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  1. Agreed, this is looking very nice indeed! Don't think decals would be much use with those towers, would probably be better to create multiple material layers and use the mesh paint option to create variation using blend weights, example taken from the UE4 Doc site This is an example of a 5 way blend material, you would count 1 as your base texture or "clean" and then apply variations via the other 4 layers, the following is my own use using the reflections assets supplied by Epic Games from the Unreal Launcher. So it starts off as a clean tile texture, and then using weighted layers, broken tiles and grime is applied giving the wall variation. Look forward to seeing this progress
  2. So, I'm now nearing the end of the year and have been focusing on a few things like I stated last time, I now live in a lovely house with my wife & daughter, I still have the day job as a bin man but again it pays the bills. Most importantly though is having a nice space to work in, I'm not huddled in a corner anymore, I'm in an attic which I converted into my office/game room so I can just go nuts up here, this year has taught me a lot about prioritizing and what I need to do to achieve greater things, so I've enrolled in a few UDemy courses to expand my skillset a bit, most importantly is the ability to create 3D models, something I've always needed when creating my own work and will help me create content down the road. Being diagnosed with Crohns disease wasn't helpful near the start of the year but I'm now at a point where I just live with it and I'm happier for it, I'm in pain a lot but meh f**k it, I'm still standing and enjoying my life so letting it get to me won't help matters. So here I am, ready to tackle 2016 and hopefully be a bit more active here again, this is an amazing community and could never forget about this place ^^
  3. After just missing out on a position at Lionhead, I decided to take a break for 2 months to get my head back into gear, just about to move to a house so we are not stuck in a little 1 bedroom flat which we out grew of as soon as my daughter decided to start running everywhere (she sadly missed the walking stage) Going to treat the rest of the year as a reset, keep working on OBM and rebuild my portfolio to accommodate the feedback I got, the hibernation has done me some good, just hope I can now use the rest period to create the next snowball effect.
  4. Now sat on 12 hours of LD timelapse footage, this should be a fun edit once I'm done X_X

  5. Look at what you've done to the chat room, I hope your happy.
  6. whats happening old squire!
  7. I'm interested in having a go at this one as I was sadly out of action during the last one (wanted that damn book so bad D:)
  8. On the main page at the top, hit the star icon.
  9. @Thrik hell yeah the @ system is cool and yeah got my banner all sorted, love it!!
  10. All I see is an edit profile button, nothing leads me to edit my banner picture from my profile page
  11. Am I statusing right?

  12. Of course change always take a bit of getting used to, I do like the new style though the more I've been sat on here, it compliments the logo branding better and everything seems flush. I've noticed one or two issues but this is the first night of changes, so I'm not yelling out yet as they will most likely get fixed (and if they don't, I'll be coming for ya!) Great job so far
  13. I need a new career, maybe hamster juggling?

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    2. FRAG


      Ya know, I've heard that too, maybe it could be an avenue for a fast food chain.

    3. FRAG


      Mapcores "Gerb Burgs"

    4. FRAG


      "Hurg Gerb Burgs"

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  14. Well just say the word and I'm there, It won't be wrong for me to work on a map for Black Mesa right guys? Right????
  15. Oooo yeah, when are we going to do that
  16. Yeah pretty much blackdog, many mods already exist for the mod version of BM, like extended versions of "On A Rail" and bringing back other left out pieces from HL1, they have now been brought to the Steam version and can be downloaded from the workshop. I'm quite excited to see what the community does with the content now available to them from Black Mesa, of course we will see a large wave of multiplayer maps to begin with, but given time we should see some great mods being pumped out. Mods in mods, how I love the source engine.
  17. I'm finally being discharged and heading home, there is much rejoicing!

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      woo! we should make a party

    2. Vorontsov


      Congrats! And even better news for you, you won't have to take a look at my map for quite some while hahah

    3. FRAG


      oh and whys that?

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  18. Just got shown this by Austin, I love it, I love that I can just chuck my map in and compile, no lag and beautiful UI. Awesome piece of software!
  19. I'm 50/50 on the whole thing, but I can agree with what they stated on their Greenlight page So, we are back to this idea of paying for their time, and that's something that I'll support, yeah the last 3 years may have been a few tweaks and MP addition to us, but we have no idea what's being going on behind close doors (or what we can say anyway) Congratz to them though, it's great to see it finally on the Steam Store.
  20. No it's not, it has what they released in the mod + MP
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