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  1. Again, do you really think someone would work hundreds of hours for a chance at some few thousand dollars? Even if you get first place with 2 other people and spend only something like 300 hours on it, that's barely minimum wage where I live. Valorant's map design is probably one of it's biggest weaknesses and one of the primary things people critize about it.
  2. While I agree with the feedback part, I doubt the prizepool part. You work your ass off on a map for half a year, for a slim chance at ~300 to 2000$? I see this more as an incentive that you at least have a chance, to have your time at least somewhat compensated. I think taking that away is kinda disrespectful towards the work that goes into these maps.
  3. By the way, assuming both teams are there on time, CTs can't get into the right corner without being seen by Ts
  4. I'd argue removing that makes the game less dynamic. You're removing the positioning aspect of CS:GO with that and reduce it to 50/50 aim duels.
  5. Not sure if I understand what you mean, you don't have to do that on any of the chokepoints on dust 2? Can't think of a single angle on dust 2 you can't check one by one on the top of my head (at least assuming both teams arrive there on time and no one has utility). Could you give an example what a chokepoint would look like vs. a dust 2 one for example?
  6. Heyo, I'm making a Wingman map for the Source Engine Discord Wingman Level Design Contest 2020. Finally getting somewhere in the greybox stage, so I've decided to post it here. The theme is a western-european abbey. You can find it on the workshop here. Radar: Ingame Screenshots:
  7. I think it's with levels like it's with most other arts and crafts - yes breaking from the traditional rules and making more diverse maps is good and should be encouraged, however imo you can only do that meaningfully if you understand why the traditional rules exist in the first place, which usually means sticking to them until you've got some experience.
  8. Nakroma

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    But you know what you can't do with the carved tool? A GUUUUD MAP
  9. Nakroma

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    Someone mentioned history has been written? Great use of the carve tool btw People really should use it more!
  10. I find it a bit iffy that maps that weren't updated the entire contest made it into the finals so easy. Certanly, all the finalists look very promising. Congratz.
  11. A bigger german youtuber reviewed your game btw. You guys probably aren't gonna view this thread anyways, but I'll still post it. You don't have to understand german, the video explains itself.
  12. Nakroma


    Yeah, CT rotation times are wayyy to short. Also looks like overpass/nuke issue. The CTs get over half the map at the beginning at the round.
  13. Keep in mind im not a professional (I dont have a job / studied Game Design or anything) so wait for a few other answers I generally find bots only useful for finding and placing cover. Everything else (how the general layout is) you should do a playtest here on mapcore for example.
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