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  1. I'm having a great time so far, I'm fresh off of Hollow Knight so I'm primed for another good metroidvania. So far it feels like it's scratching that itch. The environments have a really nice look to them - it's so cool to see the Darksiders art direction in UE4. There's so many bits of subtle microdetails that you didn't get in the old Vigil Darksiders engine. I only wish there was a photo mode Congrats on the release!
  2. Are we allowed to choose beyond the three categories listed (first person, third person, VR) for our level? Like for example is 2d or 2.5d stuff okay? (platformer, isometric etc.)
  3. @Izuno Oh no, I actually love the combat in TLOU1! It's one of the most elegantly designed action/stealth games I've ever played. I think the systems really shine on grounded mode, and I never feel too overpowered with stealth takedowns and such. TLOU brought tension back to stealth games for me, after years of headshotting entire levels of enemies with a silenced pistol/bow with no real effort or creative thinking required. It also has one of the best uses of a dynamic line of sight system I've seen in a game (along with splinter cell conviction/blacklist imo). I was just talking about some things that worry me in the design going forward, specifically I would like stealth to stay underpowered and things like hiding in foliage/crafting ammo kinda worry me. Also, this video is pretty fascinating. I think the guy talking is a animator from Ubisoft? I forgot. I dunno anything about animation but it sounds like they are doing some groundbreaking stuff with animation blending and such: Also, I think I forgot how good the animations were in UC4. If anyone can pull these types of animations off in actual gameplay, it's naughty dog:
  4. This demo does feel suspiciously scripted, but I've been consistently surprised by how much "e3 demo stuff" actually ended up being systems in the final game in their last 2 games. So who knows. From what they talked about, it sounds like they want the AI to each have their own "line of sight" and when they see Ellie they have to communicate among themselves. In TLOU the AI sometimes cheated and they all immediately knew your position without communicating among themselves. They kinda show it off at the end of Ellie's fight, when the girl with the bow doesn't see Ellie for a split second while she is flanking her. They already *sorta* did this in UC4, but I'm really excited to see them take it further. Also it seems they have by default disabled the "wallhack mode" that TLOU1 had, which was only disabled in the harder difficulties. The game was always best without it imo. Although they said that you can craft ammo now? I'm really worried about the balancing of this, it's super important to discourage the use of ranged weapons as much as possible. It's better when they push you to be creative with other systems. Maybe it could be a trade-off like the molotov/bandage in the first game. I'm also really worried about the foliage hiding, in UC4 the "assassin's creed grass" was kinda overpowered. Contrivances like that are easier to swallow in Uncharted, but in TLOU I think it will feel awkward. In the demo they found Ellie hiding under a car, but not when she was barely crouched in some grass behind a car, it just felt kinda strange for the series. Hopefully they check grass systemically in their "caution state" as well as cars and other stuff.
  5. Naughty gods... they set the standard for how good games can look every time they make something. It's incredible. This showcase is cool, but I feel like they're holding alot back. They're keeping the story a mystery for now it seems and they've barely shown any infected but have teased that they have new types of infected. Animations look downright breathtaking (although I'm worried how much is systemic) and it looks like they've continued to keep that feel of emergent/creative stealth they had in the first one which was something I loved. The most exciting thing for me is the level design that they've been experimenting with lately. Namely the little mini open world "wanderthon" levels they've made in UC4 and Lost Legacy. (Western Ghats, Madagascar jeep level) I'm really into these quiet/peaceful exploration segments in AAA games recently (God of War comes to mind), and The Last of Us is such a perfect franchise for this type of level design. They always had nice little bits of story or supplies to tuck away in corners that I love finding. Just imagining exploring large ghost towns or a rotting downtown area with this kind of mini open world structure gets me soo soo excited, I can't wait!
  6. This looks so incredible, RE4 still remains my favorite in the series but I only experienced RE2 by the time it was atleast 10 years old so I didn't have that magical experience that others had when they played it new. So excited to play through this. Now I just want more remakes of those landmark 90s/2000s games. Maybe one day we'll get a remake of Max Payne or by some miracle an MGS2 remake...
  7. I am ready to go to this world. It's easy to dismiss this game as pretentious but I think it's really important we have studios as big as Kojipro dedicating resources to such a strange, cool and different project. This game has been weirdly inspiring and refreshing to me. No mechanics/system fetishisizing or exhausting feature breakdowns, just a quiet and mysterious trailer about a man walking around a strange and beautiful world. I think we could use more of this type of thing, especially in the AAA space. Weirdly I get Ico vibes from the game? With more of a horror twist maybe? I think eventually we will see a combat system, just based on the earlier material they showed of the game. But even if it's just a quiet game about delivering packages... I think I'm also excited for that too.
  8. The scenery in this game is so impressive, and not only in a technical sense. They hit you with these epic scenes/landscapes that just blow you away. The world they built gives me a childlike wonder/curiosity that I don't often get in games. And then it just keeps topping itself, over and over. I think maybe the last game that did this for me was Uncharted 4, but even still I think this is just on another level because of how wild they can be with their high fantasy concepts. There are moments where I just have to pause and take it all in, it's kinda overwhelming. (pls give me photomode soon )
  9. I'm about 2 hours in as well, it's a very beautiful game. In a such a multiplayer driven world, I love that we are still getting these highly polished singleplayer epics. SP is what I grew up on and is easily my favorite type of experience. I don't really have any experience with past GoW games, so this is brand new to me. It kinda feels like Devil May Cry with alot more weight and chunkiness to it (in a good way). The combat and overall game design just feels really clean. It really feels like they pushed for everything to have multiple purposes/uses, and no system really feels wasteful. And I love that they don't just give you a bunch of tools and let you decide what is the most enjoyable. There are clear tradeoffs and incentives for everything, and combat really starts to feel like a really fast-paced puzzle game - which is something I love in these types of games. I even got stuck on that first boss for like an hour, but it wasn't exhausting or overwhelming - it felt really playable. It was easy to get into the zone and focus on learning move-sets and which combos I should be using. Everything just clicked, such a great feeling.
  10. This looks awesome! It's a pretty powerful editor, I was very surprised. I messed around with it like a month back or so but didn't want to commit to anything cause I felt I kinda missed the boat with this game. Is it possible to create custom assets/textures for your maps in this?
  11. Me and my friends (we all grew up with blizzard games) played the new map for like many many hours yesterday, the whole time we were nerding out over all the small details. Like the meal "Death Wings" in the Snaxxaramas, and the protoss drones mining the minerals in the Starcraft section. You can tell alot of love went into the map, I want this place to exist in real life. Anyone who worked on this here, incredible work! It's really inspiring seeing all the work and love that went into this, y'all are experts at your craft. I would love to hear some sort of "making of" or behind the scenes of this map. Overwatch maps do such a great job of storytelling/worldbuilding, it's so rare for me to want to simply walk around and explore a multiplayer FPS map. I lost it when I found this little detail, I love this stuff!
  12. This is another great video that you might like if you enjoyed that Harvey Smith interview. Arkane is my favorite studio and Prey was my GOTY last year. I suspect maybe a noclip documentary on Arkane soon...
  13. I've watched 5 episodes of the new season. Pretty good, but I don't think it's as good as season 2 or 3. U.S.S Callister and Crocodile feel like the most polished episodes so far, and are my favorites from the season. Hang the DJ was pretty good too. Arkangel's concept was interesting but the ending happened way too quickly/abruptly. It felt like there wasn't enough build up to it maybe, I dunno. Also, if you like Black Mirror - check out this show called "Inside No. 9". It's another british anthology show that's really similar to Black Mirror in it's structure , but has a much different flavor/style. I love anthology shows/books because the concepts can be really weird/experimental and will never outstay their welcome. Even the "worst" episodes of Black Mirror are still engaging because they feel fresh. It makes me think if a "horror anthology" would work as a game. Each level or chapter having it's own gameplay hook and concept/story resolving itself in a relatively short amount of time (30 min - 1hr). Game's like PT or indie horror games like "Anatomy" could fit as one "episode" of a season. Other than Stories Untold I don't feel like I've really seen it attempted in game? Do y'all know of any games going for something like this?
  14. That looks awesome Corvus! Reminds me of a bf4 map, I forget the name. Maybe you could experiment with the skybox/lighting closer to sunrise, just to get some more color in there?
  15. Be more honest. Procrastinate less. Exercise more, lose a buncha' weight and stick to a more consistent schedule, no more "oops I stayed up until 3 AM again". I would love to get some work in the games industry this year... still feels really far away. Other than that just trying to finish the projects that I start and taking one day at a time.
  16. Yeah, the newest version uses one way drops for the spawns. It's just a drop down room similar to cobblestone, no team specific triggers or anything. Super simple - but it works. When playtesting I got rekt when trying to camp the other team's spawn
  17. nikkoship


    Cool! Getting some dishonored vibes from this
  18. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I just released a significant update for this map that was rotting away on my computer! I'm working on some new custom game-mode stuff for csgo so I thought it would be a healthy exercise to revisit this and finally finish my update. It does many things, all trying to hopefully make the map feel more polished. Mainly I replaced the old game-mode scripts with much better ones, lowered movement speed so you don't feel nauseous and tried to clean up the design of the various pickups on the map. I also put alot of effort into trying to "update" the visuals, however it's still a map I started around 2 years ago... so it will probably always look a little amateur compared to some of the recent releases (looking at you de_grind). Here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732528059 Here are some screens of the revamp: Anways, I hope you all get a chance to check it out! Many hours went into this, more than I care to admit. Hopefully this is the last time I press F9 for this one. Cookies to whoever finds hurg first
  19. @Flower_Shop_Guy Looking good! One little knee-jerk crit is that you should try and find some elements that will help it stand out from nuke. I see that it's raining in some of your screens, maybe you could change your lighting/skybox and fog values to mix up the atmosphere a little bit? Some custom decals instead of the "parker" ones could help the map feel unique also. Small things like that, I think a little subletly will go a long way. (Although I'm sure this is stuff that you've already got on your list )
  20. Really great design talk, I think there are many lessons in here that apply to level design as well as all areas of game design.
  21. This game runs and plays amazingly, smooth animations and buttery framerates (playing on a mix of ultra and high). In general the production quality just feels really high, and the attention to detail in their world-building is really awesome (explore eva's hammer!). They've fleshed out some of the systems and gotten pretty creative with the enemy design. They have a more dynamic "line of sight" system now where the enemies can lose track of you if you break line of sight long enough. But thankfully it doesn't feel overpowered, the enemies aren't blind and will see you very easily once you've gotten them into an alert stage. It's just nice touch that adds some good tactical depth to the gameplay. This game kinda feels like a "hit and run" style of shooter, and the system suits the high amount of hitscan enemies really well imo. The level design is really smart too and they've got some great looping flanking routes to help reinforce this new style of play. And man, idtech 6 is one of the best looking engines right now. Something about this game's image quality is just really clean. It can look a little rough when you get too close to character's faces or w/e but when you're in motion exploring or fighting it's pretty stunning how good everything looks.
  22. Agreed on the story stuff. It doesn't have the same layering that UC4 did. Maybe that's because Druckmann wasn't on the project, but also I think the choices for the characters are maybe a little strange for a small standalone. We just haven't spent enough time with Chloe or Nadine to really care about them, and the backstories that they tried to develop to get us more involved felt a little bit forced maybe? Those heartfelt moments that UC4 had like Nate and Elena having dinner on the couch just couldn't happen with these characters in such a short experience. In a longer game, they definitely could've fleshed it out more (similar to how they did with Sam in UC4). I think that was a key thing that made UC4 story work, we've lived with Nate, Sully and Elena for so long. Their relationships are complex and layered, just like relationships in real life. Naughty Dog took their time to explore those complexities. Would've been cool to see something with someone more familiar like Sam or Sully even, maybe getting to experience Sully's younger days. However I think the level design and combat encounters were the high points, especially towards the end. I think I was better at the game this time around, and knew how to break line of sight properly to go in and out of stealth. It also feels like they did a better job of designing the arenas around their "guerilla" stealth system better this time around. They basically took concepts from UC4 and pushed them just a little bit further. I loved the open world segment, felt like a great way to explore a Naughty Dog world. Hopefully they continue with that open-ended level design in TLoU part 2, super excited to see what they could come up with.
  23. Just finished Lost Legacy, starts off a little slow but give it a chance to pick up. Some of the action sequences they've managed to pull off are pretty mind-blowing, even after playing UC4. As you probably guessed, the environments are still some of the prettiest you can see on the PS4. They've also got this cool mini open world section that plays really well with their sorta "guerilla" stealth system. Lots of fun tactics you can come up with, feels maybe a little more replayable than UC4 in that sense. Definitely worth checking out, it's a good time
  24. Hello again! It's been a while, but Schlag is not dead! I've been working on and off on the map alongside some other projects (and playing too much WoW), but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hit a wall. That wall was the foliage I needed to create for the level, as there wasn't much information on sprite foliage creation that I could find. NWI recently released a brand new foliage system, probably the best the source engine has ever seen. This gave me no more excuses to put off trying to figure out how to create grass properly. It's been a struggle, but I finally got a version of it that I'm starting to feel okay about. I thought I would document some of my attempts here. Here's what the first iteration looked like. Pretty enough at a distance, but really ugly to look at up close. I was really unsure of any best practices when it came to this stuff, I started to explore other games and found that their shapes were pretty simple and almost stylized (even games going for a more realistic look). So I attempted to create something along those lines and ended up with something okay-ish at a distance but really unnatural up close. Basically the same problem as before, just for a different reason. The games I took inspiration from clearly had better shading and better artists to stylize the foliage properly in order to achieve a consistent look. I revisited the original scan version, and tried out some new techniques in photoshop and ended up with my current version: I've still got some work to do, but the main aliasing issue is gone and I feel much more confident going forward. (also, not sure why gfycat gifs get formatted so weirdly sometimes, hopefully it isn't stretched out on your end.)
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