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  1. You need to crouch at the top of the ladder.
  2. And it's officially out on Steam now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1274450/Bear_Party_Adventure/
  3. Use 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 grids. The simpler the slope is, the easier it is to work on it and the more details you'll be able to add. 1:2 is simple, 5:7 isn't. Try to keep it to power of 2 or multiples of power of 2. Here's a 1:2 grid next to a 1:4 grid. You should still use rotated instances whenever you can as those are a lot easier to work with. With that being said this might not always be possible (for world brushes in particular).
  4. In general alphatested materials should have AllowAlphaToCoverage to 1 as well, this might fix your disappearing textures issues. Keep in mind it's either translucent or alphatest, not both. Don't be like valve, keep them separate. Otherwise you'll get the worst of both worlds and your alphatested foliage/chainlinks will show through smokes.
  5. That texture probably isn't alphatested so it's not going to cast shadows. Copy the VMT and change "translucent" to "alphatest".
  6. First walkthrough is up. You'll get a good idea of the mod, but spoiler heavy of course!
  7. Hi I have been working on this weird ass source mod for over a year now. It's mostly complete (some assets needs to be redone, need voice recordings as well), so I'm releasing it now to get feedback. It's a full singleplayer campaign with 5 maps, fairly long (between 1 to 2 hours), with custom mechanics, weapons and enemies. There's a few cutscenes and some story, some puzzle and parkour, but it's mostly a lot of bunnyhopping around and blowing up carebears. Go play it and (hopefully) post feedback here! Download link https://www.moddb.com/mods/bisounours-party/downloads/bisounours-party-adventure
  8. Find an artstyle/technique/setting that allow to work quickly and pop maps a week. You will probably not nail photorealistic, or even stuff similar to overwatch. Aim lower. Get (preferably new) players at EVERY stage of development to make sure your thing is playable and fun. That includes your mom. Playtester list should be longer than a war memorial. Prioritize making actual playable "final" content over prototypes. There is no such thing as a placeholder. If working as a team, never rely on other people work before you can do yours, make shitty "placeholder" if necessary. This is easily the biggest source of conflicts and will kill most mods. If you don't have over 10 years of experience then you're not in a position to plan effectively. Just do the thing. Also make sure you're not remaking something else please.
  9. Pretty sure this is intended by Valve. HL2 (even HL1 iirc) had camera height interpolation in stairs back in 2004. Even CS:S might have it. All of these "stiff movements" you talk about are the reason I stick to source games after all these years. Which I guess was your point... extremely hard for Valve to change anything. But I wouldn't want it any other way.
  10. Klems

    [UE4] Western Recall

    That looks cool, but also REALLY dark. The contrast is completely fucked here https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/MAUY0XFtFb8re6df2lJuBw1WBcMW91j_FhBYjAHKakb96mkOtMC87TrB3gv4sUKsAGeYhQXwnxVOs6USNXIXNifdwev2s4d7E2eqerxrM_Sn8tl2Ykf0UJkNrcTACygSSACcu2mu This is a desert with no clouds, it's supposed to be super bright, yet the blacks are clipping like crazy. This kill most of your detailling.
  11. Today I started my dream job as a graphics programmer for Arkane Studios \o/
  12. Just finished this the other day, got the true ending. 16 hours for both campaigns according to steam. It was pretty cool! Loved it. Would recommend. It was my first Resident Evil game as well. Nothing too severe though, these are small nitpicks and mostly come to preference. Really loved the survival horror gameplay and how the zombies react to bullets and such. It was really well thought out and balanced. Good balance between "I'm fucked pls help me" and "alright, I'm gonna use this item here and free up a slot, then move unto here and do this, then backtrack and pick up this, and...".
  13. Tried picking both water brush to the same cubemap?
  14. Very relaxing! Lovely skybox. Have some feedback: - The skybox transition can be seen very clearly because of the texture mis-alignement. To fix that, add a sky_camera on the origin, then select it and your water brush, enable texture scale lock and texture lock, copy it and scale by 1/16. Then disable texture scale lock and re-scale your water brush as needed. This should fix any seams. - I think the danger zone update added functionality to reflect stuff on skybox water right? That would be cool. - The grass is super aliased, not sure why. I can definitely see this being a big problem in an awp map as it's quite distracting. Make sure mip-maps are built and enable $allowalphatocoverage, if possible. Same thing for trees. Maybe rework your colors/contrast as well. - Some light pink/orange directionnal fog oriented toward the sun might look cool, not sure if that's already the case. - Soundscapes could use more work. - Some shells on the beach and a yacht in the skybox would be tight af.
  15. Just played through this, and the overall quality was very good! Loved the combats. There's a few issues here and here but nothing too severe. Good job!
  16. Been following this for a while. Looks awesome so far! Although I really hope the FOV can be increased and the HUD simplified.
  17. That bit from HL2. I don't think I've felt legitimate vertigo since that one.
  18. The red building is a symptom of another problem imho. The entire map lacks color, so when flashy colors are used it looks jarring. Same way the balloons looks out of place 1 screen above. I don't think the lack of color is a problem since it fits the theme somewhat, but if more saturated colors were used it would look more coherent imho. Just a thought. I like that bloody building either way.
  19. https://store.steampowered.com/app/747250/HalfLife_2_Year_Long_Alarm/ An old HL2 mod that was just re-released on Steam, highly recommended!
  20. You can make your own surfaceprop (in a mod at least, it doesn't work when packed in a map). Not only it varies between different branches, but also between different games and mods. It tells which sound to make when shot and stepped on, and also control the penetration value of surfaces in CS:GO. Also some other cool stuff like friction and jump height. At any rate you shouldn't need to use something other than the usual wood/concrete/metal/dirt/plastic etc, which can be found everywhere.
  21. Prodigy? Looks great BTW, I think the skybox could use a bit more love. Although, scottish weather isn't exactly lovely so that could count as a plus.
  22. Man what a cool movie that was. If the prospect of Nicolas Cage forging an axe doesn't excite you then I don't know what will.
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