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    Finally I forced myself to release the map to beta version. STEAM WORKSHOP
  2. Fix do what he is doing in his video time 4:54 You need to add a shell modifier on your object
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    here are some photos without color correction
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    I changed the lighting and it looks the same . My previous lighting settings were from safehouse map. Maybe the color correction make it look so bland
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    Done oh and I was thinking to change that vase in the fountain and but some kind of statue and I accidently changed it to physic prop (copy paste and this happens)
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    Finally fixed the lighting problem and as always the mistake was mine. So the mistake was made in the compiler. I forgot to put check mark on "$vis_exe" and that made some weird leaks or something that the water didn't show up and shadows were bad so here is some photos with "$vis_exe" chected.
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    Okay I am back with some good news and bad news First fixed those plants by the fountain by puting "Yes" on "Ignore Surface Normal". I had to redo the fence because the old one was using too much brushes. Working on the sewers and yes I know that it looks like shit right now :/ So for the bad news there is somewhere a leak in the map because the water does not render and I can't find it and there is no pointfile to load to the map
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    I will try to do that in the next compile. Trying to change the light, still playing around. Having this strange problem with plants :/ Replaced the kitchen table, trying to put less modeles now that take up walking space. Here is the house layout you can see that I have some rooms left to do. 1 floor 2 floor Having problems with corridor on the right it is looking strange, don't know how I can change the layout for it to look good.
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    This is still a beta version of the map it will be something like estate + mansion hybrid. Still need to do some stuff like sewer and some rooms in the house and fix the lighting in some places.
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    CS_MAX (WIP)

    First thing I love the theme which the map is going. Second having problem with custom models and textures
  11. So you did come back and picked the project up again, awesome! Could you keep us updated more often, perhaps? I will try. I will create a separate thread for that map.
  12. The models name is hotel_sconce001 and yes this will be cs_estate.
  13. Working on cs 1.6 map remake, try to guess.
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    CS_MANSION Remake (WIP)

    Really nice work, I remember that I was working too on cs_mansion but in the end I was too lazy to finish it, maybe someday. Here is the video of it But all in all good job, just one question why is the gate closed?
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