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  1. kscythe

    [CS:GO] Helvetia

    Looks really nice! I'd imagine that the windows that are currently split into two on the B-Site could be merged into one for gameplay improvements and be made a bit smaller. Looks like a pretty large opening right now
  2. Hey guys and fellow mapcreators, since I really love this app "Discord" which is basically Teamspeak in modern style, I thought about creating a community for mapcreators. Several reddit-boards (like /r/halflife) already have their own Discord communitys and I missed one for map creators. So if you want to join us and talk about your maps, feedback, inspirations or about your questions. https://discord.gg/0sOn2JwFFFAS9Xvu I would love to have the opportunity to talk to some map creators in realtime via voicechat or normal chat. I'm looking forward to greet you over there! Happy mapping!
  3. Hey Mapcore! I have some problem recently. I don't know exactly how to do Borders like this the correct way. For me it looks odd because the brush gets thicker on the slanted edges. Can you maybe help me to understand how to do it the proper way? Check out this image for better explanation: I used two different methods to add those borders but as you can see the thickness of the slanted brushes is totally different than the not-slanted brushes. How do I do it the prober way so it's the same width even slanted? Thanks for your help already! have a nice evening!
  4. Three bombspots aren't really balanced because there are not enough players to hold of the terrorist from a bombspot. imagine you have to split up to a group of max. 2 players per spot and 1 on all other spots while 1 is reserve on switch. would be impossible to hold for cts.
  5. make it a bit bigger and its a fy/aim map. looks cool though!
  6. kscythe

    [W.I.P.] de_cypress

    Hello pals, I'm working on a defusal map for competive gameplay. Its setting should be based on italy and features a markethall with all goods (food) while it also is a black market for terrorists all over the world. The black market was just found by special forces and terrorists are trying to blow it up to destroy any evidences. There is also a really big and valuable plaza under construction which is a target for the terrorists. So well I'm working on the map for a pretty long time. I had a lot of work with dev textures before I started to work with detailing and stuff. Right now we're making progress. Here are some screenshots: Screenshots CT-Spawn (will get more details soon): CT-Spawn Windows, here will be some Ladders and SWAT-Trucks for the backstory: mid from ct-spawn: mid from t-side: mid to b (markethall): mid to b (markethall): B (Markethall): B (office): B (Market) B Backyard: Backyard (Hotel): Backyard Corner to Mid (good for flashes or protecting B) Hotel (Top): Hotel (Top): Hotel (Main Hall): Hotel (to Mid) and the actual overview: Full Album View: http://imgur.com/a/S0AbP Don't be to harsh and give us some feedback on details. We're still noobs on mapping but we actually love it and me and my mate are working together on it. I'm doing the main-job and my mate is doing some details like the office and so on. Thanks Dudes!
  7. Try adding more variations on your streets. Anything else looks pretty cool!
  8. I'm working on a defusal map for CS:GO. It's setted up in an italy area. not even near finished. also I'm not a promapper and this is my first big and serious project
  9. I agree my map buildings look kinda trash also gotta say this is my first map in source engine and i suck at detailing ... its fine! it takes time to get into detailing.
  10. Finally a map in snow! Looks good but I don't like the style of the houses. Somehow they look flat / not detailed. But I like the Idea!
  11. kscythe

    [WIP] de_natty

    Looks good for now but we really need more screenshots!
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