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    Squeebo reacted to Filipe Goncalves in [UE4] Station C3 - Sci-fi Environment (WIP)   
    Last update for today (in UE4)

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    Squeebo reacted to Nakroma in de_colosseum [WIP]   
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    Squeebo reacted to 2d-chris in Making of CTF-LostTomb (UT4) with commentary   
    Sup guys, I've been working on a new level for an experimental game mode in the Unreal Tournament alpha, only this time I decided to record myself working on it, I've produced a commentary style video of it's development, every session was fully captured, so you can make fun of all my mistakes  It's sped up 5x, because in the end it was about 30 hours of work, I feel that speed works quite well so you can somewhat understand what is going on with the addition of commentary. So far I've added commentary for 5 parts, I'll crack on with the other parts very soon and link them in this post. 
    I've only seen a few level designers doing something like this, @Castle produced some cool time-lapse style videos, I've seen plenty of artists producing similar videos, but rarely something focused on design, so this is a bit of new territory, at least for me. Hope this is useful for aspiring level designers out there!
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Any comments on the format, or questions I'll be more than happy to answer. Sharing is caring! 
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    Squeebo reacted to Andre Valera in Japanese Themed Map [CS:GO]   
    Getting in the rhythm of things, feeling good about the recent progress of Kaizen
    Next preview will include a few changes that take parts of the map out of the repetitive city theme into a rural setting!
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    Squeebo reacted to FX in Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Discussion   
    So when will the live Twitch stream air?  Anyone know?
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    Squeebo reacted to HurracioDurrski in Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Phase 1 Submissions   
    Name: Petr Švenda
    Nickname: Hurracio Durrski
    Map Name: DM-Forgotten
    Map Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/17s40ih7ky2uccm/DM-Forgotten_v0-1-WindowsNoEditor.pak?dl=0
    “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).”
    Hey, managed to make working map over the weekend on last moment so here it is
    gameplay test:

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    Squeebo reacted to insomnaut in Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Phase 1 Submissions   
    I've joined the party really late (too late :p) and started working on a map only a couple of days ago. If I can borrow a week from Phase 2, it would be great. My shell is no more than 60% complete. If that disqualifies my submission, then it's ok Knowing I'm still in the game, would keep me more focused and motivated.
    Hubert Świtek insomnaut DM-Pendragon https://ut.rushbase.net/insomnaut/DM-Pendragon/DM-Pendragon_0029-WindowsNoEditor.pak I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ). Good luck and have fun to everyone! Cheers! =]

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    Squeebo reacted to Vudori in Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Phase 1 Submissions   
    Full Name: Tim Baijens Nickname: Vudori Map Name: DM-Abyss Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tqwbvyj4n8ad3e2/AADbqKtkeM6vOXolT0P3XbYOa?dl=0 I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).
    Hi! my WIP level is still a bit rough. Sadly I had little time the past month, had to work on this in between my exams and a project deadline. Luckily that's behind me now and I've finally got a holiday to work more on this!

    Thanks for this Epic & Mapcore, really love these contests. Hopefully you'll enjoy the map, I'm not happy with the flow in certain areas yet - but I've got some good ideas how to fix it. I'll appreciate any feedback I can get of course.
    Note: it's been packaging for 6 hours already..  I've uploaded the content files for now. I'm not seeing anything on submission requirements and others have done this as well so I assume this is fine...

    Edit: and once its done cooking, I'll add the packaged level to the dropbox folder (done).
    Edit2: Disclaimer added

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    Squeebo got a reaction from Terri in Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Phase 1 Submissions   
    Full name: Carsten Booth
    Nick name: Squeebo
    Map name: DM-Chasm
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw0uQ365Jjm3fjZEOHd3dFFYbWVmT1Z5SzRfSklqZzRaajRMZFNKOFkwT3NPRzJleVY4cGM
    I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).

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    Squeebo reacted to 2d-chris in A Guide for UT Mapping with UE4   
    We've made it easier than ever to access the development tools for Unreal Tournament, in this guide I will share instructions, and some handy links for anyone who would like to build a level for the contest.
    Downloading the game and editor
    Follow THIS link and click "Download UT for Free" (yes, it's free!) Sign in with your account or make one With the launcher open, you should see Unreal Tournament up the top, click on this Download the game (play) and editor (create)
    Epic Games Launcher
    The next step - Getting to know the game
    Even if you are a Unreal veteran, before starting a level, it's wise to play the game for a bit to get a feel for it. Every Unreal Tournament game has it's unique feel, scale and pacing, and UT4 is no different. It is also a good idea to take a close look at the official levels, some have been finished, some are what we call "Shells", these are a great example of proving out a levels gameplay before investing time and effort with art,
    Zaccabus has put together some wonderful guides, everything from basic movement to advanced weapon tips, this will be extremely useful for getting up to speed on what UT4 is all about. Click THIS to go to his YouTube channel.
    Basics of the Editor
    Unreal Editor has been widely documented, this should make it quite easy to find specific information you require, but I will provide some handy links for getting up to speed.
    Epic's Map Making Tutorial - Good place to start.
    Sid (Veteran UT level designer) demonstrating the editor - Tips from a pro.
    Unreal Engine Tutorial Playlist - Everything but the kitchen sink (most of this is valid to some degree for UT4).
    Jim Brown (Senior Designer) demonstrates the editor - Good summery of the editors core functionality.
    What is Team Showdown Mode?
    Epic was kind enough to provide us with a detailed guide on everything related to mapping for the Team Showdown mode. You can download the PDF version or the Word version.
    Additionally, Nato just posted a guide and discussion over at the official forums, check it out HERE
    How do you test your map in the game?
    We've made it easy to test and share your maps in the actual game, although you can play in the editor, it's always advisable to play it in the real game, we support BOT play which is incredibly useful in the early days of developing a level. Sharing a level will package all custom assets into a single file, making it easy to share with others.
    To add bot support for your level, simply add a "NavMeshBoundsVolume" around your entire level, when you hit build it will make the paths for you Once your level has been Built, you need to do the following to play in the game Click "Share", then "Share this level", in the bottom right of your editor you should see a message telling you the script is running, this can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minuets depending on the complexity of your level.  Once packaged, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to share, before doing this make a note of where the file is being saved, click "Open window to packaged Content Directory, then click no From the Epic Games Launcher, play the game, your map should show up in the list if you make Custom game. If it doesn't show up, you might need to revisit the "world settings" and make sure the game mode is set-up correctly.
    Share button location

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    Squeebo reacted to Radu in de_decay (WIP)   
    I don't know if anybody has told you this, but I really can't tell where this level is set in. I'd say Italy because of the skybox, but the environment is one giant mess; absolutely no consistency. I understand some of the textures and models are place holders and I hope you don't take this too hard, but I recommend you redo the art pass from scratch. Research the respective architecture and focus on giving your spaces a purpose. Though, that's more easily done during the early stages of designing your layout; later on it's more difficult, but not hopeless. Once you've decided on the location and architecture, create a prop palette of 20-30 props that make sense and stick to them. I normally split the art pass into two stages. During the first one, I give the environment a basic shape using as few brushes possible to which I add a couple models to detail it. I only bother with textures and small details during the second stage. If it doesn't look right without textures and small details, it still won't look once you add them. This is something you master in time, though it should be one the first things for new mappers to learn.
    I also recommend you watch this entire talk, but if you want to see the part that's relevant for you atm go to 14:40
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    Squeebo reacted to Motanum in [WIP] de_pharaoh   
    Hello guys. I don't know how I dint come to know this site early on. I had intended to post my work in progress here for more feedback. I am doing all of the work, modeling, texturing, lighting, etc. The only thing I got help with was the park logos and posters for the ad walls.
    I am working on de_pharaoh a CSGO bomb/defuse map. It takes place on a theme park section, where construction is almost finished on the new inverted roller coaster Pharaoh's Curse. Terrorist are no fun, so they want to blow up the coaster's train station, or the coaster's power generator.  I started working on this project since early January. I wanted to do a map for CSGO for some time, and then suddenly it hit me that I could try to make a roller coaster themed map as I was looking forward to the theme park games coming out as well as doing some modding for Parkitect already. I have a detailed blog post of the changes every week which I'd like to share out.
    The idea of the map is that it's near completion but still not open for the public, just the final installations are being done. Bombsite A is the train station where a car is being installed, and bombsite B is a power generation for the coaster. The lift section as well as part of the ride goes through the middle of the map. Use that to align nades and to always know where you are in the map. It's sunny bright, with yellow tones similar to dust 2, but with a cartoony feeling in the "public" areas. I haven't worked on the call outs, but a lot of the zones have very natural names such as "exit, maintenance, lower fast pass, queue, entry, gift, etc"
    My current worry is the gift area, as enemy identification is still tough to balance out, lots of shadows and pockets which make it difficult to identify enemies. And I have to work more on the lighting of the queue area, as well as the detailing there as I feel is too similar. If you guys have ideas and suggestions, I am very opened to it.
    I recently released update 4 on the workshop, which I hope you guys will enjoy and let me know what you think out. Progress happens every week, and I try to publish a new update every month or month and a half due to the new long compile times. 

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    Squeebo reacted to VIOLATION in [WIP] de_monaco   
    A defuse map set within the beautiful city-state of Monaco, set during the preparations/day of the Monaco Grand Prix.
    This map is heavily WIP and started from a multitude of scratched ideas, settings, and "layouts". As of this initial post there is no true layout (something desperately struggling with) and the map itself began out of a small theme map.
    As of now there is limited custom texture/model work and there are some borrowed assets (hopefully just as placeholders) from Marquis. 

    General overview so far:

    Currently I am in a sort of limbo when it comes to expanding the layout and coming up with bombsite concepts/layouts as well and not much has been done recently besides a few scrapped attempts to work on the layout and general detailing. Hopefully it'll get somewhere eventually though, but only after an immense amount of testing I'm sure.
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    Squeebo reacted to karnivool in CS:GO De_oldalley (wip)   
    So I started this map years ago. Was originaly a CSS map then i revamped it for GO that was 3 years ago and i never finished it.
    Ive decided to get back into mapping. Finishing this map seems to be a good way to relearn everything ive forgotten.
    the overlay is old trying to remember how to do them again.

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    Squeebo reacted to shrey in [Very WIP]de_Chelan   
    Duplicated the vmf for the blue corrugated, changed the color value to match the green of the green concrete.
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    Squeebo reacted to KevstaR in [Very WIP]de_Chelan   
    You can build a new shader for the new nuke metals in mere seconds and make it any color you desire.  You should probably do this to use a custom env map anyways.
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    Squeebo reacted to jakuza in de_royal (previously de_street)   
    album: http://imgur.com/a/ykbiR
    Workshop link: de_royal
    Thanks and good luck!
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    Squeebo reacted to jackophant in [WIP] de_mical (formerly de_honeycomb)   
    Have you compared these times to official maps?
    First thing that screams at me is that the CT rotation time through CT spawn would be 8-9s PLUS 9-10s leaving us with 17-19s rotation time. For MM that's half the bomb timer gone pretty much, and for proper competitive around 15s to clear the site and defuse the bomb.
    Some of those T times are aggravatingly long. I can't check right now, but the B rush on D2 is about 8-10s for reference.
    A looks to have about 5 entrances into it which makes it exceptionally hard to hold, and B has 6! I realise some of those are splits from other routes, but generally if you can't smoke it off with one smoke grenade, it's not one entrance.
    If you want the help, could I request you get a nice clear overview (you'll need it for the radar anyway ) of your current routes/paths that I can sketch over to suggest an improved layout?
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    Squeebo reacted to jackophant in [WIP] de_mical (formerly de_honeycomb)   
    Minor gripe with setting, why do the CTs have nerve gas? They're illegal and they wouldn't be really Terrorists if they're destroying it (with debatable consequences, but in an isolated facility?).
    What's the relevance of the honeycomb name?
    Layout needs to be simplified. Ts have almost 2 of the same route towards A so you can remove one. You have so many rooms and connectors it's hard to keep count.
    If something is inside, nodraw the roof so radar screenshots can see what's inside.
    You haven't sufficiently documented the map either. A few more screenshots would be nice to get a sense of scale that looks off from the overview.
    What are your timings like right now?
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    Squeebo got a reaction from Radu in [CS:GO] de_butterfly   
    Hey, long time no update, been trying to prepare my map for a playtest just recently. would be grateful for any feedback beforehand.

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    Squeebo reacted to Quotingmc in [CS:GO] de_butterfly   
    Looks really great! I love the unique theme and all the curves. If you need any custom signs or display boards made I would love to help. Just send me a message
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    Squeebo reacted to leplubodeslapin in The random model thread!   
    Another prop i made recently

    Low poly (with 478 tris)

    And at the end you get :

    I still need to work on the texture though (which is only a 512² btw, diffuse + spec, no normalmap)
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    Squeebo reacted to Logic in [CS:GO] de_butterfly   
    A few things came to mind just from watching the overview.
    CT's definitely has to be closer to the sites. looks like both teams will arrive at the same time, and that's no good. You might want to make the sight-line shorter in the hallway above CT spawn. Another entrance at T's side might improve long rotation-times from/to A site.
    The maps looks goof though and has some interesting architecture 
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    Squeebo got a reaction from RivFader in [CS:GO] de_butterfly   
    Hey, long time no update, been trying to prepare my map for a playtest just recently. would be grateful for any feedback beforehand.

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    Squeebo got a reaction from Badstomach in [CS:GO] de_butterfly   
    Hey, long time no update, been trying to prepare my map for a playtest just recently. would be grateful for any feedback beforehand.

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