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  1. I've had some experience lecturing - in philosophy, not level design unfortunately - it can definitely be nerve-wracking until you realise you're not being judged, you're being listened to! You're not expected to be 100% correct about everything, especially with such a broad topic to which there are multiple approaches. This is just my opinion but I think the students and teachers would be more interested in your personal approach and what you have learnt from experience, how you bend the rules etc. so you can always CYA like this. Personally I would be interested in hearing about what you think makes a level fun and interesting to play and how you would approach this (points of interest, timings, etc). Oh and time will go very fast once you're in the swing of it so you might not even get to cover everything, but if this is not the case there's always question time Good luck!
  2. SolarB

    Deus Ex corridor

    Getting closer, I think... This texture is giving me a headache though
  3. SolarB

    Deus Ex corridor

    @Void - thanks for the suggestions, I'm trying to match the concept art as best I can so nitpicking is good re doors and such I think it's the weird perspective, I can't quite get it right (even using camera match). I'm following the proportions that the artist has been kind enough to share here so I'm really not quite sure what's going on. @will2k - For me the original Shadow Warrior was the best thing to come out on Build, yup, good times @BJA - sweet advice and thanks, reworking the scene to try and better match the perspective, definition, etc. Some whitebox screens to show where I'm at with the lighting:
  4. SolarB

    Deus Ex corridor

    Thanks! I'm thinking of just adding a normal map with the rivets/lines and maybe a detail layer or better spec map for the roughness. Is it good practice to have the lines in the diffuse as well? Texturing will be a bit painful cos silly me made the walls as one object so I'll have to split it into segments. Forgive my ignorance of modularity, haven't really made a map since Build engine where you could just raise bits of ground and give them textures
  5. SolarB

    Deus Ex corridor

    Hi all, this is my first attempt at an interior scene in Cryengine. I'm mostly a noob so the minimalism of the concept art was a perfect fit. It's still a WIP but it would be great to get any feedback/constructive criticism/abuse. concept art: my attempt:
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