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  1. Ubuska

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    My progress on central room for DM-Chamber (UT4 map)
  2. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Finished modelling of this room, and almost wrapped entire modelling part. Almost there Lighting/texturing are temporary
  3. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Still working on this thing All lighting is just a draft.
  4. Ubuska


    Just WOW! Looks amazing! I wonder who that Helder Pinto guy is though Btw, this looks like a painting, so rad.
  5. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Hi, here's a couple of updates. I more or less finished with rough modelling, starting to refine assets. Trap room rough modelling First textured asset. This asset uses one tiling material with single unique mask texture with no bake. I'm using custom vertex normals to give it rounded look. I plan to produce assets that way - using just one (sometimes don't uses at all for not significant assets) unique mask per asset. I also use mesh decals for additional details. Will add emissive for some of them later on. And lastly, some rough modelling for other rooms And here's some experiments with emissive mesh decals That's it for now, thanks for watching
  6. Ubuska

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Trap room modelling progress for my UT4 map called DM-Chamber
  7. Ubuska

    Rage 2

    Glad that they took this over-the-top style for a sequel, there should be more games like this.
  8. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Map is available here: https://utcc.unrealpugs.com/map/348-DM-Chamber Hi! I'm making DM map for Unreal Tournament 4. The goal of this project is to make fun cool looking map with custom art within 100 mb file size. It features trap room in the center of the map and zero grav pools. Playtesting was really fun Here's bsp layout screenshots After 5 versions of this map and playtests I started an art pass for this map. Still very rough but I managed to come up with some interesting basic shapes and basic lighting, so it's a good start I think. This map is available here: https://utcc.unrealpugs.com/map/348-DM-Chamber
  9. Ubuska

    [UE4] Forerunner beacon

    Yeah, I tried to find it in the game, but looks like it was morphed into something a bit different. The hardest part was to reinterpret it in 3D.
  10. Ubuska

    [UE4] Forerunner beacon

    Hi guys! I finished working on Halo 4 inspired scene - forerunner themed environment based on a concept from Halo 4 artbook. Here's the concept itself and my implementation captured within UE4. For this scene I used interesting technique - all assets made using custom vertex normals + bevels and tiling materials with no bake. Details made using deferred decals (normal, emissive). I can post some breakdowns if there is need for that. Let me know! Highres version here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BdXqk Also you can check my artstation for more stuff: https://www.artstation.com/gubin
  11. Ubuska

    [ReflexArena] WRDM2 - Downfall

    Thanks! I really enjoyed working on this map probably due to limited editor capabilities and with provided reflex art only.
  12. Ubuska

    [ReflexArena] WRDM2 - Downfall

    Hi! This is another DM map I made for Reflex. Have fun! Comments and critiques will be appreciated. Steam Workshop link Name: Instant Momentum [WRDM2] Type: DM Description: This is tight close-combat deathmatch map. Author: Ubuska Thanks for playtesting and ideas: D-X, w96k, Ivan/O, chortas Screenshots:
  13. PS: Comments and critiques will be appreciated. Steam workshop link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873541130&result=1 (Version 1.0) Name: Instant Momentum [WRDM1] Type: DM Description: This is tight close-combat deathmatch map. Author: Ubuska
  14. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Foundation

    75% meshing done. There are still a lot of holes, but I'll fill them eventually.
  15. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Foundation

    Roughly half meshing done (sometimes it is really hard to match the collision), I also played with my uber material a little. For this level I'll go with material ID masking and a small library of material functions blended by it as well as overlaying all stuff with scratches and dirt by dirt mask. So I need only normal and AO to be unique for each asset. Geometry of meshes is really rough right now.