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  1. Hello World We are developing Tantra Rumble, a F2P action MOBA game with elements from various genres like RPG and TCG. We are currently looking for a: 3D ModelerVFX ArtistMultiplayer Gameplay ProgrammerMultiplayer Gamplay/AI ProgrammerNetwork Programmerto work at our studio in Punta del Este, Uruguay. You can find more details about the jobs on the following link. Feel free to contact us with the appropriate job title for more details at [email protected] Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone! Gameolic SRL is a company based in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. Looking for a programmer. Applicants must have knowledge of: - C++ - Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints If anyone is interested, please PM me. I will forward further details. Thank you! Good luck!
  3. Hello everyone! Gameolic SRL is a company based in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. Please refer to the link for more details about the job. https://www.creativeheads.net/job/14785/vfx-artist-in-punta-del-este Good luck!
  4. Hi Everyone! Recently updated my portfolio and resume. Would love to get some feedback. http://udaintomar.wix.com/portfolio Thank You!
  5. Hey Simon, Thanks a lot for the feedback. I liked how you have given the photoshop edit of my game page. I will apply that to all the games. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for the picture comment too. I will remove all the unnecessary ones. For videos I don't have many videos but whatever I have, I have posted them. Thanks and same to you, hope you do more kicka** artwork ! Thanks a lot !
  6. Hello again everyone I am sorry I was really busy with my college assignments here. So could not update my Portfolio or CV. Today I am done making a few changes on my portfolio, I have definitely decreased the number of projects. Earlier I had 13 and now I have 9 projects. Do you people still think I have unnecessary projects in my portfolio? I still have to update my CV, in a day or two i will update it and post it here for feedback. Even the College Assignments page i have lessened the number of projects and text as much i could do. If you all could give feedback on that too
  7. Thank You Friedrich. I am thinking of removing Tiger Park, Necrophobia, Tower Attack, Game of Gods E-Boardgame, Tale of Two Worlds, Freedom is a Lie. This totals to 6. Maybe I will add one new project and if Tale of Two Worlds gets updated then I wont remove it. So lets say I will remove 4 projects. So from 13 I will come down to 9. Is it ok? And I am confused as to which projects should I remove and which to keep. After this I hope my About Me page is not overcrowded. http://udaintomar.wix.com/portfolio#!about-me/c8h6 And the College Assignments page also, I am confused about numb
  8. I have again made a few changes to my portfolio. If you all get some time please check it out, and let me know what you think about it. I had one more question does the portfolio feel like it is filled with unnecessary projects and too much detail? http://udaintomar.wix.com/portfolio Thanks once again
  9. i have updated my CV along with a few changes in the portfolio. Please let me know your feedback for both the things. Thanks. http://udaintomar.wix.com/portfolio#!resume/c46c And I dont know why but the resume is much clearer in Photoshop or even if i save it in jpeg on my computer it is very clear. But when I upload it on Wix, all the text seems to have a bad outline around them. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? I tried changing the resolution, it solves the issue but then the image size drastically increases and obviously proportionally slows down the loading speed
  10. Thanks Will. I will soon update my CV and post it here. Till then any comments on my portfolio? http://udaintomar.wix.com/portfolio
  11. I have updated the portfolio and the CV. If anyone could please give some feedback, it would be great. http://udaintomar.wix.com/portfolio Cheers.
  12. Hi Everyone , I am studying in Supinfogame, Pune and I am in the last year of my college. I am re-working on my portfolio and it is still under construction. I am a bit confused about the colors, fonts and the number of projects (lol, actually about everything). I am thinking of removing around 2-4 projects. But in each I feel that there is something important to show in my portfolio. I am also attaching my CV. You can see the 9 most important projects on it. It would be great if you people could give me some feedback on my CV and portfolio. http://udaintomar.wix.com/
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