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  1. Thanks guys for your comments,


    I'm not using particular technics, i just used the materials on this page: http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/resources.html

    I'm using photoshop for the 3D preview and i work directly on the UVsheet.


    Congrats SA for your G18 by the way =)


    On my side i just released my AWP and i can say it is pretty well rated !!







    You can see the full workshop page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=372557668&tscn=1420922968

    More to come really soon!

    Awesome work man! it really is! ++ :D

  2. Also, there's already a series of skins in the game called Blood Tiger.


    Hey Puddy. Thx for you opinion, but there is only one other Blood Tiger named p90 skin and those in just in the workshop. (yeah other gun types got this name too that is tru). :D but who cares the name? :D and Pampers talking about the noise... :D Who gonna say something good or bad about the skin???? :D


    Anyway thx for your feedback! take care


  3. I would clean up your presentation a bit, that is very noisy.

    Hey Pampers, thx for the feedback man.

    What do you mean noisy? only the cover is noisy. and casue im doing this thrash style :D

    maybe its not your taste. and trust me its not that noisy. i have to hold back on myself, cause its my fetish to make dirty and noisy style! :))

    thx again, xoxo

  4. Bubyoz, i think Swamp skin have a very unique concept :) I think the skin scales are looking just a little like floor pavement, instead of scales.

    Liked the wrapped part and the grindhouse-ish look


    Thank you Thurnip for the nice feedback :)

    Im usually does this B-movie "grindhouse" style like you said, for my "art".

    Im gonna try to make some more this animalish look gun skins, if i have the time.


    And yeah... its kinda looks like "floor pavement" :DDDD

    Anyway thx again!


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