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  1. Recki

    [RELEASED] - Studio

    Haven't had time to check it out ingame yet but just from the screenshots it looks amazing
  2. Recki


    Looks very interesting! Looking forward to more updates in the future
  3. Seeing this trailer, I got really hyped up, especially about the part that you can play in all era's, but knowing its EA... the game will not fulfil my dreams
  4. I have an oral exam tomorrow to finish my apprenticeship as a freightforwarder. All my written exams went pretty well and this is the last step tomorrow. I can't concentrate on learning right now though, that's a big problem I have the feeling I have forgotten everything I have ever learned :/
  5. I got tired and bored after a few games yesterday. I tried nearly every hero I believe and after some time, nothing worked anymore I got no kills and everything I tried failed But I can't wait to play again today
  6. Welcome :) I think there is no better place you can find if you are searching for feedback :P
  7. Why would you be surprised though? EA is just milkin' the cashcow Battlefield right now. Haven't enjoyed any of the latest Battlefields sadly.
  8. Looks very good! I like the garden
  9. Recki

    [CS:GO] de_sirius

    Wow, looks amazing!
  10. Bought my first motorcycle today :o


    1. blackdog


      Yay! Good work! I did look at the Yamaha as well when I was buying.

  11. Hello everyone, I am currently planning a short vacation to visit this years ESL One Cologne. The event will be on the 22nd and 23rd of August, a weekend this summer. It will be in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne with over 10.000 seats and I am really looking forward to visit a CS:GO Major. When you watch the streams, it always looks so great, interesting and with a fabulous atmosphere. I want to experience this myself atleast once and I think Cologne is the best chance for me to do so, as I live in Germany. Here is the official website for more information: http://www.esl-one.com/csgo/cologne-2015/ Is anyone else planning to go there? Maybe we can organize a meetup? I personally plan to go to Cologne on the friday before the event, sleep in a hotel and leave on monday. Have a nice day, Recki Edit: Sorry, is this in the wrong section?
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