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  1. I'm sorry to say this is one of my first maps. I haven't published any maps with the new knowledge I have found. I watched a lot of videos and talked to some people such as 3kliks and they helped me learn how to make better maps with better brushwork and such. It would be very helpful if I could get a solid layout, because I feel my maps even with good aesthetics will suffer in gameplay without a well working layout. I thought a more experienced member of the community would be willing to pass down an old layout or any good layout that you would like to see tried in a map, and it would be such a help. Thanks
  2. Planning to start a new map for cs:go but need a solid layout. I can do everything else and will add you as a contributor as well. Thanks
  3. Hey I would like to apply for the 30th Heres the bsp and nav: http://ge.tt/6yQyxS72
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