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  1. Gooby

    [WIP] de_biome

    is that a model or just brushwork?
  2. Gooby

    WIP cs_spacebase

    I have that sometimes. Fixed it by re-making the .txt file about 10 times. I still have no clue why it happens. Probably some small formatting mistake. Make sure your .txt file is properly made. Here is mine, just change the values to fit yours. Maybe it will fix it. Also try re-making the .dds file, like using default settings in paint.net when saving it.
  3. Well that's very unfortunate Especially because I wasn't there for the playtest, I have no idea how it played out. With military service ending next thursday I should be able to join the playtests in the future though, which is good =)
  4. I can't watch the demo... it keeps spamming "Update delta not found." and the demo gets stuck in the first 10 seconds. help
  5. Alright thanks. I added a few more spawns just in case. Please post your thoughts about the map here as I can't join you today. Im eager to hear how it goes as Im afraid the map will be too complex in some parts. @rosk Where will I find the feedback? Will it be pmed to me on forums or.something like that?
  6. ok uploaded a map for today. Though I can't be there for it because military service edit: so is the required spawns 20 or 21?
  7. Yeah those won't be a problem except the map doesn't have a name yet The map is in all dev texture blocky stuff with just a few props, just the layout getting done.
  8. Do you care to play very alpha versions of maps?
  9. hmm got this game bundled with my gtx 960 Gotta try it out..
  10. make sure to edit the quadratic, linear and constant values of your lights. Usually it's set to 100% quadratic 0% linear 0% constant, which probably doesn't light indoor areas that well, as quadratic means it starts at 100% brightness and quickly depletes down to 0%. Add more constant or use light_spot with a high constant instead. Also take a look at de_inferno and de_mirage, for example, they have nice looking indoor lighting. but first watch that vid ^^^^^^^^^^
  11. Gooby

    [CS:GO] cs_nzuri

    What's up with that black and white floor texture? Is it just a place holder?
  12. Why didn't my map get in? Was there a problem with the link? nvm but did you record the game?
  13. Gooby

    CS:GO - de_paradise

  14. Gooby

    CS:GO - de_paradise

    Nope, I like to save my radar as a "project" file in the editing software im using, so it will save the layers separately, this can be done in like any decent program ( I use paint.net )
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