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  1. Hi! Thanks for response Sprony! Sorry, I didn't see that thingy in the right upper corner before! I know these are honest rules but the designer could possibly buy models that would make his/her map stand out more and therefore it would win which doesn't seem fair. I also realize judges would take this into consideration and would react properly if someone would try to buy someone else's content to make new map. About using content: I had The idea and first sketches for my map DM-Broken back in December 2015. This are custom models and textures. The first version I released one week ago (09.04.2016).Map is new and it's not finished nor ready for gameplay, just for testing. Could I present this map as an entry for the competition? Here is the map's link:https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?21864-DM_Broken I admit it wasn't designed with this contest in mind in a first place. If that's not possible I would want to know whether I could use models I have designed and created for that map.
  2. I haven't looked in here for a few months and I am happy you guys organize another amazing contest! Who is going to judge? What's the prices? I also second Orion's question about status of the map in each phase. Shouldn't there be a separeted thread with all the rules? Sorry but someone had to say it: Buying or stealing victory is forbidden in any contest whether it is a sport, chess, mapping or CS GO tournament. So marketplace and any non-custom models or textures as well as copied layouts and remakes should be out of the question. There are 2 ways for a designer: Either stick to the brushes and simple textures while focusing 100% on new and original gameplay OR learn how to make your own models while focusing 100% on new and even more original gameplay. Nice Shades Master: Is this Maya? Interesting huge scale concept, Orion. Maybe try doing some simple boxes in UT editor and exporting them back to Blender for scaling?
  3. EDIT: here is the lastest version: I tried fixing some of the bugs, I made arena file working (map is shown in the singleplayer), enhanced lighting and fixed some other litlle bugs like clipping and so on. I hope it will run more smoothly because of hint brushes... Compilation time: Around 9 minutes. Download RECO.PK3
  4. Okey.Thank you, cityy for this feedback. You have amazing designing knowledge and you took time to post it here. Now could you tell me if what I am doing now is good? I added hint brushes and decided to divide map into 5 areas, Map shows in singleplayer now! Fixed some clipping bugs changed platform func_plat into func_door with angle set to -1 but I am not sure how to define height of the lift movement, It's logical to use func_plat for elevator so I left it. enhanced lighting, there is absolutely no way to fix the skybox (the only way that Hipshot suggested doesn't let the light to compile!), I kinda started liking those thin black lines in the sky. My sister when she was testing the map (without bots obviously) said that she didn't notice them until I mentioned it. She thought it was by design. Still AAS file doesn't work. I should have thought about it when I started brushing the map. now its too late for that. Anyone having an idea how to compile .AAS properly for such complex map? What I used before was creating other version of the map (simplified) with botclips all over it and it kind of compiled the file but it somehow seems to be BROKEN. PS. I am not discouraged in any way by what you have said.
  5. Thanks for organizing this contest, Sprony! I could not imagine nicer way for me to get into level design in Quake! Congratulations to everyone who created maps and to judges for fair judgement! I enjoyed mapping for this game and even though I failed to create quality map this time, there are going to be more contests in the future that I will participate! O_o Thanks to the community and my family for supporting me during contest and university time. It means a lot to me. Big hug! PS: Special Congrats to winners! Holy shit. This engine has 15 years and still maps can amaze!
  6. Thanks for judging! This gives me amazing info about design in Quake and map's issues! All right. Things to fix: Performance Bots! Arena file has "reco-r6" instead of "reco" (there is levelshot but it is "reco.jpg" but it wasn't displayed . I will fix that) Lighting: I will have to increase it (damn the monitor I've been working on) Elevator sound! + proper elevator mechanism Weapon clipping! I am not sure what "drilled map" means... Anyone wants to explain it to me?
  7. Holy... And I thought I packed .AAS file. It seems that even though its there it simply doesn't work. Any ideas? i would of course love to my Reco be included in this pack
  8. Thanks for feedback, Daniel. I didn't set elevator sound for I thought game has default sound for that. I guess I should have checked that too. I used the clipmodel and it clips some of my models properly, in some cases I just used clip brushes though. If it was UE3 I would define collision box inside 3D modeling software or simply generate simplified version of collision in the UDK. In Xonotic which runs on the same engine as quake the procedure is alike (as in Quake). I like to have control over collision however testing is difficult (you have to build map, pack it, run game, etc...) which makes it more inevitable to run into collision bugs. Best regards!
  9. Ok. I just realized my screen was set to a really low contrast setting through the whole contest. Therefore map might appear too dark in some places. I suggest using gamma 1.3 (r_gamma 1.3) . This should look decent. I updated last three screenshots.
  10. Name: Conrad Slawinski Nick: Justin Map: Reco Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/90490112/reco.pk3
  11. Because people are acrophobic and agoraphobic. Besides there is no oxygen to breath. Seriously
  12. lots of WARNING: Generate Permanent Shader . MAX_SHADERS hit ERROR: DEFAULT_MODEL (sarge) failed to register -server shutdown- AAS shutdown RE_Shutdown (0) HUNK_Clear: reset hunk ok
  13. For some reason I can't launch this map : something about shaders and "hunk" I have /com_hunkMegs 256
  14. Good work! I like it. Especially outside area. The map feels kinda spacious
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