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  1. KernalPanic


    It does, thanks for taking the time to put that together. I will rework the "A mid" connector. That really has been a sticky area of with regards to design. I want to keep the opening to the "A Pipes" from Mid to allow players to rotate thru the lab and get to the bombsite should they want to. But currently the way the route kicks both players out right from the split and a mid does feel a bit awkward. I'll work on connecting the "Split" to "A Mid" connector. My biggest concern with that is having 2 parallel alleys right next to eachother.With regards to removing corridor... I'm extremely hesitant to do so tbh. I put that route there to allow players to rotate safely from B and Mid if T's get choked up at the Snake. without it they would have to rotate back through spawn for and strongly dislike the idea of that. Is there something else that could make that area play better without removing it perhaps? I personally like the cover and sight-lines of the corridor but am happy to give it more attention. Removing it entirely though is probably something I'm not prepared to do.The un-needed space is barren for sure, but I suspect once I've been able to get details and spend time on visuals it will fill out that area, but nonetheless I will try and trim the fat and make it a bit more streamlined.The stair route from T spawn should be easy to expand.Again, thx for the feedback. I will try to post an update by the end of the week once I've had proper time to analyze all the playtest data from the past weekend.
  2. apparently everyone's now a geologist =P I think it looks great very good thus far. The fog is a bit strong imho but that's not so much a bad thing, more just personal preference. plus being such a wide open map it probably helps performance a great deal . Keep up the good work. I've subbed and followed.
  3. KernalPanic

    [WIP] de_abyss

    looks pretty awesome. can't wait to playtest. subbed and followed.
  4. Updated kplabs for tomorrows playtest. de_kplabs_150228_pt2 New link I can't update the spreadsheet with the new link.
  5. KernalPanic


    new version landing tomorrow today... UPDATE: Link to download. Workshop has also been updated. Playtest tomorrow 6/28/15 So I remade the map from the ground up as I had too many changes to the layout to make working with the previous file manageable. This latest version should have more defined routes.
  6. done streaming. reworked a bunch of stuff. Here's the latest overview.

  7. KernalPanic


    Done streaming, reworked a bunch of stuff at both teams spawns. Working towards simplifying the initial pathing and routes. I still have a lot of work to do but this is a healthy start. The next big issue to tackle is the Mid to A flank. I have an idea of what needs to be done but for now I'll just leave the latest overview. This is the version that is currently uploaded to the workshop.
  8. reworking areas in kp_labs. streaming on twitch if anyone's interested. trying to define the the routes a bit more. 

  9. KernalPanic


    Double post (sry) just watched the demo through the first time. Lots of good feedback, thanks for everyone that participated and again, sorry for missing it. looking back I see a bunch of negative stuff about mid so hopefully that gets sorted with the updated version. Now I just don't know if I need that connector from mid to B or if I should take it back out. Some other feedback was that they felt like they were lost. One thing i tried to give players a sense of where they were on the map was with the texture colors I used. Site A uses warm colors (Yellows, Reds and Browns) and B uses cooler colors (blues and greens). Mid should have more neutral tones but I obviously didn't pull it off as well as I thought so I will go back to to drawing board and try to make better use of the base textures. Also details and theme still are long ways away from being flushed out, once I lock layout I can spend a bunch of time getting localized items that will help certain areas and paths stand out. I just haven't gotten very far on that yet. and my favorite comment of the playtest was from PARTY MAN X : "i like seeing iceworld adapted into a defuse map" of course talking about mid... Yes yes, I know, i know...it was weird, but it's better now I promise. If anyone has solid ideas for added cover at B please let me know, I'm all ears.
  10. it's not the same layout. Mid is totally different. I meant to upload the latest version for the playtest but I had my days mixed up.
  11. KernalPanic


    such wow. I missed my own playtest I had it on my calendar for the wrong day... anyways thanks for the feedback guys. That version is pretty old but I will watch the feedback and take what you've said here and try to get some stuff changed for the next playtest. I already have a new version posted here. That includes 2 files. One with a mid connector and one without.
  12. well damn, I got my days mixed up and thought the playtest was friday instead of thrusday... I missed my own playtest I will sign up for a new date and hopefully get my dates correct next time. Sorry for the confusion. If there is any cancellation I'd love to test the updates mentioned in the post above this.
  13. I have send RZL a message, I hope he gets it in time but I made some last minute changes last night and was hoping to get them in for the playtest. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=AEAD8FC71067CF39!87241&authkey=!ALGekdIDblP1OGk&ithint=file%2czip there are 2 versions of the map in that zip de_kp_labs_150619b_pt1 is a version without a mid connector to B de_kp_labs_150619b_pt2 is a version with a newly added mid connector to B All files have radar, nav and textures pak'd and tested.
  14. oh my god... now that, is amazing. I hadn't seen the second one yet. so pretty... and the sounds.... people around me are going to hear me playing this game though my headphones. My only real critique is that they make some headbob is mandatory. The player perspective looked like they were floating around the whole time. but hey (prealpha), there's hope I think it looks stellar.
  15. KernalPanic


    Ok, so I started reworking mid. I've filled in the pillar area with world geometry and have made it more or less horse shoe shape. There are still 2 distinct ways to attack mid from T side, but now without the confusing pillar area to get lost in. Plus the hall leading up to mid from B route has been revamped and is much cleaner and attractive. I removed the busy i beams and raised the "ceiling" which is pretty much just suspended pipes. Here's a few screens with explanations, (descriptions below the image) So this is the hallway leading up to Mid from B route. The obtrusive ceiling has been removed which has is allowing the natural light to pour through the pipes suspended above the walkway. This theme will be expanded on, as this is more in line with the theme I plan on using. At the end of the hallway you can see panel that can be used a bank nades off of. I included a temporary target decal to draw attention for playtests. Here is a shot near T spawn. As you can see the catwalk has been removed from T spawn and the stairs have moved down and are flush with the building. I am going to flush this out nicer as I have a plan for the stair to be incorporated with that blue building but for the interest of testing this should will work. this sightline to mid from T spawn needs to be addressed still... From T side this is the area looking down the left side of the Middle Fork. And this is the right side of the fork. same sightlines as before the rework but I've added and adjusted the cover. This area can be a death trap with a carefully placed smoke or malitov from the CT side as it's narrow here. If that happens they can rotate and take a chance by pushing forward the A connector just to the right here, or simply play it safer and rotate to the left side of the fork or rotate to B. This is an overview shot of middle. Same general shape but now the center area is blocked off. This makes mid have 2 distinct paths in this area. Good angles for fights without having too many angles to cover. I'll get the workshop updated with the bsp but I still want to work out a few things. I'll updated when its up.
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