more clear and the choke point is much more defined
  6. shm0


    Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510201613
  7. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    ​Hey man! That's some great feedback! Really appreciate you taking the time to do so Some of these issues I'm aware of and I'm brainstorming some solutions, i.e. the "jumping" up stuff I'm working on right now. A good amount of the stuff you called out is good food for thought, I appreciate it greatly! I'm trying to make areas flow a bit more clearly and reduce the amount of randominess in some areas too - this means re-structuring some paths and such. I should have an update next weekend and don't be surprised to see some of this feedback incorporated EDIT: Love the stick man drawings in the last image Thanks again!
  8. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    Another weekend another series of improvements to the map. Thanks to some great feedback and testing the map layout has been improved drastically, especially in middle and the CT side of the map for rotations to bombsites.
  9. shm0

    [CS:GO] Rails

    Congrats dude on making it into the latest Operation! Good work!!!
  10. info here: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx?AReq=8157BR&siteID=5290&lanID=1033 ------------------------- Level Designer Ubisoft is a world leader in the entertainment industry, with a variety of hit brands including Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, and Far Cry. To build on its achievements and share its future successes, Ubisoft is looking for great talent to join its new Toronto development studio. The studio is located in West Toronto in the unique and growing trendy area known as “The Junction”. We favor diversity, creativity and the desire to succeed as a team. If you’ve got the skills and drive, you’ll have the opportunity to help build the best video game studio in Toronto. The opportunities to learn and progress are endless. There’s a real buzz about the place; if you’re looking for a stimulating and cool work environment that fosters a balance between personal and professional lives, you’ll find it here at Ubisoft Toronto. Summary: The incumbent will create the game levels and create and/or implement the gameplay situations based on the creative vision. Type of Position: Permanent Responsibilities: The main and routine functions of the Level Designer are to: Understand the part that his/her level plays in the overall game experience based on the creative director’s vision;Be familiar with the script and, more specifically, with the episodes in his/her level so that the story remains coherent; Prototype the environment, establish the layouts, and suggest ways of using the interactive and non-interactive elements to create the desired emotions; Communicate the results of the prototype to the other crafts in order to validate the intentions and have the level design TD assess the technical feasibility and the quality of the maps (game design director);Work in collaboration with the level artists to ensure that the playability of the level and the graphic elements support each other; As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced in the map (new gameplay, AI, sound, etc.);Control the accessibility, understanding, and level of difficulty of the level; Correct the level design bugs entered into the database by testers;Carry out all other related tasks. Training: Attestation of collegial studies in video game level design and production or equivalent. Relevant Experience: Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in video game level design and production or any other relevant experience. Other Skills: Ability to work well as part of a team;Creativity, ability to challenge the player;Critical and analytical sense;Structure and rigour;Ability to put oneself in the player’s shoes.
  11. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    Quick update: -Decided to cut the newly added ladder to underground in T middle - simply was too much. -Added a fence near A approach to T to help slow CT flank rotation and discourage CTs from pushing out of the choke point (working solution)
  12. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    Where I know problems still remain and I'm brainstorming solutions: - Reduce CTs ability to flank Ts and rotate around T side of the map - discourage pushing past choke points and flanking while maintaining high risk high reward setups. - T side of map - Pathing needs to be improved and more linearised and defined - I want to have only 3 paths present from T spawn. (leading idea currently is to add a long blocked vision fence to make a much longer rotation route for CTs to flank coming from A) - I'm thinking I'm going to move the ladder entrance for tunnels from T middle to be actually inside mid - so Ts cannot access it unless they get into mid - it would also connect directly to the underground choke point and serve as a flank and rotation for both teams. - Improve spacing and pathing on the direct B route from T spawn. I'm looking for any other feedback on these ideas, or problem areas! Thanks again everyone
  13. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    Hey all, After getting some good feedback and working through the flow of some areas, I've made some major improvements to the layout. Improvments: Reworked CT spawn area and improved middle for both CT and T.Re-located CT spawn - pathing to sites much more clear now and CTs cannot push into middle as far as previously.Added proper site rotation paths through newly re-located CT spawn.Re-added the Tower from the original map.Simplified A site.Added sniper catwalk for CT at the back of mid.Improved T middle in various ways. Really happy with these changes.. I know some areas still feel a little weird, but I think the map is drastically better laid out now, especially CT middle and B area. Cheers!
  14. shm0

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    Thanks for taking the time to take a look and give me some feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm just on my way to work now so I'll think about some of the stuff you called out on my walk
  15. Ya, this was barely a 1st lighting pass - probably not many cubemaps placed either. I wanted to do a night map, but not sure how that will work for competitive. Plus sacrificing a lot of light play with the global ray cast is a shame... so it will likely be a somewhat daytime map. Lighting and layouts were some fundamental problems with the map which I've fixed when I started from scratch (which is now ) de_acceleration does it quite well, have a look at that as a base maybe? Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out
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