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    Recki reacted to text_fish in Mapcore June 1 Announcement   
    I'm just posting in here to troll the other people who keep checking back every ten minutes in to thinking there might be some exciting new info.
    Sorry. See you in ten minutes.
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    Recki got a reaction from Squad in de_zoo   
    I took my little giraffe for a walk today and me and Exodus got the ball stuck in the air

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    Recki reacted to DooM in [CS:GO] de_orion   
    Just some feedback:
    Map looks promising, good luck mapping!
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    Recki got a reaction from FMPONE in de_zoo   
    I took my little giraffe for a walk today and me and Exodus got the ball stuck in the air

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    Recki got a reaction from Mark C. in de_zoo   
    I took my little giraffe for a walk today and me and Exodus got the ball stuck in the air

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    Recki got a reaction from catfood in [cs:go] de_log   
    As this thread is already revived, I just want to give my short feedback aswell:
    I just played this map in matchmaking and enjoyed every second of it! The map looks so pretty and you can play it really good, as T and CT. It didn't feel like it was one-sided at all and I think everyone, atleast on my team, enjoyed the atmosphere and the gameplay.
    Congratulations on getting into the operation!
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    Recki got a reaction from El_Exodus in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
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    Recki reacted to 2d-chris in [cs:go] de_log   
    Did the Captain play this map yet? 
    Jokes aside, looks good, wood it play well in a clan game? Definitely cutting edge, right enough phuns, bark to work. You tree what I did there?
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    Recki reacted to Vaya in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Valve is waiting for me to finish my map. sorry guys.
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    Recki reacted to jackophant in [CS:GO] de_dune   
    I think we could have had benny hill's, yakety sax playing all through the playtest with the number of routes. Ts chasing CTs this way, CTs chasing Ts that way. The number of times I was shot in the back was pretty annoying.
    Another thing, some of the walls you use are too thin. This means that they thin enough to be shot through despite being a brick/concrete texture, and guns and body parts clip through the wall making it even easier to shoot through said surfaces.
    reiterating what vaya said, bombsite A's escher-esque build was not very conducive to the flow of the map.
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    Recki got a reaction from DooM in MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0   
    ​People do notice, that's what the playtest is for  First thing people do at a playtest is trying to boost/get on a roof. Atleast thats what it looks like whenever I am there
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    Recki reacted to 'RZL in MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0   
    Playtest Schedule
    PSA: I won't post any playtest schedules anymore like I used to. Everything can now be found on the Google spreadsheet right here:
    Color Legend: 
    Grey: Old submissions Green: Accepted Submissions Yellow: Accepted submissions, which fulfill all basic conditions, however "Status 1" and/or "Status 2" have optional requests for changes for the playtest.  Red: Invalid submissions, which are not fulfilling all basic conditions, "Status 1" and/or "Status 2" show what conditions aren't met. The submitter still has the chance meet the conditions, the submission is invalid until then. Black: Denied submissions. The map is not ready for playtesting and/or does not need to be playtested on MapCore. "Status 1" and/or "Status 2" show more details. White: Open submissions, considered as valid until inspection. Spot in the schedule can be considered as reserved. Let me know if you got some feedback about this change. Cheers!
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    Recki reacted to Vaya in [CS:GO] de_dune   
    You need to lock players into a limited number of routes. During the playtest it was very easy to get onto the rooftops and destroy any pathing/chokes you had designed. I think of all the 40 rounds we played (we played the map twice) only a couple times I met people at ground level. use clips and player clips to stop players reaching unintended spaces (they are basically invisible brushes that create invisible walls. A site is weird. I mean...REALLY weird. I would remove the lowest elevation and the 1 million stairs. Rebuild the site as some more simple to begin with. The ground level of the map (when it was used) seemed very tight and busy in places. Widen the main playing areas and raise the ceilings. theres a custom texture thats incorrectly packed. it was black in the playtest I think if you review the map in concern to the first 3 points it will improve it a lot. A good place to start.
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    Recki reacted to r1ar in What do you think about the new look?   
    Got error, randomly.

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    Recki reacted to Pampers in [CSGO] de_innsbrook   
    alright boys, lets fake short stair, flame alley, do a snake into upper tunnel before rotating to shed where we do a boost stack with deagles
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    Recki got a reaction from El_Exodus in [CS:GO] de_sirius   
    Looks great buddy!
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