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  1. MapCore results are in! We're planning to do a stream next week to announce results. More details coming soon! - RZE
  2. *heavy breathing* edit: is it wrong that I'm trying to discern the map from the screens?
  3. Yeah one of my maps got a bit messed up by previous update; but I think a lot of the recent changes are new content rather than redeveloping the old stuff. Also I believe this build is still on 4.12.
  4. Full Name: Christopher Morris Nickname: NATO_chrisjm Map: DM-Vacant_RC1 Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1_rNuwdX5B5T3NIalRwWVRSVkU Alt Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17178202/DM-Vacant_RC1-WindowsNoEditor.pak (If both of these timeout I can provide a 3rd link via PM, I just don't want the bandwidth on my website to get overloaded) Development Thread: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?23678 MD5: ec08aa78c73b30d0d4bc3272092d2474 Dir: /Game/Maps/DM-Vacant/DM-Vacant_RC1 I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).
  5. Looks like I've managed to get it to cook by restarting cooking a shell map and then cooking the final map. I guess it cashe's stuff on the disk and freeing up ram *shrugs* Thanks for the offer! Also I REALLY need to get around to getting more than 8GB ram
  6. I'm having a major issue, I can't cook my map currently. It runs out of ram. Not sure what to do. Any advice?
  7. It probably refers to Rick Kohler, one of the senior enviro artist at Epic
  8. One is slowly forming, but yeah, they're kind of all over the place right now
  9. NATO

    EU Referendum

    Yeah, last night was rough. Today is turning out rougher. But hey, that's democracy for you; the worst form of government, apart from all the other's we've tried.
  10. Common logic is to keep custom content out of RestrictedAssets. Personally I put everything in Content/Maps/[Mapname], including any new assets (including new material instances). I'm not entirely sure what you're saying. You shouldn't get that error with stock assets since it has no need to pak them. If it is custom then, as Mitch suggested, move it to somewhere with a shorter url (as it were). Everything will be prefix with [install location]/content/etc, if this gets too long then it'll break. I might be misunderstanding, or just be flat wrong. I'm really tired after staying up all night watching election coverage XD
  11. Trucking along with the SD contest. It's feeling really amorphous. Really needs some more definition. Not done a lighting pass yet so that might help. Decals might also help add a splash more colour.
  12. Ok cool, I assumed that might be the issue since you submitted a .umap in the phase 1 thread. Other than what TheGlecter suggests I dono what to say; never really had any paking issues myself
  13. You need to cook your map for people to be able to play it. Open up your map in the editor, press the share button, then share this level. This will cook and pak your map for others to play. It'll spit out a .pak file after a (fairly) long time and normally put it in your Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\MyContent folder. That's what you need to give people to play
  14. Choo choo! All aboard the some kind of abandoned industrial complex I dono I've not written the lore yet hype train!
  15. Someone was asking about master materials on the UT forums, so I make a video explaining a bit about them. Thought I'd share it here for anyone having a hard time with it
  16. Thanks guys Yeah, it's a little white up top right now. I'm hoping to add a splash of colour with decals as I get more meshes down. A little bit can go a long way and it's easy to overdo it early on
  17. I love me some grime. Still heavy WIP, not done any kind of lighting pass (and obviously not finish meshing yet)
  18. Just an FYI, if you want to make sure people can still playtest you'll need to recook your maps on the new build!
  19. Getting some more meshing done on Vacant
  20. I don't think there's any kind of cut for phase 2, the aim of phase 1 seemed to be to make sure people had a working prototype that people could test.
  21. Been working out a style for my contest entry; These are the base Outpost assets, but I've added an extra couple of nodes to the master material to allow vertex painting for extra scratches and ware, along with specifically rust vs base metal. It's fairly subtle but makes it look just that little bit different.
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