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  1. I didn't make these fyi, I know they're pretty good though.
  2. https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1363856
  3. Don't design your map for anyone. It makes no sense if only a certain section of the player base can play it. Make cool stuff that has depth, think about areas where people can set up smokes and flashes, to allow for tactical plays but if you don't want to throw the smokes or flashes, you don't have to but you will be punished due to exposing yourself to many angles at once and potentially being shot in the side/back while taking an engagement. Make it fun and have depth, and a meta will develop around this (three smoke mirage A take for example). You cannot really predict this meta as you cannot predict every way a player will play your level, you can only guess at a few and make an area play how you want (for example whether you want aggressive CT play to viable in certain areas or not).
  4. http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/
  5. DooM

    [WIP] de_abyss

    I get somewhat the same fps are regular maps, it's just that it seems to drop in places making it incredibly frustrating to play due to the input lag induced by decreases in fps. I made a video of some of the areas my fps was dropping.
  6. Sorry here it is: I'm talking about the boxes to the right of my crosshair, when I said you could block the angle by making them bigger, that flash is also really nice.
  7. I think it's comparable to cobble or mirage in terms of learning the layout, not much verticality but enough routes to add interesting lurk options, but still quite a task to learn to angles and certain strategies you can execute. The one thing that seemed to be bothering the people in the teamspeak was that there are some very powerful head peeks in certain areas. This angle is horrible to counter as a retaking CT: This angle is very strong at stopping T rushes: This angle is very strong for Ts after plant, watching for the CT rotate through the A connector: This angle is debatable, it's a long angle like CT spawn onto A slope on mirage, except you can't be punished if you choose to play it as a ct (probably with an awp, making this position quite strong). I think this angle is okay for an awp vs awp duel, however if I ever wanted to contest this angle with a rifle against an awp, the person with a rifle is at a disadvantage. The balcony on A could work something like mirage's palace, where if someone is playing the long angle they're also open to the balcony where as at the moment they're only open to one or two angles. You could just block the angle by moving the boxes or finding bigger boxes. I don't really see the balcony being too powerful if you were to give it more angles into the A bombsite as Ts already have to cross mid to get there.
  8. This map is really interesting, I ran around it for about an hour the other day, I think I agree with maanman to an extent that some of the angles feel awkward but I really want to play it before I can make any solid judgement. The whole 45 degree angle stuff reminds me of a little bit of contra in places. One angle that I really don't like is this one from the A pit connector thingy to A main, because it's a head-peek and also if someone is playing there with an AWP it's going to be really hard to kill him, I think it's something akin to the head peek on dust 2 from A site to short but the difference with dust 2 is that you can smoke the bombsite from short, removing the angle but also not giving up map control, whereas with this bombsite I have to rotate out of A main quite far back to even think about throwing a smoke onto the bombsite. I suppose you could compare it to cache, but the head peek at truck is easily smoke-able from the inside of A main without exposing yourself to any angles. I think exposing more of the Ct here wouldn't be a bad thing. Here's the angle in question:
  9. I took a look around and I feel that some of the cover on the bombsites could be refined to allow for better playability.
  10. I think you should have had some frags without the HUD and synced to music like a more serious frag-movie and then cut back the more funny stuff, I think it would strike a nice balance and add some variety. This link is pretty good at explaining how to use demos for movie-making: link.
  11. DooM

    [CSGO] de_gallery

    The whole idea behind the crossfire in mid is that if Ts kill the CT window or smoke it they pretty much have free reign of mid, this means to try and stop a split via a connector onto a bombsite could become taxing as well as keeping mid control for late round rotations. The crossfire basically allows for vision onto the opposite connector from where you are standing thus allowing for mid control to still be available but also allowing CTs to play aggressively to stop pushes. This also allows some tactical play to emerge.
  12. DooM

    [CSGO] de_gallery

    Just some thoughts:
  13. DooM

    [CSGO] de_gallery

    Can we get some sort of workshop link? I'd like to have a look at it in game to test some stuff out.
  14. DooM

    [CS:GO][WIP] de_yard

    You could leave the ct access there for the reason you stated but make the corridor leading to the heaven area more viable for Ts to win an engagement if CTs do play aggressively (like B apps on mirage).
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