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  1. Might give this a try in a bit! Definitely great visuals, judging by the screenshots; will have to wait to comment on the gameplay.
  2. Squeebo

    [CS:GO] de_butterfly

    It was suggested I make a forum thread for this map even though it's very very early in development. This is the first iteration of the map, I really want to get the layout right before investing more time into it. I welcome any and all suggestions, feedback and ideas for the improvement of the level. Thanks for the playtest, guys. Cheers!
  3. Download link for de_butterfly Google Drive download Everything should be properly packed
  4. I would very much like to grab the second slot on Playtest 24.03.15 for de_butterfly
  5. Squeebo

    [CS:GO] cs_shichang

    Was a fun playtest man! =D Just a few things I noticed, posted them on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/BzAPg#0 Cheers
  6. Nice article! Very cool stuff. Here's to another productive year!
  7. Squeebo

    Squeebo's Workshop

    The layout for De_Midnight_pt1; curious what you guys like about it, what you hate about it, any pointers?
  8. Squeebo

    Squeebo's Workshop

    Just a few notes from today's playtest on de_midnight, any other feedback or advice is welcomed! _________________________ Sickly Yellow, Needs more blue/other colours(Put in skybox Light_Environment) Nodraw in A Tunnel Turn down Shadow Alpha, maybe to 50 or 100 Stair in Alley not clipped Colour corrections might help visuals Very narrow map Way too dark, "no idea where I'm going" Fire escape too cluttered visually Hard for Ts to gain map control Lots of chokepoints Hard to see sillhouettes Very noisy, busy, hard to see CT Spawn is very confusing Mid very small, building too narrow Light on upper ramp at B too bright, glares in eyes CTs get to mid way too soon Place lights more carefully, work on readability of areas Strange timings
  9. Here's the download link for my map for the playtest on the 25th, map is de_midnight
  10. Squeebo


    Well I can relate to a lot of the people in this thread, I've always had trouble getting to sleep. Nice to see I'm not alone! Hopefully some of the advice in this thread will help.
  11. Squeebo

    [CS:GO] cs_shichang

    Hey man, just a few things that occurred to me, tried to illustrate them clear as I could: Great to see you're still working on it, looking forward to next playtest. Keep it up!
  12. Squeebo

    [CS:GO] cs_nzuri

    Looks like a cool blockout, man, would love to help playtest!
  13. I would love to reserve a slot on the 25th, and it would be excellent to have it recorded.
  14. Squeebo

    Squeebo's Workshop

    de_rooftops, a map set on the rooftops of an old European city:
  15. Squeebo

    Squeebo's Workshop

    cs_villa, a map inspired by the Villa Charlotte Bronte in the Bronx, NYC; started right after I submitted de_midnight to the CEVO contest, a map I need to playtest a lot more before I do more with the visuals:
  16. Squeebo

    Squeebo's Workshop

    I wanted to start a thread to try and document the progress of a few of my maps from alpha to completion; hopefully to receive some feedback on which ones show the most potential, what I should focus on, all the things that need to be improved, etc. as I find it all too easy to invest a great deal of time in a map without showing it to anyone only to discover the immense list of problems once people actually start to play it(Or even see it). So I resolve to post my work here as soon as possible! All my unpolished, underdeveloped, experimental work. Hopefully I'll finish a few maps, eh? I am fairly new to mapping for CS:GO and appreciate any advice or feedback. First up, the first map I created for CS:GO, de_midnight, a map I created for the CEVO CS:GO mapping contest 2014, a map I put a great deal of time into and learned a lot from, but still needs a lot of work, this is the point I got it to before entering it in to the contest: de_midnight Game Banana
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppV2EMfbk0w
  18. Just a few things I found somewhat strange, very minor things: It seems strange that this brush doesn't go up into the ceiling to me, why is there a ledge there? This lamp is clearly floating, but I'm sure you knew that. The brush with the security door on it could perhaps have some trim on top as well: Thought this door might benefit from being on a diagonal wall, as it would be easier to spot, making players more aware of the two paths in this room, and adding some variety in geometry: Had a lot of fun in the map this last playtest, it's shaping up quite nicely! Cheers
  19. Could I get one of the slots on 08.01.15 I'd like to test de_midnight Dropbox Download Edit: did not realize that date was taken! Would still like to test this, whenever possible.
  20. CS_Bikini: Lost track of how many hours I spent diving around this map shooting up my buddies with golden colts in The Specialists(Never played it in CS), fantastic map. TS had a whole handful of inspiring maps, great stuff! Pavlov: Loved this map! Tons of fun; CoD1 had some really amazing maps, Dawnville, Carentan, Chateau, Harbor Aah, the memories.
  21. Definitely a little on the dark side, but this looks fantastic! Very cool scene, love the colour composition, really draws the eyes to all the right places.
  22. Rutherford Manor in Thief: Deadly Shadows is pretty memorable to me, just a really fun level Or Lord Bafford's Manor, of Thief: The Dark Project Or the opening sequence of Half-life, in the testing chambers Or the opening level in Unreal Or the first few testing chambers of Portal. Apparently I have at thing for first levels! I just love seeing all the mechanics get set up, especially in gradual and organic ways. As far as multiplayer levels go, I'd have to say: CS: CS_Office DE_Inferno TF2: PL_Goldrush CP_Well CP_Dustbowl CTF_Gravel Pit CP_Steel UT99: CTF_Facing worlds DM_Deck16 DM_Morbias CTF_Coret CTF_November DM_Pyramid Alright I'll stop; there's a bunch more I could probably think of. I'm really bad at picking a favourite, I love all these maps! This thread is really stirring up some nostalgia. I find a lot of the new maps being released in the Operation map packs in CS:GO very inspiring as well, I love seeing what people here come up with. Cheers!
  23. Squeebo


    I love the look of this map, and the original setting, it's fantastic! Can hardly wait for it's release, I look forward to playing it
  24. I've made a few small updates to my map, it would be great if you could replace the old file this newer version Dropbox Download Also could I get the playtest recorded via GOTV as well? Thanks a bunch!
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