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    Quake Level [WiP]

    Awesome to see a Quake map! I have a few questions. What editor have you used to create your level and how are you finding it? How long has this level taken you so far? Any pre-production involved?(initial sketches etc) From the video the level has that nice classic Q1 look and play to it, will have to give it a go!
  2. I reckon it will be a MP EA release, otherwise the workshop popping up on steam would be a big coincidence.
  3. FRAG

    [WIP] CTF Atmos UT4

    Hey everyone! So I've been stuck in hospital recently and decided to pick Atmos up again to burn some of my extra time, I've also been looking for an excuse to dive back into the UT editor. My progression is still in the greybox stage, I'm currently altering the geometry around the map to aid with player flow between points and also placing different colored lights to better visualize to the player where to head to. The outside space is pretty much done now (except the landscape, that's placeholder) and I'm going to move onto the inner sections to create some interesting points of contact, will look at using height variation and choke points to keep areas interesting, here are some screenshots for now as I can't upload the map file due to the terrible internet I'm using here on the ward, but thought I'd post here anyway so that progression can start on this again. (The map download link for the old build is still there if anyone wants to try that out)
  4. Picked up my CTF map (CTF-Atmos) for UT4 today, currently working on brush architecture and lighting, the next step will be growing a pair and using blender to start making some models.
  5. Indeed, I'm still stuck in hospital sadly, got more tests coming my way so they can decide if I'll need surgery to remove part of my small intestine that's been badly damaged by my crohns disease not being diagnosed for so long. Got plenty of freelance work and stuff with O:BM to pass the time, you all need to visit the chat room more often
  6. I'd like to see how the system can be expanded on when it next appears, it's an interesting avenue that valve are approaching here and my hat off to them attempting it. I spend a great deal of time working on a mod, and no, money has never came into it but, it would be satisfying to know that your time is being appreciated by being paid in some capacity and in some way. But it's an afterthought for myself, my passion is creating quality levels in a game world that I love, just people playing them (eventually) is a reward for my time spent, I have a day job to pay the bills and freelance work to scrap by. I'm probably rambling now and I apologise but, I'd love to see this system back, not in the capacity it was running but in a revised form that has designed from a larger pool of modders (more game titles, not just skyrim)
  7. Sorry to hear that Franck, I know it's a bit of a kick but keep up with your work and push on forward, you always have determination when we talk in chat, hope this continues
  8. This was quick https://www.change.org/p/valve-remove-the-paid-content-of-the-steam-workshop
  9. FRAG

    GTA V

    All those actions are attributed to their bad sport position, although yes it is a shame you had to experience that, those asshats will have those actions on record for their account, I won't be surprised if they are now stuck in the bad sport servers, where the entire population is filled with dicks like that. Are you just playing by yourself at the moment Jack or was it just a "I have a spare 30 minutes, I'll jump online"
  10. I got money on ma mind yo

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      Just listening to that song on easyJet's hold

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      Damn frag you must be really bored + the chat broke at the worst possible time for you :D

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      your telling me! I already blamed you on Twitter for it though :D

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  11. Love the slippers but I'm also digging the tiny head you have on your shoulder, is that an accessory
  12. Yep, Valve Is Experimenting With Half-Life In VR.... http://kotaku.com/yep-valve-is-experimenting-with-half-life-in-vr-1689726340 I'm quite happy by this, that they are experimenting with what works, rather then just chucking all they have and hoping it sticks, I'd be quite interested to see how L4D & DOTA played out in their VR experiments though, especially with their game control system.
  13. FRAG

    Games W.I.P Thread

    In the process of converting a UDK game to UE4 titled Mech Mania. Mech Mania is a collection of fun local/online multiplayer mini-games for up to four players (or AI if you just want to solo) Here is a map called Train Station that I finished patching up today with 4 bots running around aimlessly. Most of the core gamemode stuff is now complete, everything is now either being created or recreated via C++ & BP, but I'm quite happy that it's progressed to the point that I can actually show something from it now. P.S Not final in-game view, I'm using only a basic camera actor until I complete our camera system.
  14. From what I used in Unity 4&5 there was no brushwork, its done via 3D model assets, so you can create basic shapes but they are models, although it kind of works the same, I just never got the flexibility I had when working with brushes, most importantly was resizing on a grid, everything is done via position, rotation & scale values, which works for a set model, but not for greyboxing effectively.
  15. I'm quite lucky in the sense that I won a Unity 5 pro license last year, and have been testing the beta for some time and yeah it's a nice engine to work with, but for me it comes down to preference, I prefer UE4 for it's editor layout, it's blueprint system, C++ programming and a few other little quirks that make it unique. I received an email today though saying I could go ahead and download the full Unity 5 pro version, but the thing 404s each time that I do it, which means there is interest, and so there should be! Unity 5 is a nice tool-set and many small time or hobby devs will feel at home with it, especially if they've been using the free version for all these years, I think it's great they can now offer a free version that offers full engine capabilities, it's like I pointed out in the steam hardware thread, you now have two companies that offer the latest tech for free, this can only further advance and benefit the digital community.
  16. Mind If I sign up? I'm really interested by your OP and would love to provide feedback in anyway that I can!
  17. I was always under the impression that Oculus was pretty open with other VR devs when it came to their tech, obviously not the bleeding edge stuff but the foundations at least. This is also the 3rd year of mainstream VR development so I'm expecting Oculus and Valve to be going head to head in Q3/Q4. But then again, we need valve to actually show us something, we need something concrete, I've used an Oculus DK2 & was lucky enough to try out Sony's Morpheus headset last year and both were really coming into there own as solid VR products. But, there is a developer preview for the spring so we will know what's going down fairly soon and I'm hoping in the back of my head they turn up to Develop in Brighton (July) with this new VR headset, just so I can get a look first hand. Either way, it's an exciting time for VR development and now we have 3 major contenders going against each other and that can only mean better products for the consumer!
  18. Now why didn't I think of that, I'll have to pop down to the hardware store when I'm out of hospital
  19. That's fair enough then I really do like WW, I remember you posting about it on the WOLD forums a while ago and being impressed, I just can't see myself picking up Max (especially as it's been years since I was a student) and trying to use it though. I'll be watching out for any content made with WW in the future, and who knows, maybe one day I could give it a go. All the best
  20. And with that last part, you lost me, sorry but now you're sounding off untrue facts. It's great you've done this and yeah you really believe in your toolset because you have a passion for 3DS Max, but we all use the Hammer editor, it's what we have learnt to use for years to craft our worlds, if someone has prior knowledge of Max then I'm sure they will be interested in WW as it does look really useful, but you will find that is not the majority, I should know, I've been floating around for 13 years myself and all I ever saw was XSI or blender being the go to tools for hobbyists as they didn't cost anything above maybe a pint to a mate to get it all working for you. Keep up good the work on WW.
  21. Only took 3 days to download CS:GO

  22. I watched a video about Besiege two days ago, I love the assets, the style looks really nicely done and gives off a certain table top feel. When I have the $, It's definitely a game I'd like to try out
  23. I suck, please add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/fragalicious/
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