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  1. Sooo, one year ago I started making this map. However, due the technical issues and not too big community I nearly ditched the project. But I couldn't sleep because of this unfinished map, so I decided to go back and at least make something smaller, but still playable as a little summary of my little adventure with id Tech 5. So, the plan is to fix the layout, especially in z-axis to make the gunplay more fluent. This is a plan of a map I made previously - it will be more or less this size and it will be more like arena, where we shoot waves of bad guys, but as I said earlier - it needs better layout. As for the art - it's going to be similar setting as in the prototype in the first post - not sure about the colors and amount of directional light, but I'll think about it. Anyway, this post gave me relief and I hope this time I'll get it done
  2. A small environment made with World Machine and UE4. I don't think it needs a separate thread, so I'm putting it here. I'll upload a project along with source files soon, so anyone can have a closer look.
  3. It took more than few days, but through all these editor crashes I finally figured out how to control the AI and create simple encounters. Sadly, some features doesn't work in this SDK (thanks for info Jason!), so I'll do my best to make some cool stuff with minimum resources available... I made a quick AI test video - still a lot of work to do, but from now on it should go faster http://youtu.be/v3Zcv-XvYEs
  4. Hi everyone! I wanted to join the MapCore a long time ago, but I didn't have any interesting projects to show until today. It's been a long time since I made a map just for myself... well, I decided to go back to business and I chose to make a Single Player map forRage. To get familiar with the tools, I created a small environment where I could experiment with lighting, stamps and foliage.I'm planning to show prototype gameplay within next few days. I discovered some really interesting gameplay solutions, but since the documentation isreally short, it's hard to tell if it's gonna be amazing single player experience, or just simple shooting gameplay. Visual prototype: Progress so far:
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