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  1. CS:GO Stickers

    Nice holo work! GL
  2. CS:GO Stickers

    I made some cop badges this weekend, (Bellevue is where Valve are based). Whatcha reckon? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=332236076
  3. CS:GO Stickers

    Them DOTA stickers are really impressive! I can't get into that game myself but the illustration work is top notch.
  4. CS:GO Stickers

    Thanks; unfortunately (and surprisingly) the Renegabes stickers are the least rated items in my workshop. I would presume this is because they draw on retro pop culture that is outside of the scope of the core audiences' recollection, and so only a small number of users can relate to it. When putting them together I was constantly smiling - but they've become a joke no one else really gets! My initial plan was to make an entire collection of them -- but based on the lukewarm reaction I can't really warrant putting the time in, unless just to amuse myself!
  5. CS:GO Stickers

    Thanks dude. As to the logo, I think if you are going for pastiche it has to look as authentic as possible - if it were me I'd fix the kerning, remove the hard drop shadow, and have a look at the type rasterisation - it's very pixellated, especially on the 'A'. Also give a little more space between the edge of the panel and the type - if you can line up the 'A' and the 'G', and the 'N' and the 'V' that will look more tidy as well. But overall worth a punt! One other thing to bear in mind is you can't just submit a glossy or paper decal - you have to also supply a foil or hologram version as well - its caught a few people out when trying to upload with the item publisher. This is a brilliant idea, I think you should tweak the readability of the text though, it's really hard to make out the phrase when you're looking at it. Simpler definition on the letters and better borders would probably solve the issue, I think you should keep working on it because it's a great concept Thanks for your feedback. Believe it or not this version is actually toned down a notch from my other sketches - I think graffiti is esoteric which helps separate the word from the form. But at the same time understand your point: you have to cater to a market, and it may turn a lot of users off if they can't understand what it says. I think part of me was hoping people would like it because it looked like a tag. I'll probably have a break for a while and come back to it in a couple of months - that's normally how I roll!
  6. CS:GO Stickers

    New stickers incoming! http://csgostash.com/stickers.php?capsule=Community+Stickers+Series+2
  7. CS:GO Stickers

    I've posted another sticker if anyone's interested: PWN'D based on graffiti tagging. All feedback is welcome, good or bad.
  8. CS:GO Stickers

    I've actually had some ideas similar to the 2nd one as spectating e-sport tournaments is hugely popular - so an idea around that theme might be a good call - it's just a case of coming up with an idea that looks great and is also relevant to CSGO.
  9. CS:GO Workshop: Weapon Finishes

    I finally got around to making my first weapon skin this weekend, its based on the Pigeon sticker I previously made, as such I called it 'Bird Strike'. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=314230083 It was a little weird getting my head around the different skin mapping methods and how they utilise each of the channels, I can understand why so many people stick to custom paint jobs that don't move about as there is less fiddling with settings. Anyway, this is my first one - let me know any feedback as I'm new to this! Also there are 3 colour options - for some reason you can only submit one option to the workshop, but I've shown them all at the jump. Thanks
  10. CS:GO Stickers

    No worries - shoot away!
  11. CS:GO Stickers

    Yes, Rekt is now in the game via community capsule 1 - it was accepted as a post-release replacement for one of the stickers that infringed copyright (and by extension Valve's T&Cs). Thanks for the kind words! edit: just saw your portfolio - impressive map collection! I loved Gwailior
  12. CS:GO Stickers

    Hi All, I stumbled upon this site looking for resources for making csgo weapon skins as I've not made one yet, and I was really impressed by the quality of work posted in various threads! My background is in illustration & graphics, I find it easier to design a single 'focal' image rather than a background image which is why I've stuck with stickers thus far. How I perceive weapon skinning in more traditional forms of design is the comparison between stickers to illustration and skins to livery/packaging design - so it requires a different mindset. So far I've only dabbled in stickers. I've 16 submissions - 3 are in the game. Heres my workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BronzeFist/myworkshopfiles/?appid=730&p=1&numperpage=30 ...and here's a quick reference 'decal sheet' from a week or so ago. And a few of my most recent submissions: Pigeon Master Blitzkrieg Renegabes #4 - 'Mr G' (The latest in my series of 'Renegabes' - posted yesterday) I really love making stickers! Especially those with comedic elements, or ones that push the given decal style through process. Back to my reason for posting: I was just wondering for those who have worked on both skins and stickers - is making a skin much harder? Is there anything I should avoid doing from the outset? What is your approach to making a skin - do you sketch a side view first, decide from the outset which skin style - or just jump straight in and fiddle as you go? Do you know of any great resources (besides the CSGOblog) that cover how the RGBA channels are utilised for each style? Thanks in advance! Sorry for long post.