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  1. Maybe CS:GO Source 2 port burned down in that server room.
  2. fy_pool_day and fy_iceworld looks cool; what is the chance that they will become available for CS:GO (CO) after all these years?
  3. A new pearlescent skin feature on models: It's a phong shader feature; "$phong" "1" and "$basemapalphaphongmask" "1" are obligatory. pearlescent.zip
  4. I want to keep the defects of the original 1.6 map, like rounder pillar, but I made some changes. correct use of player clip brushes reworked "sauna" room to eliminate lighting and gameplay problems the benches were placed in a simple arrangement added some props for better details, especially on CT spawn and ceiling of swimming pool added trees in 3D skybox some other visual and gameplay changes rebuilt Panorama style radar to adapt it for all changes
  5. Edit 24.07.2020 - Now it's a cs_sauna_legacy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2042332498 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205813
  6. Today, with CS 1.6 dust2, Valve added a new material parameter, "$pointsamplemagfilter" "1". It works only with "LightmappedGeneric" and Bilinear or Trilinear filtering. 1 (right) - textures are pixelated (not filtered) 0 (left) - textures are blurred (filtered) legacy_d2_crate01b.vmt It gives good results with pixel art textures.
  7. GoldSrc: https://gamebanana.com/textures/5279 CS:GO: https://gamebanana.com/textures/5018
  8. 1. Decrease Tools - Options - 3D views - Detail render distance value to make Hammer happy. 2. How it's done? Again I'm tried to discover without help from Valve - with success. I created a simple material using one of %detailtype made by Valve for a new map, "survival_grass_2" and I covered one big (~20k) displaced plane by this material. Here's the effect: detail.vbsp is in csgo folder, the other files not, so I used GCFScapes. survival_grass_2 using a "detail\detailsprites_survival" for detail sprites. So, Valve created three masks: "$worldspacetint"
  9. Valve used "$reflect3dskybox" 1 instead of "$reflect2dskybox" 1 in island_water_01 material. It is not described by Valve, I discovered it accidentally, ehhh... Now the 3d skybox and env_sun can be reflected by water. island_water_01: island_water_01_cheap: island_water_01_skybox: Reflections are broken when you don't make a 3d skybox (hollowed cube covered by toolskybox material with sky_camera entity inside). For maps without 3d skybox you must use "$reflect2dskybox" and env_sun will not be reflected.
  10. It has been repaired with today's update: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/07/20556/ (bug is not exist in patch notes, but we can find an updated Phong shader files in platform/shaders/fxc and it works on de_train). And, for me, all models using Phong shading (weapons, player models...) looks different after update.
  11. https://gamebanana.com/maps/194729 Hammer editor files are included. It's important to scale everything brushes for 1.125 from 1.6. And I stretched every brush to 4x, 8x etc. to eliminate compile bugs.
  12. I noticed a bug in CS:GO with a Phong shading from light_environment (it works well with other light sources) and prop_static entities. When prop_static collisions are on (VPhysics or Bounding Box), Phong shading from sun isn't working. When collisions are off, it works. It isn't working too, when I mix two entities with disabled and enabled collisions. Bug is noticeable on de_train. Props scaling used. I wrote about it to Valve CS:GO team, no answer.
  13. https://gamebanana.com/textures/4175 Add "$reflectance" "1" into mirror.vmt file, if you want fully reclectance mirror (brighter reflections). Stock value is 0.25. Files are still working, I compiled map for testing few minutes ago.
  14. $treesway will be good option, but it doesn't work with normal maps.
  15. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Refract Note:Will not work when applied to world brushes. Note:When being used on a model, you must specify $model "1". Note:Multiple layers of the Refract shader will not render when applied on the same entity. For refract you must use "Refract" shader, not "LightmappedGeneric". And use it on brush entity or model, func_brush is the best. For me 1st option is working with every graphics settings. glass_d - texture glass_n - normal map Create yours with VTFEdit.
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