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  1. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] De_oldbarrow

    The map is still slowly progressing. I'm getting better and better at mapping so I really have to revisit my old areas to make em look up to par with what I'm making now. Still main focus on just finishing the buildings around CT spawn and then fixing the whole thing up and releasing it.
  2. Hlynur

    [CS:GO WIP] Port

    I agree with this. The hight of the ceiling seems to hinder movement. I also think it's gonna get very boring for the ct's to have to open up that gate every round...
  3. Hlynur


    Really like the look of this map. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  4. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] De_oldbarrow

    Deh0lise came to the rescue again. Was just a simple problem with turning off shadows on those railings. The map is slowly progressing. It just looks a little bit better every time I open up hammer. I'm kinda at the stage where I just want to finish what is left of it and release it. The detailing isn't really looking up to other peoples standards and the whole map is just feeling more and more boring to me every time I open up hammer. Kind of just want to get it out of the way so I can take up some smaller projects like little aim maps or something haha.
  5. Hlynur

    de_outpost (wip)

    Starting to look so much better. Good job.
  6. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] De_oldbarrow

    Screenshot of the staircases? The underside of that roof is also completely black, and it looks like you've placed lights directly in front of the window props to try and light them? Did you do a fast compile by any chance? Thanks guys for the replies and the attempt to help. Deh0lise managed to help me through the chat on here. I had to place info_lightning outside of the windows and link it with the props. That solved the problem with the props being unlit. Thanks a lot for the help. @Jack textures under the roof are almost black. Thought it would look good. Might need to relook at that And yea I placed light entities facing the windows just to check if it had something to do with strange shadows or something. Still haven't managed to get the staircases to work. Any suggestions welcomed... I'll probably just redo both these stairs soon and see if that doesn't fix it.
  7. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] De_oldbarrow

    Now I need a little bit of help. A few windows (prop static) in my map have turned completely unlit and I've got no idea what the problem is. Here are some pictures: I also have a similar problem with two staircases in the map where the steps aren't lit at all.. Completely black. Any clue what it might be?
  8. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] De_oldbarrow

    Thanks for the comment. Yea I'll try to stretch the stairs out a bit and see how I like. Thanks for the reply. Yea I've checked the timings. Ct's are arriving earlier to all chokepoints by 1-4 seconds. The terrorists are arriving to all the main "AWP battle spots" a fraction of a second earlier than the ct's and this was something I thought would make the gameplay better. The lack of rotation routes for the T's is done intentionally. Every route I add just feels like It's making the map more complicated rather than enchanting gameplay in any way. Rotating back towards middle is also pretty short distance from underpass. However A long might benefit from an alternative route to back off... just afraid that it would give the T's an easy control over middle.
  9. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] De_oldbarrow

    Hey there. This is my first thread on this forum. Who am I? My name is Hlynur and I've recently graduated from uni and have some free time now to have fun doing some creative stuff. I found this forum by searching fmpone's username on google and now I've been lurking here for a few weeks. What I'm working on At the moment I'm working on my first map. It happens to be a cs go map in an industrial setting. I know the theme is overused but it's what I wanted to do and maybe I'll manage to do something new with it. I've now spent two months on creating the map but it's still a very early work in progress. I've already had to learn everything that I've done in the editor and every day I'm still learning a lot. I'm sure making a large competitive map as your first map is never a good idea. But I've already started so lets finish this. Yea the map is called de_oldbarrow for now... thats just something a random name generator made for me before posting this thread... lets see if it will stick or not. Focus With this project I wanted to focus on a few things. Firstly the main focus is on gameplay. I wanted the movement to be as fluid as possible. Rotation times being quick and navigation pretty straight forward. Furthermore I want visual clarity to be above everything else. I'm trying to make the map as bright as possible without looking dull or ugly and I'm trying to keep most of the clutter above the action or in areas that don't see that much action. Lastly regarding gameplay I've decided to have no small spaces like vents since these seem to frustrate me. Same goes for ladders. Visually I want to make the environment feel like it's worth exploring. I just want to make it look as good as I possibly can. Overview/layout: I tried to take an overview picture of the map but it got a little bit buggy and it's not as clear as it should be. The green lines represent a ramp that the "lab" is actually positioned under. What the white dots represent is just that it's a ledge that you can jump off of. I like the classic feel of b rushes on dust 2 where you jump off that ledge.. wanted to recreate something similar. I do believe this layout has potential. At the moment I do have problems with awp's looking like they'll be to powerful both on mid and from the window in "warehouse" as well. Bombside A is still a work in progress and long towards bomb side A is going to get changed in the next few days. I've been warned that I really should finish the layout and getting it playtested before starting to texture and detail. But making the map look good is what keeps me motivated... So I detail small parts of it along the way. And for screens: So why am I posting here? Firstly I wanted to document the project a bit for myself. I also believe that posting here will motivate me to actually go and see the project through. Furthermore I know you guys have great insight into map making and I'm sure I'll get a lot of good help from the members of this community. I think posting here might also give me a chance to find some guys to playtest the map with. That should most likely be a priority for me now to get in some playtesting. And lastly I'm trying to grab some attention for my map so someone will actually play it once it get released. Thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think and all help and criticism is welcomed.
  10. Hlynur

    [CS:GO] Rails

    Ran through the map and played it with some bots. Really good looking map. Didn't have any visibility issues even though it's set at night. The only thing I noticed is how much of the graffiti is positioned very high on the walls. Feels a bit unrealistic.
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