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  1. I have posted in the Sign up section, but I did not use the "[Map Name] by [Your real name and nick]." as I was planning on changing it once I had named it, but I can not seem change my post title, do I have to make a new Post or am i being bilnd and its hidden away somewhere?
  2. dont you need wait for it to spawn ? default regen is 3 minutes and quad 2m i think ? That was the problem, Didnt have the level loaded for long enough , And @Daniel Nilsson Suspended box was ticked
  3. Thanks for the reply :3, Any idea why the Quad/Regen damge would not show up in the level, So I have some direction to look into. Shot of editor: http://prntscr.com/50wk0s Shot of same level in game : http://prntscr.com/50wkh9
  4. Having fun so far!, @Conrad http://www.neve.co for some of my UDK work @Cityy Nice Portfolio dude!
  5. Hi all!, Going to give this a go, normaly use UDK so understand the basics but never built anything to play in Q3. Lets see what I can get done for this! Neve,
  6. Really nice atmosphire in this, looking foward to more updates!
  7. Hay, When using a steam version of Q3, I am getting "Shader Image Missing" on a large chunk of textures/materials in GtkRadiant 1.6. Any Ideas on how to fix this? http://prntscr.com/4yy641 This image shows what I mean also the path that GtkRadiant is using. Edit; Some items are not showing either when placed (Quad damage) for eg which has the missing texters over it. Thanks in advance! Neve,
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