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  1. Hey guys, I dont know if this has already been posted or is already known but I found this Mapcore logo in a hidden place in The Division 2 and I was wondering what it means. Someone from this community is working at Massive? :) Cheers Simon
  2. slibu

    What I'm Working On

    inb4 the crates are actually from the dust2 remake EDIT: I mean - I wish they were, because I will probably miss them in the remake, really nice model!
  3. slibu


    I am also very excited you are still working on lite I like the new setting, think it fits the map better than the cuban beach thingy also interesting changes at bombsite B
  4. hey guys, this is the first 'professionally' made skin for me (other than quick pattern skins) hope you like it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320501195
  5. I don't know if this is intended but if you divide your ground displacement into multiple smaller squares (for example 256x256) you can make more refined paths in the snow and the blend texture drawing doesn't look so blocky
  6. if it isn't about the money, what is it about? I don't know about you guys but if I created an original map that was a huge success among the community I would gladly seek help or even let other people make a better version of it, if I can't deliver a solid remake. unless you are greedy and don't want to share the potential operation money.. first thing that came to my mind when I walked around the map is 'this isn't really a competitive map'... way too much visual noise with dark/sharp textures and many spots with overdone foliage where you can't see players properly. and there are way too many jumpable boxes and spots (not counting the rooftop bugs)..
  7. I like your map theme, looks original even though you don't use custom textures as far as I can see good job
  8. slibu


    Funnily enough that's not too far from what it was before, the alley on the left was integrated into the block in the middle which was a building, but the room was unnecessarily large for the purpose it served. Thanks That was the first thing that caught my attention aswell when I took a look at the overview.. other than that it looks like a solid map layout wise nice to see that tibet theme in a bigger map, looking forward to see this at a later state
  9. new map project I started half an hour ago setting will be an abandoned paper mill not much done yet, but I'm excited to find motivation to work on something again (layout is nowhere final and there will be more cover/buildings left and right) Update(Progress 3hrs):
  10. looks really nice - really looking forward to see lite redone in csgo the opened up version looks really nice but it seems hard to find a nice envirement setting for this without making it look too much like existing sandy maps - also opening up the side of A site also means you cannot bounce grenades of the walls which might be essential at the site the shipyard theme is cool but it may look too much like every other map in the end, although I see you try to switch things up a little if you go with a industrial setting maybe you could go with a refinery named "Lite" with a little flame in the logo or something if you dont mind the suggestion - maybe just make it part of the skybox as an eyecatcher and for map orientation I don't know I always think of something like that for this map keep it up, I see potential in lite :>
  11. I would love to explore that aswell
  12. Readability was a huge issue, and also it wasn't easy to get good results with that look everywhere, while it looked nice in some screenshots, it looked quite awful in others. The look didn't have as much legs as a theme in other words, the theme I went with carried over throughout the whole map much better thanks for the reply the final look sure has a lot more readability, anyway really nice what you came up with even with all the limitations to creativity so gameplay doesn't change in a bad way. you sure are an inspiration too keep working on map projects - or maybe not because I get frustrated seeing what you guys can do I was actually thinking about remaking ted's de_lite for csgo some time ago but then I saw that he is actually already working on that so I stopped after I had like the basic walkable space done in the right scale
  13. sorry for picking up this thread again a year later, but I wonder what happened to that early version of cache with that cool "run down" look and those atmospheric fire places like you would see in a stalker game or something. is there an article or an interview where you talk about the switch to the final cleaner look? I suppose it was ultimately because it was too dirty for the competitive scene... I just wanted to say that I really dig that early look you had there, I just stumbled upon this and I was like wow this looked really cool why did it change so much?
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