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  1. Err theres one on the workshop and EMP MDK is also making it.
  2. Shandy445

    [WIP] DE_Portugal

    the road makes me think of the map dawnville from call of duty 1
  3. Shandy445

    [CSGO] Crash

    how about no go be judgmental somewhere else
  4. Shandy445

    [CSGO] Crash

    Nice Added to my call of duty remakes collection on steam Edit : Now we just need Cod uo DawnVille Pavlov Railyard Stalingrad TigerTown Neuville Cod 2 Beltot Moscow Cean LenninGrad El Alamein Viller Bocage Cod4 Backlot Vacant Overgrown Pipeline Ambush Crossfire Downpour WetWork Broadcast District Mw2 SubBase RunDown Skidrow Bailout Storm Invasion Karachi UnderPass Scrapyard Black ops 1 Grid Summit Havana Too much to ask ?
  5. Shandy445

    [WIP] de_cathedral

    i love the look of it
  6. Shandy445


    Just by looking at the screenshot the timings will all be weird.
  7. Just has some random textures at the time being since i can't find which ones i want to use
  8. Part of my first map that i have been working on Edit : working on lighting and added windows
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