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    Zezeri reacted to Mazy in What's going on with your life?   
    Thanks man, I know he was really proud of everything I'd achieved, I always found that very motivating, even more so now.
    And thanks guys, <3 tha Core~
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    Zezeri reacted to Minos in What's going on with your life?   
    My condolences to you and your family bro. I cannot even imagine how painful it must be.
    I lost my grandfather last year, someone who was very influential in my life too, and it really helped to remember about all the great things he taught me and how I'm doing my best to keep "his light" alive. I'll definitely pass what I learned from him to my kids one day, so in this way he never died, only continued his journey somewhere else
    Now go make awesome games and carry your father's torch into the future 
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    Zezeri reacted to [HP] in Metal Gear Solid 5   
    I just hit more than 13 hours of gameplay, and the game's telling me I only cleared 10% of the map. 
    This game is massive. 
    Well this game is so damn diferent than any other MGS game, it doesn't really matter the order you decide to play them.
    Mgs games are very linear and story focused, this one is as open world as Red Dead Redemption and it's actually very sparse in story compared to other mgs games. (There's definitely still a lot of story to absorve in here tho)
    But to answer your question, you'll definitely be able to enjoy this without playing the others, it does a good job at welcoming newcomers in. 
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    Zezeri reacted to Pampers in Metal Gear Solid 5   
    gametrailers put up a new shorter recap, only 12 mins
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    Zezeri reacted to Pampers in Metal Gear Solid 5   
    You know its a true mgs game when you have to watch 4 hours recap just to get up to speed
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    Zezeri reacted to [HP] in Metal Gear Solid 5   
    Alright, so I managed to get a copy last night and take it for a spin!

    Call me a fucking nerd, but I was so excited my heart was racing. Played it for about 4 hours last night, before my eyes just gave up and forced me to go to bed, I couldn't believe that not only I was playing a new MGS game, I was playing what's most likely the last true MGS game, and oh man it's a glorious game...
    I won't spoil anything for anyone of course, but just to talk a little bit about it, the first couple of hours of the game are absolutely batshit kojisan-insane cinematic action.
    As for the core of the game itself, I only played a few missions, but I can already tell I'll be spending dozens of hours immersed into this world. It still feels like that familiar Metal Gear game we all know and love but at the same time it feels like a new kind of game I've never played before,almost feels like a new genre of game, it's so fresh! The freedom you have in here is absolutely unparalleled, and there's so many different ways to tackle the missions, that most likely no two playthroughs from two diferent people of a single mission will be the same, which of course adds a lot of replayability value to the game.
    It just feels so good to play a game that doesn't underestimate the players intelligence, quite the contrary it asks for the player to be creative with his thinking, this game breathes gameplay and I love it for it!
    Again, I only played a few hours but let me know if you have any questions, as long as they're not related to the story.
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    Zezeri reacted to 2d-chris in Random dude to Level artist   
    So many complicated answers, jeez, here is the solution

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    Zezeri reacted to st0lve in LawBreakers   
    They should use more WTC ruins at around the 21 second mark, cause right now it's way too obvious and I'm not even an American.
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    Zezeri reacted to Vilham in What's going on with your life?   
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    Zezeri reacted to knj in The Witcher 3   
    I'm fucking trying  
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    Zezeri reacted to RaVaGe in Overwatch   
    lol iz carton muts be 4 kidz lol 2 muhc unrial csgo iz betr diz luks rial
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    Zezeri got a reaction from Bastion in [Paid] X1Software is hiring   
    TBA WW2 Game

     X1Software, the creators of Iron Front Liberation 1944 are hiring for another WW2 FPS, using CRYENGINE.

    X1 Software

    German studio that developed the tactical WW2 game Iron Front Liberation 1944, based on the Arma Engine.

    Website: http://x1software.com/
    Iron Front Liberation 1944 on Steam:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/91330/

    Game Features

    • First Person Shooter
    • WW2 setting
    • SP US Campaign
    • Various MP modes (CTF, KotH, DM, TDM...)
    • Vehicle Combat
    • Tactical Gameplay


    1x Gameplay Programmer
    • Strong C++ skills
    • Experience with Gameplay programming
    • Previous CRYENGINE programming experience a plus

    1x Animator
    • Experienced in keyframe animation (vehicles and characters)
    • Basic Rigging and Skinning knowledge
    • Previous experience exporting skinned characters and animations to CRYENGINE a plus

    1x Game/Level Designer
    • Prototyping Game mechanics, scripting, mission design, balancing maps, weapons and vehicles
    • Building levels (SP and MP)
    • Previous CRYENGINE Sandbox experience a plus

    1x 3D Artist
    • Modeling and texturing Vehicles and Weapons
    • Previous CRYENGINE experience a plus

    1x Character Artist
    • Modeling and texturing realistic Characters
    • Previous CRYENGINE experience a plus

    Please note:
    All of the vacancies require some showcase of previous work

    Contact Information

    Email: [email protected]
    Company Website: http://www.x1software.net/index.php?id=52&L=4
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    Zezeri reacted to Patrick_H in Homefront: The Revolution   
    This looks great. Really looking forward to it. I worked on the original game and it had so much squandered potential. A lot of cool stuff I am seeing in the sequel was stuff that the design team wanted, but since THQ wanted a Call of Duty style game it wasn`t allowed. Will definitely pick it up.
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    Zezeri reacted to PaulH in Homefront: The Revolution   
    Gamescom Trailer:
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    Zezeri reacted to BJA in Doom (4)   
    The full doom panel is available here. Marty answers the question about modding at minute 48.
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    Zezeri reacted to holiestcows in True Detective - TV Show   
    Latest episode was so intense and well directed I got an adrenaline high
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    Zezeri reacted to PaulH in Why do they give away $11.000 computer?   
    You're obviously affiliated with them in some way, this is either a desperate plug or some sort of scam. Your name is even in the link
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    Zezeri reacted to jackophant in MapCore Meetup London - Saturday, 25th July 2015   
    @marks I appreciate the extreme level of commitment
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    Zezeri reacted to PogoP in The random model thread!   
    Nice gun! You're knocking these out so quickly.
    Been working on more props for my HL2 scene. Getting there slowly, this was a fun one

    You can spin around it in Marmoset Viewer here:
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    Zezeri reacted to AlexM in The random model thread!   
    Still got a ways to go. I think SSAO is messing up some of the lighting and I'm going to look into removing it.

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    Zezeri reacted to AlexM in The random model thread!   
    Last of the lighting test from a couple weeks back. Still some artifacts but I need to stop spending time on this and move on

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    Zezeri reacted to PaulH in The Witcher 3   
    Finished this game over the weekend finally, after completing every mission, side mission (except Gwent stuff), contract and treasure hunt, didn't explore every location though but found that the only things I left undiscovered were monster nests or abandoned villages, or extra treasure that I didn't need. Awesome game, and I'm glad I tried it even though I couldn't get into the first two. I found the story easy to follow and the characters were introduced well for a newcomer. Negatives would be the bugginess of the game in general, particularly when it came to missions - I had 3 side quests left in my inventory at the end which were complete but hadn't been accepted as being completed. I also got the Wolf Gear DLC and collected all the diagrams but the game 'lost' my 4th diagram somewhere so in the end I couldn't even build it. I also couldn't tell how long I played it for as that screen was broken, but I would think I probably put around 80 or 90 hours into it in total. These things didn't spoil the overall experience though, the world was one of the best realised ones I've ever played around in and the narrative was consistently engaging. Looking forward to seeing what CDPR come up with next
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    Zezeri reacted to AlexM in Unreal Engine 4   
    Move all that geo around every frame and then I'll really be impressed
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    Zezeri reacted to jackophant in Space game needs a name   
    Not to appear negative, but I liken this to the typical "let's start a band" cliche when everyone has just been playing for a few weeks/months, plays the same 3 chords and rhythm and has large dreams of being a household name.
    Seriously, fix that website though. Makes me wonder about the legitimacy...
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    Zezeri reacted to WD in Space game needs a name   
    Aw yiss. MMOs are the best projects to start. Especially from the basement.
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