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  1. Good day, Mapcore! Got word the other day that i have apparently graduated. Which means it's time to start job hunting (oh dear)! I took some time to polish up my portfolio and this seemed like a good place to start asking for some c&c. http://www.tomivens.com/ I haven't updated the 'resume' page and it's horribly outdated, so ignore that for now. I have, however, an updated .PDF version on my dropbox. It would be very much appreciated to get some feedback on that as well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/br14oa3hbdo3ke7/TomIvens_Resumé.pdf?dl=0 Thanks for your time. Tom
  2. Nomad6

    [UE4] Oasis [WIP]

    Good day, Mapcore! For my college exam, i have been tasked to created an intro/menu screen for a fictional game in UE4. It is only meant as a menu screen so the environment is limited to what you can see in the video. The given theme was 'Red rocks with flora and water'. Quite a lot of freedom, as you can see. We have to make the bulk of the assets ourselves. No marketplace stuff allowed. Just the template stuff that comes with a new UE4 project. I feel i'm nearly done with this one and i need to start working on other things so i figured i'd post some stuff here to get some feedback on it all. Video link so you can see it all in action. Vimeo did butcher the quality a bit https://vimeo.com/136189320 And some pictures of the bigger assets. I probably forgot to mention a bunch of things but if there are any questions or feedback of any kind, i'm all ears! Grtz, Tom
  3. You can make something varied color wise, and still have a depressing mood, I don't tell him to make something in pink and ultra flashy but just to add some variation because it doesn't looks like a real forest atm imo. The lack of color variation is starting to bother me a little bit. Atm i'm trying to figure out to make material variations or something similar. My experience with CryEngine3 is limited to this project so i'll have to do some more research on the subject. Ty for the input so far
  4. Thank you guys for the feedback! It's gonna prove useful, no doubt. Indeed this was my goal. Glad it's coming across CryEngine 3. This is scene is my graduation work for college and unfortunately they expect me to create most of the assets myself. I should really make a better effort for my vegetation. Your work has given me a couple of ideas. Ty for that Aha Angelino! It's been a while. How are you? The big question i have at this point: What could/should i add to this scene to improve on it? Apart from the feedback ofcourse. I was thinking of maybe placing a rusty car next to the cabin, something like that.
  5. Thank you guys! This, and other feedback i got, helped out alot. I feel i should've posted some updates earlier but better late than never right? Long story short, i changed up my entire layout cause it was lacking a focuspoint. I dropped some of my minor ideas (mainly the coastal line) due to time constraints. If it's not clear, the weird grainy lines are a rain effect in the scene. I can imagine it's not obvious from the screenshots.
  6. Hi Mapcore! For my graduation year i got tasked to create an environment. A large part of the task is implementing a research aspect. In my case, learning CryEngine 3. I decided to create an environment somewhat based on the black forest in Germany but felt like doing something with a coastal line since that seems to be a big part of working with this engine. Although i'm far from finished, i would love some feedback on my work so far. Hopefully some of you have some experience with CryEngine and point me in the right direction. Especially when it comes to the overall atmosphere. While it warrants a seperate thread, i'm gonna place my portfolio here aswell. I'm currently looking for an internship and have to get my portfolio looking purdy so feel free to comment on that aswell http://www.tomivens.com
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