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    Klems reacted to NikiOo in How do I generate ideas for unique layouts in CSGO Wingman maps?   
    Well, it's actually quite simple.

    Ideally, you want to minimize the filler areas and maximize areas of type alpha and omega. You do this by learning how to think in 3 dimensions and how to generate interesting areas, while working within the constraints of nature and human architecture. Here is the formula for what makes a good area:

    Goodness of narrative comes down to story-telling, which is a very expansive topic in and of itself so I will focus on goodness of color and goodness of shape. So we'll use a simplified formula for goodness of area, shown below:

    Formula (1) is the lego approach to area engineering, where you deal with large presets, since you're not yet experienced enough to work on area microarchitecture. Now I will show you the wizard approach. You won't read about this in LD text-books.
    Let H be the set of architectural components used by humans and let N denote the set of architectural components used by nature (God / evolution). Then we'll use Z to denote the available language of architectural expression. Z is the proper set of the union of H and N. Naturally, you cannot use the entire language of expression at your disposal so let's say the language you're going to use is some subset of Z, which we shall call L.

    Now in order to learn how to make a good area, you need a way to calculate the goodness quantifier of formula (5). Without that you won't have the much needed feedback-response cycle and you will not improve. So we need to measure koppaI from an already built level. To do this, you take all elements of L and distribute them in a 3-d vector space, based on their position of use in the level. If you want, you can use two separate vector spaces - one for the color subcomponent of every component, and one for its shape. But beware, the natural distribution of the reasonable color spectrum for most components is pretty tight.
    Next thing you do, you color code the scattered points based on the spatial locality of the components in the real world. In other words, components that appear together are assigned similar colors. Then you want to reduce the amount of overall entropy in the color distribution. One way to do this, without sacrificing variety is to have clusters of low entropy (which appear as splatters of uniform color) in distinct areas of your map, while the connecting areas should be kept low entropy (without many micro-clusters) so they can compensate for the contrasting transition between the larger areas.

    For reference, in the image above, a high entropy area would look something like (c), while the rest are relatively low entropy.
    Some easy ways to reduce color entropy in your level are:
    using a very limited color palette using painterly textures using photo textures taken from the same real world location Some easy ways to reduce shape entropy in your level are:
    using references not mixing architectural styles from different historical periods use large pieces for cover, remove small pieces that only add clutter reducing signs of human life (it is very difficult to prevent signs of human life from skyrocketing your entropy meter) hierarchical procedure (starting from a silhouette blockout and gradually filling in details) Keep in mind, entropy can also be too low. This can happen if you put too much effort into silhouette and visual harmony and don't use any references. You can end up compensating with bad entropy. Bad entropy is when details you add increase visual disharmony very rapidly. Ideally, you want your learning process to lead you to a place where your entropy is similar to the entropy in areas you find visually appealing in real life or virtual environments, and you also want the level of detail to approach the level of detail in those environments.

    In formula (6) I show an example optimization model for a realistic style area. You can use this to derive a model for fantastic or stylized areas. You want entropy and detail to move in parallel with one another. The ideal scenario would look something like this:

    Keep in mind that adding narrative elements such as signs of human life and natural decay can increase entropy quite alot. For further reading on sings of human life look into How buildings learn by Stewart Brand.
    If you get good at adding detail without massively increasing entropy, you will have more confidence to experiment with unique layouts.
    Then there is another formula, called the challenge complexity formula. Player enjoyment from playing a map tends to correlate inversely with frustration. Frustration comes from low correlation between expected challenge and actual challenge.

    One way to model challenge is as a scalar, representing net difficulty (7).

    Another way you can model challenge, shown above, is as a set of micro-games that the player will have to play during the match, determined by the context of each encounter. The phrase "micro-games played in wingman maps on official servers" can be replaced with micro-games anticipated by the user or micro-games user enjoys to play in counter-strike. For this analysis, I assume that enjoyment is maximal on wingman maps on official servers, presuming those maps are examples of prime level design. This is more true for defuse maps than it is for wingman.
    Micro-games constitute things like how you peek certain corners, how you play around with cover and position in certain contexts, how you use your utility, and all sorts of other actions you take to become more unpredictable and to put yourself in a favourable situation. The possible situations you may find yourself in are determined by the architecture of the level.
    You don't want to introduce too many unique ideas into your level, because it will reflect badly on the micro-games ratio coefficient.
    You can just plug those formulas into hammer and watch the magic happen!
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    Klems reacted to geX in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    New screenshots from Doom 3: Phobos - Episode 3

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    Klems reacted to T-Rexer in Frostbite - Danger Zone   
    dz_Frostbite has been officially added to the game as part of Operation Broken Fang

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    Klems reacted to PogoP in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Hey all. Sorry I've not been around very much recently! Had a lot going on IRL and with work. Hope you are all doing well!

    Been working on this scene for a while now but finally finished it up. You can check it out on Artstation. This has been a really fun project and I've learned a lot about UE4 and environment art in general. Really wanted to push myself to learn some new software. Speedtree is amazing!


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    Klems reacted to FMPONE in Mapcore x Prodeus Official Mapping Contest   
    Mapcore is now holding a Prodeus Mapping Contest for original levels, with official developer support!

    Contest key art by @Yanzl
    Mapcore x Prodeus
    Official Mapping Contest
    How to Enter the Mapcore x Prodeus Mapping Contest
    Purchase Prodeus Early Access on Steam
    Create your level, and then TAG it with "Mapcore Contest" and "Mapping Challenge 3"
    Set your level to PUBLISHED once you've had some testing
    Your thread + playable map published to the workshop constitutes your entry to this contest!
    Tutorials from the Devs
    1. Your map must be playable from start to finish and published on the workshop with the tags listed above.
    2. Your map must be submitted by February 28, 2021 before 12 am EST. Note: all maps are dated and time stamped when published to the workshop.
    3. The Prodeus Dev Team and GUEST JUDGES will play through the maps and rank them based on Fun / Originality / Visual Presentation / Polish.
    4. Users should be able to "finish" your level and enter the "leaderboards" screen. 
    5. Do NOT remake a level, nor part of a level, from a different game. Do NOT use any content created by others. Keep things unique and show us your own individual sparkle.
    6. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and any non-greybox art) was not released for public download. 
    7. Multiple map entries are permitted, however each entry will be judged for its own particular quality. This is not a campaign competition, but a single map competition.
    8. ONLY ONE AUTHOR PER ENTRY, we will NOT be splitting prizes nor allowing teams. 
    9. You ARE allowed to use prefabs from the editor - you are NOT allowed to use other users' prefabs for this particular contest.
    1st Place:
    $1,500.00 USD
    One year of Humble Choice 
    Excalibur Gauntlets and Biker Gloves (skins)
    Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord
    2nd Place:
    $500.00 USD
    1 month to Humble Choice
    Biker Gloves (skin)
    Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord
    3rd Place:
    1 month to Humble Choice
    Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord
    Special thanks to Humble Games for providing additional prizes.
    All winners will have a full playthrough of their maps uploaded to the Official Prodeus Youtube channel.

    What are you waiting for? Get started today, create your masterpiece!
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    Klems reacted to Radu in What are you playing now?   
    I played G String over the weekend. Some of you may know the mod. Several years later and now it's a game. I have to say, it's probably one of the most engrossing game world ever built. There's just so many details and layers, it really places you in that world. And the same time, it's super janky with some poorly designed sections. There's just no way around that, but the atmosphere keeps you going. 
    Just saw an article pop up here about it:
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    Klems reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    The project that I've been working on from on and off. It started off in Unity but then I've moved it to Unreal. Its pretty close to completion, thinking of a night setting aswell 

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    Klems reacted to ┌HP┘ in I love me some Quake!   
    You guys should deffo try Arcane Dimensions if you haven't already
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    Klems reacted to geX in Doom 3: Phobos - Episode 2 released   
    Hey all. We released Episode 2 of Doom 3: Phobos
    Download it here and read more about what's in this Episode
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    Klems reacted to Terri in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    made a thing to give hotspot texturing a go 😃 more on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/q9O9an

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    Klems reacted to StormCatcher.77 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Shots of "Coma Moonlight". My map for Refracted Reality CP (Doom 2, GZDoom):

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    Klems reacted to sn0wsh00 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I've finally managed to make spherical wormholes, with gravitational lensing, for my mg_space_race spinoff maps using prop_static entities. I simply made a sphere brush and a torus brush in Blender (and kept the polycount in the hundreds so that Hammer won't take forever to compile), smoothed the shading, assigned the meshes to a cubemap texture and compiled the models. Then in Hammer, I set the lighting origin in the prop_static entities to info_lighting entities at each wormhole's respective destinations.
    Here's how the wormhole looks like leading from the main level into the portal lab:
    And here's how it looks like going from the lab to the main level:
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    Klems got a reaction from Spiffy in Rotation and building off the grid   
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    Klems got a reaction from Freaky_Banana in Rotation and building off the grid   
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    Klems reacted to ┌HP┘ in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
    Looks awesome. Can't wait to play it, I'm intrigued enough that will pick it up day 1. Love Arkane games. 
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    Klems reacted to Radu in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
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    Klems reacted to Animal1ty in [CS:GO] de_fiorina (final release)   
    Hi everyone!
    My new map for CS:GO
    I worked on it intermittently for about 5 years. The first steps were taken in 2015, then in 2016, when about 20% of the  map was ready. I decided to finish it for the contest on MAPCORE (2017), however, I was late. After I abandoned it and at the end of 2019 I decided to finish my work. Here is the result.
    This map includes a large number of non-standard materials - models, textures, sounds. Most of the textures were taken from the textures.com, made by me, some of the models were made by me, some were taken from the workshop. There are a very large number of them and I want to thank all the authors of these models.
    The map turned out to be too large (1.23 GB). So I uploaded it to google drive. 
    Download links:
    Google: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zY50nesJofp4Qg1VMggtFdJX-l30dc6t?usp=sharing
    Yandex: https://yadi.sk/d/LH0o76ZZinZZJA
    If you like my work, you can support me through paypal.
    Thank you all very much!

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    Klems reacted to alex_demo in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    WIP background map for Map Labs competition mod

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    Klems reacted to ┌HP┘ in Dishonored II   
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    Klems reacted to will2k in Serious Sam 4   
    Serious Sam 4 threatens to put 100,000 enemies on your screen at once, it will be big.
    Couple this with a kickass heavy metal soundtrack, and I'm fully ready for this.
    @blackdog 1st video @ 0:35, I spot Castel Sant'Angelo . Looks like one of the maps takes place in Roma 
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    Klems reacted to will2k in Serious Sam 4   
    Devolver, Croteam Share Details and New Trailer for Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass
    August 2020 
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    Klems reacted to Pericolos0 in Half-Life Alyx   
    workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy! 

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    Klems got a reaction from blackdog in Bisounours Party: Adventure   
    And it's officially out on Steam now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1274450/Bear_Party_Adventure/
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    Klems got a reaction from esspho in Bisounours Party: Adventure   
    And it's officially out on Steam now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1274450/Bear_Party_Adventure/
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    Klems got a reaction from Evert in Bisounours Party: Adventure   
    First walkthrough is up. You'll get a good idea of the mod, but spoiler heavy of course!
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