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  1. Rule 2: Remakes of existing maps are not allowed, however maps inspired by classic DoD maps are encouraged. Basically you can make maps based on or inspired by a DoD map, but no like-for-like copies.
  2. As well as LATTEH's response there is also a brief guide written by the folk at NWI on how to get started with mapping for DoI. It can be viewed either here on GameBanana or here on NWI's website. I'm sure there will also be a whole bunch of help threads and discussions popping up here and on GB / the NWI forums once people start mapping.
  3. Although i'm not at E3 this year, GameBanana / FPSBanana founder Tom will be, so if any mapcore people want to meet up for a few beers and chat about modding do let us know. Also since a lot of people mentioned Valve, when I spoke to Robin the other day he said nobody from Valve is attending this year. They may be at GamesCom / GDC-Europe in August, but so far nothing is decided.
  4. Awesome contest guys! I've featured it on GameDevContests.com, and will mention it on GameBanana's social media sites to try drum up some extra interest. However if there is anything else GB can do to help promote this, or if you want some additional prizes feel free to get in touch.
  5. Had lots of fun testing this map! Congratulations on the win
  6. I remember fpsbanana as a site full of virus. I stopped going there after my NOD32 blocked the domain. EDIT: I took a look at the website again, and you guys have deleted all my submissions, like original content. that's sad. Yeah we had a problem several years back where a malicious advert got into our cycle , although it was rectified fairly quickly, a lot of antivirus programs put us on a block list. Also we don;t delete people's content (unless you get banned or the submission break our rules), if you send me a link to your account I can look into it for you. Back on topic: Have a look at Setin's map, as the contest organizer I can't give too much help / feedback, so maybe some of you guys could.
  7. Give it a shot, you've got nothing to lose!
  8. I know I haven't been here long, but I'll be at GDC-Europe and Gamescom for a few meetings. Wouldn't mind meeting up for drinks if anyone is around.
  9. Yup! We've changed many times, CSCental / FPSBanana / GameBanana etc.. but we're still going strong. Also if anyone here doesn't own the game but wants to give this contest a shot feel free to PM me and I might be able to sort something out. Pardon, no offense meant, just pretty damn amazing how you've managed to morph and change to persist. None taken It's pretty amazing how something that started as a hobby, is still around 12 years later, and now supports a bunch of full time jobs.
  10. If anyone has questions relating to mapping for Insurgency, or just general questions / comments about the game feel free to email me ([email protected]) and I will pass them on to the devs, or you can post in the Dev's Q&A thread here: http://insurgency.gamebanana.com/threads/195073 Good luck guys!
  11. For the purpose of the contest, it only needs to be compatible for one game mode. However you are free to make adaptations or changes later to support extra game modes.
  12. Yup! We've changed many times, CSCental / FPSBanana / GameBanana etc.. but we're still going strong. Also if anyone here doesn't own the game but wants to give this contest a shot feel free to PM me and I might be able to sort something out.
  13. Hi guys, I'd just like to let you all know that we have listened to the communities response, and i've persuaded the devs to extend the contest. Entrants now have until October the 1st to submit an entry! We are also going to speed up the production of some of the guides and are hoping to have an in depth tutorial on the gameplay mechanics, game modes and design theory of insurgency maps up in the next few days. I will aslo try to set up a Q&A session with the devs to help anyone who has questions to ask. Hopefully this should give people the time and information they need to produce some truly awesome maps!
  14. I'll check with the devs and get back to you, however I think they want people to focus on the base game modes for now. Personally though, I think custom game modes would be awesome
  15. Hi All, As Shawn correctly says this could be a fantastic opportunity for a freelance artist to get their content in a published title, or additional resume content for an existing industry employee. It really is an awesome opportunity to have your content looked at in detail by a developer. We realize 8 weeks is quite short (and I will talk to NWI about potentially extending it), however the winning submissions will have plenty of time after the deadline to work with the games developers to perfect their map and really bring it up to game-ready level. What we are really looking for is the creative vision, to bring something new to insurgency, so even if you just get an alpha or beta version out, all the minor gameplay tweaks and optimisation can be done later on. Any other questions feel free to ask
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