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  1. rest in peace humble chinese real estate salesman

    1. Vorontsov


      amongst other an infamous water-filter connoisseur

  2. 1488

    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    you have to post a bit before being able to create threads, no worries
  3. 1488

    [CS:GO] de_slate

    Wow, this came out of nowhere. Looks pretty fantastic, really futuristic as well. My only complaint is that it lacks color variation, every wall being the same gray tone makes things kind of bland and difficult to navigate around. Perhaps you could spice up some of the walls?
  4. I don't think you read what others said either. Your map has quite a few flaws, and instead of accepting that and going back to the drawing board you've decided to argue with others and try to bash other people's maps. People here are trying to help you, but you're not respecting them or taking what they say into account. Your map has many problems, as others have already pointed out. This is a community filled with many experienced mappers and their goal is to help you, not abuse you or be unjust. This is probably your first map, and it has a lot of work to be done on it, so instead of arguging and getting super upset, try to listen to others that know more than you.
  5. lmao dude you got owned
  6. 1488

    Are all french people of Mapcore Okay?

    If Salafism/Wahhabism wasn't a thing, there would be virtually no terrorism with Europe.
  7. 1488

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    no worries, just letting you know If you have something really cool it's fine to post it in both threads, but it's probably best to not post every update it two threads
  8. 1488

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    You don't have to post every update in your thread and the WIP thread
  9. 1488

    Are all french people of Mapcore Okay?

    Well I can assure you, the people that support the Salafis/Wahhabis are very open-minded when their brains are spilled all over the ground in theaters, streets, airports, subways, etc
  10. 1488

    Are all french people of Mapcore Okay?

    Yeah, well its pretty useless because literally anybody could be a threat, and even if they are correctly identiied, they can't make it in time. Until Salafisi/Wahhabis aren't in Europe it won't stop. They blend in with other muslims, have the support of them too. These attacks will never stop until the Salafis are gone or Europe is destroyed, because all these people want is to spill the blood of the most people before they go to Jannah. I'm betting the next attack will happen no later than August. Then we'll all try to encourage each other, make a hashtag on twitter about it, remind each other that terrorism has no religion and wait until the next attack.
  11. 1488

    Are all french people of Mapcore Okay?

    Monitor every muslim person? lmao It's time to wake up my European brothers, take back your homes before these people take them from you.
  12. 1488

    Are all french people of Mapcore Okay?

    It's starting to become pretty clear that's there's a common denominator in these terrorist attacks. Europe seemed a lot safer prior to this "refugee" bs.
  13. 1488


    I think he's referring to the fact that you're referencingp pictures of Nuke instead of choosing an original theme, just my interpretation though
  14. 1488

    map a slice and rotate it for a pie

    Just use the cylinder tool as a reference. Cut it into one slice and use that as your base for the Instance. The number of sides on your cylinder is equal to the number of instances being used. To get the angles right just do 360/number of sides. Hope this helped you a bit. Circle 1: 12 sides, rotate each slice by 30° Circle 2: 8 sides, rotate each slice by 45° Circle? 3: 4 sides, rotate each slice by 90°