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  1. Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a good year and the new year is even better.
  2. I got Transistor; think I'ma like it. Contemplating getting a few more things today...
  3. Squeebo


    Downloaded! Enjoying it, I love the simplicity. Fun times!
  4. Squeebo

    [CS:GO] cs_shichang

    Really looking forward to seeing this shape up, love the idea and references, layout's looking good. Would love to help playtest this!
  5. Squeebo


    Man I love the aesthetics on this map, the finished architecture looks fantastic, very cool style! Great to see it progressing.
  6. Could I get one of the playtest slots on 06.01.15? I'd like to test cs_market Dropbox Download
  7. Watched this just recently, really cool cinematography and landscapes, a really gorgeous film; I would recommend it 'The Fall' Watched Big Hero 6 recently as well, liked the environments of San Fransokyo, really good animation, would recommend that as well. 'Big Hero 6'
  8. I have waaaaaay too many unfinished things; though a lot of them have been lost to the void at this point Here's a few WiP shots of the first UT3 map I ever made(Never released it) Made it following some simple editor tutorials to start, just kept adding to it. There's a few more screenies of this and some more uncomplete stuff on my ModDB I think, if anyone cares to look, and I would post screenshots of a bunch of my CS:S maps that I made ages ago, but alas, they are lost. Hopefully I'll be finishing more things soon and releasing them too.
  9. Squeebo

    Random Photo Thread

    A photo I took while visiting the botanical gardens in Prague, pretty cool place
  10. Random floor tile textures, 1024x1024
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Carsten and I hail from Canada, I just recently stumbled upon this site and was very inspired by what I saw of the community, was excited to join up. I dabbled in mapmaking a long while ago for CS:S and Unreal Tournament 3, as well as many other games, but have just recently been getting back into it again; I've started making some maps for CS:GO, to be uploaded to the workshop, they are as of yet unreleased but I hope to playtest them with the community soon. (The first version of one of the CS:GO maps can be found on GameBanana: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/181202 as well as one of my old UT3 maps, if you're curious: http://ut3.gamebanana.com/maps/96936) I've also been trying to get into creating levels and environments for UE4, and basic game design. I hope that I can offer some decent feedback for other peoples works and receive some in return; I look forward to seeing what this creative community produces and I'm happy to be a part of it. Cheers!
  12. A CS:GO bomb diffuse map I've been working on; it takes place along a set of rooftops:
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